Kennel Attendant Interview Feedback Phrases Examples

Kennel Attendant Interview Review Comments Sample

He demonstrated a strong work ethic.
He showed a lot of enthusiasm for the job.
He was very friendly and approachable.
He was punctual and reliable.
He followed directions well.
He was willing to learn new tasks.
He took initiative when needed.
He communicated effectively with colleagues.
He maintained a positive attitude throughout his shift.
He was attentive to the animals' needs.
He fed and watered the animals on time.
He kept the kennel clean and sanitary.
He ensured that the animals had enough exercise.
He administered medication properly.
He monitored the animals for signs of illness or distress.
He helped calm nervous animals.
He was able to recognize different breeds of dogs.
He greeted each animal with care and attention.
He followed safety protocols at all times.
He worked well under pressure.
He handled difficult situations professionally.
He demonstrated excellent customer service skills.
He answered questions about the animals knowledgeably.
He assisted customers with their pet's needs.
He showed empathy towards animals in distress.
He provided detailed reports about each animal's behavior and health.
He followed all kennel policies and procedures.
He worked cooperatively with other staff members.
He kept accurate records of each animal's care.
He showed great care and concern for the animals' well-being.
He remained calm and collected during emergencies.
He was able to lift heavy objects safely.
He was aware of potential hazards and took precautions to prevent accidents.
He maintained a positive relationship with clients and their pets.
He had great attention to detail when administering medication or feeding schedules.
He was proactive in handling any issues that arose.
He was patient and gentle with the animals.
He made sure all animals were properly secured.
He kept the kennel organized and tidy.
He showed respect for all animals, regardless of breed or temperament.
He was willing to work overtime when needed.
He was flexible with his schedule.
He showed great teamwork skills.
He displayed a high level of dependability.
He was able to multitask effectively.
He had strong problem-solving skills.
He was able to handle difficult customers professionally.
He kept up-to-date on any changes or updates in policies or procedures.
He was able to handle and control aggressive or unruly animals confidently.
He demonstrated excellent time management skills.
He remained calm and collected during stressful situations.
He followed all health and safety guidelines.
He performed tasks with efficiency and accuracy.
He showed a keen attention to detail during cleaning duties.
He was professional in his interaction with coworkers.
He was always willing to help out where needed.
He worked well without supervision.
He always kept communication lines open between himself and colleagues.
He was courteous to customers at all times.
He ensured the animals received the proper amount of food and water daily.
He demonstrated excellent organizational skills.
He was able to prioritize his workload effectively.
He showed great patience with animals who had behavioral issues.
He provided a safe environment for the animals in his care.
He adhered to all environmental regulations pertaining to waste disposal.
He showed great attention to detail when performing medical treatments.
He maintained cleanliness of all animal areas and equipment.
He provided excellent customer service to guests.
He handled emergencies in a calm and professional manner.
He assisted with animal adoptions and transfers.
He was knowledgeable about animal behavior and care.
He maintained a positive attitude even in difficult circumstances.
He followed all safety regulations while handling aggressive animals.
He showed great attention to detail when administering medications.
He resolved conflicts among animals in a calm and effective manner.
He showed great respect for the privacy of each animal's owner.
He demonstrated excellent conflict resolution skills with difficult clients.
He kept up-to-date on new products and trends in the industry.
He created a welcoming and calming environment for the animals in his care.
He displayed a deep passion for animal care and welfare.