Accounts Payable Accountant Performance Goals And Objectives

Accounts Payable Accountant Goals and Objectives Examples

Ensure timely and accurate processing of vendor invoices.
Maintain accurate records of accounts payable transactions.
Monitor and reconcile accounts payable aging reports.
Facilitate communication with vendors to ensure timely payment and resolution of issues.
Review purchase orders and ensure they are accurately coded.
Perform monthly closing procedures according to established timelines.
Process employee expense reports in a timely and accurate manner.
Investigate and resolve discrepancies and exceptions in accounts payable transactions.
Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures related to accounts payable.
Participate in audits and provide documentation as requested.
Identify opportunities for process improvements within accounts payable.
Assist in the implementation of new accounts payable software or systems.
Develop and maintain positive relationships with internal stakeholders and vendors.
Train new team members on accounts payable processes and procedures.
Conduct periodic reviews of vendor contracts to ensure compliance with terms and conditions.
Respond promptly to vendor inquiries regarding payment status.
Maintain accurate vendor master data, including contact information and payment terms.
Prepare monthly reconciliations of accounts payable sub-ledger to general ledger.
Analyze vendor spend data to identify trends and opportunities for cost savings.
Work closely with other departments such as procurement and finance to ensure alignment.
Ensure compliance with tax regulations related to accounts payable transactions.
Initiate electronic payments to vendors when appropriate.
Verify accuracy of sales tax charged by vendors.
Manage and prioritize workload to meet deadlines.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to improve invoice processing efficiency.
Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for accounts payable processes.
Reconcile intercompany transactions between multiple entities.
Review bank statements and reconcile to accounts payable transactions.
Prepare monthly accruals for outstanding invoices not yet received.
Participate in month-end close activities as needed.
Communicate with internal and external auditors to provide requested documentation.
Verify accuracy of vendor 1099 forms prior to submission.
Maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality in all interactions.
Monitor and report on accounts payable metrics such as cycle time, accuracy, and exceptions.
Participate in cross-functional process improvement initiatives.
Monitor compliance with internal controls related to accounts payable transactions.
Provide support for special projects as assigned.
Ensure adherence to payment terms and take appropriate action if payment is not received on time.
Review open purchase orders and follow up with vendors to ensure timely delivery.
Identify and reconcile differences between invoice amounts and purchase order amounts.
Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the company's products and services.
Coordinate with legal department to ensure compliance with contract terms related to invoicing.
Monitor cash flow and communicate with treasury department regarding payment timing.
Investigate and resolve vendor disputes related to pricing or other issues.
Reconcile vendor statements with accounts payable records.
Provide ad-hoc reporting and analysis as needed.
Create and maintain effective relationships with internal customers such as operations and sales teams.
Maintain a strong knowledge of accounting principles related to accounts payable.
Develop and implement process improvements related to vendor set-up and maintenance.
Review and approve invoices submitted by other team members.
Participate in regular training opportunities to improve knowledge and skills.
Manage escalations related to accounts payable issues or exceptions.
Conduct regular reviews of vendor payment terms to identify opportunities for negotiation.
Collaborate with IT department to ensure accounts payable systems are functioning effectively.
Prepare weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for management review.
Ensure compliance with regulations related to international payments.
Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the company's internal control environment.
Ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations related to accounts payable.
Review and approve all electronic payments to vendors.
Monitor daily cash balances and initiate wire transfers as needed.
Manage relationships with third-party payment processors.
Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the company's ERP system.
Create and maintain effective relationships with external auditors.
Participate in compliance reviews related to accounts payable processes.
Maintain a high level of accuracy in data entry and processing.
Participate in cross-functional teams to implement process improvements across departments.
Verify all invoices are properly authorized prior to payment.
Communicate effectively with team members to ensure accuracy and consistency in processing.
Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment related to accounts payable.
Analyze and report on vendor performance metrics such as on-time delivery and quality.
Verify accuracy of sales tax exemption certificates provided by vendors.
Conduct periodic reviews of vendor contracts to ensure compliance with insurance requirements.
Maintain and update accounts payable policies and procedures as needed.
Develop and maintain a strong knowledge of accounting software and systems.
Verify accuracy of account coding on all invoices processed.
Provide backup support for other areas of accounting as needed.
Maintain a high level of productivity while ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.
Establish and maintain effective communication channels with vendors to facilitate resolution of issues.
Coordinate with payroll department to ensure timely payment of employee expenses.
Attend training sessions and conferences to stay up-to-date on new developments in accounts payable best practices.