Accounts Payable Clerk Performance Goals And Objectives

Accounts Payable Clerk Goals and Objectives Examples

Process and verify invoices accurately and efficiently.
Ensure that all invoices are paid on time.
Monitor payment discrepancies and resolve them promptly.
Maintain accurate records of all payables transactions.
Develop and maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers.
Assist with month-end closing procedures.
Handle customer inquiries regarding payments.
Reconcile vendor statements and resolve any discrepancies.
Assist with audits as needed.
Utilize accounting software to manage payables.
Monitor cash flow and make recommendations for improvement.
Process employee expense reports in a timely manner.
Maintain confidentiality in all financial matters.
Manage petty cash disbursements.
Follow up on outstanding checks and voids when necessary.
Verify accuracy of sales tax calculations.
Review contracts and purchase orders for payment terms.
Organize and maintain filing system for invoices and payments.
Help prepare annual budget projections.
Participate in training programs to improve skills and knowledge.
Research ways to cut costs and optimize spending.
Attend meetings with other departments to address financial issues.
Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
Prepare reports on payables activities for management review.
Provide support to accounts receivable team as needed.
Manage electronic payment processes.
Maintain a positive working relationship with colleagues and vendors alike.
Continuously seek out process improvements to increase efficiency and accuracy.
Confirm wire transfer information is correct before making payments.
Create and maintain payable aging reports on a weekly basis.
Work with vendors to negotiate payment terms and discounts where possible.
Ensure proper approvals are received before processing payments.
Provide clear communication to internal stakeholders regarding payment schedules.
Keep abreast of changes in the accounts payable industry regulations - update internal policies accordingly.
Work collaboratively with accounting staff to ensure accuracy of financial data.
Manage multiple payment methods such as checks, ACH, and wire transfers.
Follow all relevant accounting standards and guidelines.
Ensure timely filing of 1099 forms at the end of each year.
Verify that all vendor payments are correctly recorded in the company's general ledger.
Maintain accurate records of all employee advances and reimbursements.
Assist auditors in providing documentation for audit requests.
Ensure timely and accurate processing of invoices related to capital expenditures.
Lead the implementation of new accounts payable processes and procedures when required.
Cooperate with internal departments to resolve invoicing and payment discrepancies.
Provide support for ad-hoc finance projects as necessary.
Review invoices for accuracy in relation to purchase orders and receipts.
Monitor expenses against budget to identify areas for cost savings.
Assist with Accounts Receivable duties, including billing and collections, as needed.
Work with the procurement team to ensure compliance with purchasing policies and procedures.
Review vendor contracts to ensure compliance with payment terms and other requirements.
Maintain knowledge of current tax laws and reporting requirements.
Provide support for special projects such as system implementations or process improvements.
Submit expense reports to management for approval before processing payments.
Manage electronic invoice processes, including scanning, reviewing, and routing for approval.
Identify trends in spending patterns and make recommendations to improve cost efficiency.
Provide training to other employees on proper accounts payable procedures.
Stay informed about new technology available to improve accounts payable operations.
Understand international transaction regulations.
Respond promptly to inquiries from vendors or internal stakeholders about payment status or payment history.
Develop and maintain relationships with key vendors by communicating openly and effectively.
Ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) regulations.
Monitor accounts payable aging and report any issues to management.
Maintain accurate records of all vendor communications and correspondence.
Review bank statements for accuracy and reconcile them with the general ledger.
Assist with month-end and year-end-closing activities when needed.
Develop and implement fraud detection policies and procedures.
Explore ways to automate accounts payable processes.
Process invoices for multiple legal entities within a group of companies.
Manage foreign currency transactions, including currency conversion and exchange rates.
Verify the accuracy of tax documentation submitted by vendors.
Ensure that all payment processing is compliant with local tax laws and regulations.
Follow up on payment inquiries with vendors in a timely manner.
Identify and communicate any potential risks or areas for improvement in the accounts payable process.
Provide support for internal and external audits.
Assist management with other financial duties as required.
Perform account reconciliations to ensure accurate reporting of financial data.
Provide detailed analysis of payables-related activities for management review.
Respond to inquiries related to employee travel and expense reimbursements.
Work closely with finance team members to improve overall departmental efficiency.
Participate in cross-functional teams to complete projects on time and on budget.