Garbage Truck Driver Performance Goals And Objectives

Garbage Truck Driver Goals and Objectives Examples

Meet daily route schedule on time.
Operate garbage truck safely and efficiently.
Maintain accurate records of collections.
Complete pre-trip inspections before starting work each day.
Load garbage onto the truck in a neat and efficient manner.
Follow all traffic laws and safety regulations while driving.
Report any safety concerns or issues to management immediately.
Communicate effectively with other team members and supervisors.
Keep the cab of the truck clean and organized at all times.
Be polite and courteous to customers during pickups.
Navigate through narrow streets and alleys with ease.
Keep track of fuel usage and report any discrepancies to management.
Identify potential hazards along the route and take necessary precautions.
Follow proper waste disposal procedures at all times.
Maintain a professional demeanor while on the job.
Attend scheduled training sessions to improve skills and knowledge.
Use proper lifting techniques when handling heavy garbage bags or containers.
Implement strategies to reduce idle time and fuel consumption.
Ensure that all trash cans are returned to their original location after pickup.
Take steps to prevent spills or leaks during garbage collection.
Conduct regular maintenance checks on the truck to ensure it is operating correctly.
Comply with company policies and procedures at all times.
Resolve customer complaints or concerns promptly and professionally.
Practice defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents or collisions.
Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when needed.
Keep the truck in good condition by washing it regularly and reporting any damage.
Follow established routes and schedules unless otherwise instructed by management.
Use GPS or mapping technology to navigate unfamiliar areas or alternate routes.
Participate in team meetings and contribute ideas for improving operations.
Assist other crew members as needed to ensure efficient garbage pickup and disposal.
Maintain a clean driving record with no accidents or moving violations on file.
Conduct vehicle inspections before and after each shift to identify any defects or malfunctions.
Recognize the importance of recycling and support efforts to promote it within the community.
Keep detailed logs of maintenance activities performed on the garbage truck.
Refrain from using mobile devices while driving the truck to prevent distractions.
Monitor weather conditions and adjust driving accordingly to ensure safety on the road.
Practice proper communication methods with dispatchers and other team members over radio or phone systems.
Use caution when maneuvering the truck in tight spaces, such as around parked cars or buildings.
Coordinate with other drivers in the area to avoid congestion and delays during pickups.
Wear reflective clothing when working at night or in low light conditions for visibility purposes.
Drive in a manner that minimizes wear-and-tear on the vehicle.
Be able to lift heavy objects up to specified weight restrictions.
Work independently without constant supervision.
Adhere to established dress code policies.
Take sufficient breaks throughout the workday as required by company policy.
Maintain a positive attitude even under adverse working conditions.
Use hand signals when necessary during pickup operations.
Assist in loading or unloading vehicles if necessary.
Document any unusual occurrences during pickup routes.
Avoid damaging public property during collection operations.
Present oneself professionally when interacting with the public.
Understand applicable local, state, and federal laws governing garbage collection and disposal.
Maintain a high level of focus and concentration while operating heavy machinery.
Conduct oneself ethically when representing the company.
Ensure that all employees work in compliance with OSHA guidelines.
Ensure that all vehicles meet government regulations for emissions and safety standards.
Ensure that refuse collection equipment is kept in good working order.
Drive in a manner that does not cause undue disturbance to neighborhood residents.
Implement procedures for tracking fuel usage throughout the day.
Enforce strict compliance with company policies regarding discrimination or harassment of any kind.
Respond promptly to maintenance requests from field staff.
Complete job-related training courses as required by management.
Demonstrate knowledge of different types of garbage trucks and their operational capabilities.
Maintain accurate records of hours worked and miles driven each day.
Enforce company policies regarding drug and alcohol use among employees.
Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles while en route to pick up sites.
Allow pedestrians sufficient space when driving near sidewalks or walkways.
Ensure adequate supervision of workers on-site at pick-up locations.
Ensure appropriate disposal of hazardous materials, such as biohazardous waste or chemicals.
Identify potential problems with pickup schedules before they become major issues.
Conduct regular inventory checks of tools and supplies used during daily operations.
Promote teamwork among crew members to increase efficiency.
Develop strategies for optimizing routes based on traffic patterns or other factors.
Enforce company regulations regarding smoking, littering, or other undesirable behaviors on the job site.
Foster effective communication between management, field staff, and customers.
Be comfortable working outdoors in all types of weather conditions.
Demonstrate proficiency in maneuvering garbage trucks both forward and reverse gear positions.
Display knowledge of basic mechanics when troubleshooting minor mechanical problems on the job site.
Document any customer feedback about service quality or accuracy of billing statements.
Ensure that all trash is disposed of in accordance with local regulations at designated landfills or transfer