Gas Station Attendant Performance Goals And Objectives

Gas Station Attendant Goals and Objectives Examples

Provide excellent customer service to all customers who visit the gas station.
Be knowledgeable about the different types of fuel and their prices.
Keep the gas station clean and tidy at all times.
Be prompt in attending to customers' needs.
Maintain a friendly and welcoming demeanor towards customers.
Ensure that all pumps are in good working condition.
Conduct regular safety checks on all equipment and report any issues to management.
Offer assistance to customers who may need help pumping gas.
Process and collect payments accurately and efficiently.
Keep track of inventory levels and report low stock to management.
Follow all health and safety protocols when handling fuel and other hazardous materials.
Handle customer complaints and concerns with professionalism and empathy.
Keep accurate records of sales transactions and daily reports.
Monitor the fuel tanks for leaks or other issues.
Respond quickly to any emergencies on the premises.
Complete training on new products or services offered by the gas station.
Cross-sell other products offered at the gas station, such as snacks or car accessories.
Upsell premium fuel options to customers who may benefit from them.
Fill up fuel tankers as needed and maintain records of deliveries.
Practice proper cash handling procedures at all times.
Contribute to a positive working environment by being a team player.
Attend meetings with management to discuss performance metrics and strategies for improvement.
Help manage inventory of store items such as snacks, drinks, auto supplies etc.
Ensure that restrooms and convenience store areas are kept clean and stocked with necessary items.
Understand various loyalty programs offered at the gas station and promote them to customers.
Offer assistance in changing flat tires or jump-starting vehicles if needed.
Be knowledgeable about local attractions and events to help provide tourists with useful information.
Help customers find items within the store and assist with any other needs they might have.
Follow safety protocols when handling gasoline and other flammable materials.
Ensure that all equipment is well-maintained and in good working condition.
Maintain a clean and organized workspace at all times.
Greet customers with a smile and a friendly demeanor.
Be able to work independently and perform tasks without direct supervision.
Keep the ice machine clean and full of ice.
Monitor fuel levels in underground tanks and report discrepancies to management.
Respond to spills or leaks immediately and follow proper cleanup protocols.
Continuously learn about new product offerings and promotions offered by the gas station.
Monitor the cleanliness and functionality of the car wash facility.
Provide customers with information on car wash packages and pricing.
Manage inventory of car wash supplies such as soap, towels etc.
Clean the windshield and offer other services such as tire pressure checks, fluid level checks, etc.
Ensure that garbage and recycling receptacles are emptied regularly.
Restock shelves and displays with merchandise as needed.
Assist with training new employees on job duties and expectations.
Set up and maintain displays for seasonal items or promotions.
Dispose of hazardous waste safely and properly.
Keep track of daily sales and report them to management at the end of each shift.
Complete daily checklists to ensure all tasks have been completed before leaving for the day.
Make sure all signage is accurate and up to date.
Report any issues with credit card machines or other equipment to management immediately.
Keep the exterior of the gas station clean, including windows, pumps, and outdoor seating areas.
Provide customers with directions or recommendations for local businesses or attractions if requested.
Report any suspicious activity or behavior to management or the authorities.
Assist with the setup of promotions or events at the gas station if needed.
Ensure that all products are properly stocked and labeled with pricing information.
Keep a clean uniform and adhere to dress code policies.
Practice proper food handling and sanitation procedures when preparing or serving food items.
Maintain proper cash drawer levels and prepare deposits as needed.
Follow all state and federal regulations pertaining to the sale of tobacco and alcohol products.
Keep track of lottery tickets and scratch-off cards and ensure that they are properly stocked.
Provide customers with receipts and answer any questions they may have about their purchase.
Monitor the security cameras to ensure that the premises are safe and secure.
Uphold company policies and procedures at all times.
Help resolve conflicts between coworkers if they arise.
Keep the ATM machine clean and functional.
Set up advertising displays for partner companies or charitable organizations.
Respond promptly to emergency situations, such as power outages or weather-related issues.
Keep track of maintenance schedules for equipment and report any issues to management.
Be proactive in identifying areas where improvements can be made to increase efficiency or improve customer satisfaction.
Offer assistance to disabled or elderly customers who need help pumping gas or carrying items to their vehicles.
Notify management immediately if an employee is not following company policies or procedures.
Attend training sessions on new technology or equipment being used at the gas station.
Help manage social media channels for the gas station, including responding to customer inquiries or complaints online.
Manage inventory levels of propane tanks and replacement parts as needed.
Keep a clean and organized office space to facilitate paperwork processing and other administrative tasks.
Continuously learn about environmental regulations affecting the gas station industry and implement best practices accordingly.
Foster positive relationships with neighboring businesses and residents to promote community involvement.
Be able to work flexible shifts, including evenings and weekends.
Take proper precautions when handling cash deposits or managing the safe.
Continuously seek to improve personal skills and knowledge to provide better service to customers.