Business Advisor Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Business Advisor Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am a trusted and respected advisor to myself and many others in the business world.

I have been a tremendous startup advisor to me in the growth of my business.

I have since become a trusted and immensely helpful advisor for my business.

I am an articulate, witty and trustworthy colleague and business advisor.

I have helped new and experienced advisors alike to grow their businesses.

I am absolutely top-notch and is my most trusted business advisor.

I am a phenomenal business advisor and exceptional individual.

I am a true advisor to my business and the future of our organization.

I am a business advisor who really cared how my business was doing and offered valuable, usable advice on how to run and grow my business.

I have been an excellent resource and advisor for my business.

I am considered a trusted business advisor by many of us in the channel.

I am a savvy advisor to anyone seeking to highlight their business in the best way possible.

I am and remains an invaluable mentor and advisor for my various business interests.

I am an outstanding business advisor and an excellent speaker and mentor.

I am a very competent advisor with many years of experience in the business.

I have become a highly trusted and valued business advisor over that time.

I am now my friend, advisor and hopefully soon, my co-conspirator.

I have my utmost trust and confidence as a business advisor and partner.

I am a very focused actioned oriented advisor and business partner.

I have huge credibility at all levels and is a trusted business advisor.

I am highly respected by myself in my role as business advisor/ mentor.

I am a trusted business contact and advisor, greatly esteemed by me.

I am an effective problem solver and advisor to business leaders.

I have the unique ability to become a trusted advisor to them and help their businesses succeed.

I have always been a great business partner and 'trusted advisor' to me and my organization.

I am truly a trusted advisor, and key motivator for business value and growth.

I am an exceptional public speaker and small business advisor.

I have been and still is a trusted advisor of mine, as well as a sounding board for my business ideas.

I am a "trusted advisor" to the business - solving their problems through technology.

I am passionate and committed to my role as business advisor and coach.

I am a great business advisor, clients always seek me for advice.

I am a trusted advisor to business clients and colleagues alike.

I am an excellent advisor when someone recently moved my cheese.

I have been my business friend and great advisor on safety for several years.

I am the definition of a true gentleman and strategic business advisor.

I have an excellent knowledge of the business and is a great advisor.

I am the epitome of a perfect business partner, expert, and advisor.

I am well respected within the business and a trusted advisor to various leaders in different divisions.

I am heavily admired for my unique approach; and has the capability to be a trusted business advisor.

I am a great advisor who is very passionate about helping small businesses reach their milestones.

I have been a proactive and clever advisor, guiding our business through change and growth.

I am a fantastic business advisor; someone who has a genuine interest in helping others.

I am also a great business advisor and has a natural ability to spot an opportunity.

I have also been a great asset to our business as a board advisor and evangelist.

I am a trusted advisor that brings a strong business sense to any situation.

I am a superior thinker, listener, advisor and business leader.

I am someone that you should feel really comfortable with as a trusted advisor for your business.

I am a business solutions advisor who has a knack for hearing and seeing beyond the obvious.

I have been an advisor and thought partner for the last two years.

I have a keen eye for detail and was a trusted advisor in the business.

I have proven myself as a trusted advisor to the business and knows how to get things done on the technology side.

I am an excellent business advisor that has the ability to listen to the client then target their needs.

I am a very good advisor and sounding board on the overall business and where we wanted to grow it.

I have shown myself to be an acute business man, a positive individual and an engaging advisor.

I am a thoughtful and trusted advisor who serves my client's as if their business was my own.

I am my most trusted advisor and provided valuable counsel in making tough business decisions.

I am great with clients and truly is a trusted advisor to help solve business problems.

I am a valued and trusted advisor and gives practical and business-oriented advice.

I have been an invaluable advisor and launch me on the right path from the get-go.

I am an experienced and compassionate advisor with excellent insights.