Career Coach Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Career Coach Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I have been my career coach for over six months and it has been extremely rewarding.

I am my career coach for the past year and has been absolutely incredible.

I have been my coach for two years and fundamental to my growing career.

I am so much more than a career coach and has my highest recommendation.

I am definitely an inspiring career coach and an excellent speaker.

I have given me fantastic career advice and coaching over the years.

I am an outstanding career coach who will help you achieve results.

I am recommended by a friend to help coach me regarding my career.

I have recently agreed to help me in a career coaching capacity.

I am a dedicated career coach and always willing to help others.

I have particular strengths in career coaching and mentoring.

I have been my career coach for about all the year on a coaching project.

I am coaching me over the last few years, achieving my career goal.

I have also coached some of my family members with their careers.

I have been an invaluable mentor and coach at several different points in my career.

I am a great coach that will help you achieve more in all aspects of your career.

I have provided me with exceptional career coaching and solid resume advice.

I am my coach during a very intense and challenging phase in my career.

I am an inspirational, very trustworthy and results driven career coach.

I have been invaluable to me as a career coach and now as a friend.

I have provided excellent career and hands-on coaching that has proved invaluable.

I have coached me and mentored at various times throughout my career.

I have a truly unique and engaging approach to career coaching.

I am a tremendous career coach and has served as a mentor during some challenging points in my career.

I have a wealth of knowledge, particularly regarding career coaching.

I am an insightful, knowledgeable, and the challenging career coach.

I am an experienced career coach who has successfully coached several managerial/senior managerial staff from our company.

I have been a tremendous help to me through the use of my career and life coaching expertise.

I am an incredible coach to anyone looking to successfully fulfill their career goals.

I have earned my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a career or life coaching.

I have a way to think out of the box when it comes to job hunting and career coaching.

I am my mentor and has coached me through various milestones in career and life.

I have been an excellent coach in my career transition and job search.

I am invaluable in coaching me through a job and career transition.

I am an excellent coach and guide for people in career crossroads.

I am an approachable career coach whose guidance and motivation has been invaluable.

I am my mentor during the early stages of my coaching career.

I am somebody whom you can not only treat as a career coach, but also as a friend who will be there with you when you need help.

I have guided me in my career transition, coaching me through the identification of my achievements and strengths.

I am a fantastic coach and it's safe to say that my career wouldn't be what it is today without my help.

I am a great coach who will really help you to see how you can make that step change in your career.

I am an energetic, insightful coach and has been able to help me make great strides in my career.

I have been a great colleague as well as a career coach to me and many others over the years.

I have also coached me individually, resulting in a complete transformation in my career.

I have my eye on the bigger picture and is always willing to offer career coaching advice.

I am your go to guy for advice and coaching on for your career next step as a boomer.

I am an amazing coach who has made a tremendous impact on me and my career search.

I am an amazing, energetic, highly entertaining career coach for our company.

I am an absolute rock coaching me through a transitional point in my career.

I am a great career coach for me and helped me take it to the next level.

I am an outstanding leader and has coached me tremendously in my own career.

I am a career coach and a very good friend to me in all these years.

I am very understanding, a good listener, and great career coach.

I am an excellent coach and my advice is invaluable, especially for those going through career transitions.

I have served as my mentor and career coach for the past two years.

I have done this and more for myself, and has acted as my career coach and mentor at a very critical stage of my career.

I am an amazing career coach (and basically life coach with me recommendations and knowledge).

I am a knowledgeable career coach and is highly recommended to anyone searching for getting the most out of their career opportunities.

I am a fantastic career coach that will work with you until you achieve the career results you are looking for.

I have gone beyond expectations with coaching and training while transitioning to a new career.