Goal Setting Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Goal Setting Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am very goal oriented- when goals are set, they are achieved.

I am very clear with our goals and made sure we were aware of the value of those goals.

I am most definitely a must have in an organization which goal is to surpass their set goals.

I am optimistic, but also realistic when it comes to setting goals.

I am second to none in goal setting, measuring and following up.

I am very specific in setting goals, and getting it achieved.

I am one of those unique individuals who can actually set goals and accomplish those goals as promised.

I am tough in my goal settings and the agreed goals were always very ambitious to reach.

I have torn minor goals set and achieved a new standard of goals.

I have repeatedly set high goals for myself and my achievements have exceeded the set goals.

I am goal oriented and understands me goals and objectives.

I am always the first to go above and beyond, thus setting the example for others to follow.

I have it and it's one thing that sets me apart from the crowd.

I am always looking out for the best interest of others and will do what is necessary to achieve the goals set forth.

I am extremely focused and will have nothing come in my way towards achieving the set goals.

I am always willing to go that extra mile to help others and to achieve the goals that are set.

I am very driven and always accomplishes the goals which have been set forth for me.

I am committed to setting goals and doing whatever is necessary to achieve them.

I am an individual who has become exceptional at setting and achieving goals.

I am someone who can set goals, exceed them and show you how to do the same.

I am capable of setting goals and does not stop until they are achieved.

I am dedicated to helping those around me set and achieve their goals.

I am also compassionate without for one second being soft on the goals.

I am great at getting you on track to the goal you've set yourself.

I have no problem setting goals and delivering way before my deadlines.

I am capable to set the goals and keep the pressure where it should be.

I have always achieved or superseded goals that have been set for me.

I am always available to listen and help you accomplish your goals.

I have the capability to achieve any goal that is set before me.

I am very systematic in my goal setting, tracking and achieving.

I have tools that help you set goals to get where you want to be.

I am very focused and excellent at setting and exceeding goals.

I am very proactive during our engagement and did not let much get in the way of our reaching the goals we had set.

I am well respected throughout the organization for getting things done and achieving set goals.

I am so focused and sets challenging goals for myself and me organizations.

I have taken the time to get to know me well and to truly understand my goals.

I am very reliable and will ensure that you reach the goal you have set.

I have potential to go above and beyond any goal set in my career.

I have been able to set goals clearly and drive people towards the achievement of those goals.

I am self driven to exceed the goals set up for myself as well as helping the organization exceed their goals.

I am able to set goals for myself and guided me in the right direction to accomplish those goals.

I am someone that sets high goals and strives for excellence in the pursuit of those goals.

I am willing to try different approaches with my daughter, and to try several different settings.

I am at the exemplary end of the continuum on all the latter set.