Personal Accountability Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Personal Accountability Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am often the going in person to help other accounts when in trouble and was instrumental in the organization retaining key accounts.

I have just the right words to encourage me to persevere and maintain personal accountability.

I am also the type of person that will hold myself accountable to the highest standards.

I have referred persons to me for advice on accounting and taxation matters.

I am a very accountable person and of the highest ethical character.

I am a smart, savvy account person who knows how to get things done.

I have a great sense of commitment and personal accountability.

I am a first rate accountant and a very personable individual.

I have been my go to accountant for many years and personally does our taxes.

I am the go-to person for any accounting and finance questions.

I am very hard working, ready to learn and accountable person.

I have helped me to create more structure and personal accountability both professional and personally.

I am just such an account person and the outcome was an award-winning campaign.

I am very personable and provides perspective and accountability in my coaching.

I am an accountable person and absolutely meets any deadline given to me.

I am the go to person with a lot of the difficult accounting issues.

I am a person who takes into account all the objectives to be met.

I am a reliable, trustworthy, accountability and ethical person.

I am personable and easy to work with and is accountable and transparent.

I am that type of account person that you want to work on your side.

I am personable, extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and accountable.

I am the one taking care of my personal accounting as well as corporate account for more than two years.

I am my personal accountant and has done a brilliant job for me.

I am that rare person that can hold you accountable without judgement and move you forward without deadlines.

I have a positive personality and takes responsibility and accountability for any and all deliverables.

I have been handling my law firm's accounting, as well as my personal returns for three years.

I am the kind of person you love to be with - brilliant, committed, enthusiastic, accountable.

I am personable and approachable while still holding my territory accountable for results.

I am a person who would never give up easily as far as cracking an account is concerned.

I have a personal accountability and effectiveness that endears trust and respect.

I am a pleasure to deal with on account of my highly outgoing personality.

I have been a top-notch focussed, sincere and accountable person.

I am an exceedingly bright, determined, and personally accountable individual with a winning attitude and personality to match.

I have personally recovered several key accounts which we were struggling for quite some time.

I am personable, but can hold people accountable to the assigned tasks.

I have stayed personally involved with my account throughout the span of the contract.

I am very detailed and personable allowing me to handle our account wonderfully.

I am a very capable person who handles my accounts very well.

I am a highly detailed, personable, and accountable individual.

I have the best personality and handles all of my accounts with grace and professionalism.

I have a tremendous amount of personal drive, and encourages accountability is everyone around me, .

I am a shining example of a person that coachable, accountable and dependable.

I am dedicated to bottom line results through personal accountability.

I am a results oriented person that drives action and accountability.

I have been both my business and personal accountant for several years.

I am a very personable accountant, with whom we have had the pleasure to work with.

I have an excellent approach to my work and is an accountant with a personality.

I have a great personality and very easy to work with on any account.

I am also a great person with integrity, accountability and ethics.

I am the perfect person to be deployed on large strategic accounts.

I am a person you can go to help you with a creative to an accounting need.

I have a good personality too, open-mind, creativity and very accountable.

I am very personable and has the rare ability to communicate accounting to non-accountants without the message getting lost in translation.

I have a very personable nature, yet has the ability to make people accountable and because of this - things happen.

I am equally capable of handling large key accounts and is always very personable.

I am very good at making calls in person to check on my account.

I am personable, a team player, trustworthy, and accountable.

I am a results oriented person and always accountable for the tasks at hand.

I am a very competent accountant, very well organized and a loyal person.

I am highly result oriented person, always been successful in identifying new segments, accounts.