Recruiting Manager Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Recruiting Manager Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am very knowledgeable about recruiting as well as management.

I have been very passionate and result-oriented recruitment manager.

I have a strong background within management and recruitment.

I am an excellent recruiting manager with drive and initiative.

I am an enthusiast, committed and reliable recruitment manager.

I am also key in the recruiting and management of the partners.

I am the recruiter who managed my application at our company.

I am an impactful recruiter who came in and connected right away with the hiring managers, and the candidates.

I am an excellent recruiter who is very attentive to the needs of my hiring managers and candidates.

I am an excellent recruiter that is well respected by my managers and colleagues alike.

I have been a hiring manager who has recruited our college graduates.

I am brought in to help manage short term recruitment challenges.

I am a concerned, efficient and effective recruitment manager.

I am an incredible manager on top of being a fantastic recruiter.

I am well respected by the recruiters as a fair and open manager.

I am a fast-paced recruiting manager that is always on the go.

I am a diversity recruiter who can manage any type of position.

I am good recruiter as well as manage my responsibilities very well.

I am recruiting following the resignation of the program manager.

I am an energetic manager and recruiter and can get the job done.

I have done a very good job at managing our recruiting needs.

I am an energetic and inspirational manager with a genuine passion for recruiting.

I am an attentive manager who has made a lasting impact on me as a recruiter.

I am energetic, passionate and focused in my role as a recruiter and manager.

I am a highly effective recruitment, selection and assessment manager.

I am the recruiting partner you want within your organization.

I am responsible for managing the external recruitment aspects of the appointment.

I have given me very sound advice in recruiting, hiring, and managing people.

I am adept at managing all facets of the recruitment life cycle.

I am the uttermost professional recruiter and manager that anyone could ever come across.

I am a hands on recruiting supervisor, recruiting as well as managing my department.

I am organized and focused, and does not allow roadblocks to get in my way of being effective as a recruiting manager.

I am also an excellent recruiter and always manages clients' expectations as well as candidates.

I am outstanding in recruiting, client engagement/delivery, and account/program management.

I am a highly experienced, extremely motivating recruitment manager.

I am an efficient recruiter with the ability to manage high volumes.

I am a committed and enthusiastic recruitment manager who evidenced strong results in a very complete recruitment environment.

I am a highly responsible recruiter, manager which helps to hire good people.

I have a great combination of people management and recruitment know-how.

I am very well regarded by all of my colleagues in the team and by the managers we recruited for.

I am one of a few managers in the corporate world who truly understands recruiting.

I have the ability to make sure that no one (hiring manager or recruiter) rests on their laurels, while making it all fun.

I am an outstanding recruiter who always seems to have a great understanding of the hiring manager's needs.

I am a tenacious hiring manager whom understands the recruiting world and its struggles.

I am an enthusiastic recruiter, dynamic manager and overall inspiring leader.

I am an exception recruiter and one of the best at managing and working with the client.

I am a recruiting manager at the time and was very friendly and knowledgeable.

I have extensive experience in talent/performance management, recruitment and compensation.

I am a very knowledgeable and intelligent manager and recruiter.

I am a dedicated recruiter who makes myself available to me managers no matter the time of day.

I have proven expertise in general recruitment, technical recruitment and management.

I have advised through performance management, sick leave, complaints and recruitment.