Recruiting Skills Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Recruiting Skills Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am an outstanding recruiter who can find the right people with the right skills.

I have been my exclusive skilled trades recruiter for the last three years.

I have consistently demonstrated exceptional recruitment skills.

I am an excellent recruiter and with good negotiating skills.

I am a skilled generalist, recruiting well for various domains, but is particularly skilled with technology.

I have exceptional recruiting skills and intuition that does not come naturally to most individuals.

I am able to pinpoint the exact skills that recruiters were looking for.

I have recently been mentoring me on recruiting and interviewing skills.

I have shown great dedication, responsiveness, and skill in recruiting.

I have a passion towards recruitment and possess good leadership skills.

I am successfully able to recruit in numbers and also niche skills.

I am a skilled, dedicated and an extremely persistent recruiter.

I am a very good recruiter with fantastic interpersonal skills.

I am a fantastic recruiter who keeps an eye on the candidate's skills.

I am a very skilled recruiter with a very diverse background.

I am a seasoned recruiter and has excellent follow up skills.

I have the interpersonal skills needed to be a good recruiter.

I am an experienced and skilled recruiter who takes a unique approach to recruiting talent.

I am an experienced recruiter, and is particularly skilled at sourcing candidates.

I have experience recruiting many skill sets and is versatile.

I am detail oriented and have exceptional recruitment skills.

I have a strong passion to drive the recruiting process and is skilled at recruiting the hard to find skill set.

I am someone who has excellent recruiting skills with the intellect and drive to take on any challenge.

I am very inquisitive and continues to hone my skills in the recruiting profession.

I have always amazed me with my recruiting skills and a never-say-die attitude.

I am an awesome recruiter with good follow-up skills and do it now attitude.

I have superior recruiting skills, especially for the hard to please client.

I am very attentive to employee matters and great at recruiting skills.

I am always friendly, calm and polite as well as a very skilled recruiter.

I have the skill sets that make me a reliable and effective recruiter.

I am a solid recruiter with all the drive and skill that is needed.

I am a skilled recruiter who understands the needs of the client.

I am also quite skilled at employee relations and recruiting.

I have superior skills to recruit the right people for the right job.

I have very strong leadership skills and knowledge when it comes to recruiting.

I am an outstanding recruiter with exceptional skills and knowledge.

I am very focused and hardworking, with strong recruiting skills when needing to find those "hard to find" skill sets.

I have an excellent intercommunication skills which are the key to an outstanding recruiter.

I am one of the few recruiters who ensure that job requirement and skills are matched.

I am a very skilled and competitive recruiter and an excellent example to my peers.

I have also demonstrated the skills of a lifelong-recruiter when it comes to hiring.

I am skilled at recruiting partners and addressing all concerns and requirements.

I am a skilled recruiter who is highly intuitive when it comes to people.

I am a very intelligent, skilled recruiter with excellent communication skills.

I have very strong recruiting skills and utilized Taleo software along with the recruiters.

I am an excellent recruiter who is skilled at finding the "needle in the haystack" candidate.

I have exceptional recruiting skills with both passive and actively looking candidates.

I have excellent skills as a recruiter and has a passion and enthusiasm for my subject.

I have great listening skills which are fundamental to being a successful recruiter.

I am a skilled recruiter who brought to us excellent candidates for consideration.

I am a skilled and experienced recruiter who is results oriented and efficient.

I am a skilled recruiter that is able to take on any challenge with great results.

I have excellent leadership skills and is open to discussing recruiting issues.

I am also an expert listener; a skill very rare in the world of recruitment.

I am a quick learner and me skills as a recruiter are outstanding.

I am a top notch recruiter, with superior organizational skills.

I have amazing recruiting techniques and excellent phone skills.

I am a seasoned recruitment professional with great management and advanced recruitment skills.

I am an extremely knowledgeable, skilled and competent recruiter.

I am highly skilled and successful recruiter, having contributed directly to the success of various recruiting projects.