Recruitment Consultant Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Recruitment Consultant Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am my "recruiter" at the consulting firm for which we both worked.

I am the most transparent and honest recruitment consultant, you could ever wish to deal with.

I am an exceptional individual and a well respected recruitment consultant.

I am a recruitment consultant who defines the role with a commitment.

I am a very knowledgeable and focused recruitment consultant.

I have also served as an employee benefit consultant and recruiter.

I am one of those consultants that recruiters call "one and done".

I am a great consultant that truly knows and understand the intricacies of recruitment.

I am a dedicated and hardworking recruitment consultant who has my finger on the pulse.

I am one of the very best examples of a professional recruitment consultant.

I am an excellent recruitment consultant who delivers above and beyond client expectations.

I am friendly, honest and reliable which is what makes me a great recruitment consultant.

I am an extremely motivated recruitment consultant with a wealth of experience.

I am an extraordinary recruiter and talent acquisition consultant.

I am an enthusiastic, hard working and persistent recruitment consultant.

I am employed as a recruitment consultant and did an excellent job in this position.

I have been a terrific recruitment consultant providing me with solid opportunities.

I have solid knowledge of recruitment and consulting experience.

I am a superlative recruitment consultant and has found me some very interesting and lucrative positions in the past.

I am an exceptionally gifted recruiter who seamlessly balances the beam between the consultant and candidate.

I am an exceptional recruitment consultant who had a clear vision of candidate requirements.

I am recruiting as a trouble shooting consultant, following numerous issues within the hostel.

I am one of those rare recruitment consultants who do not act as a post box for resumes.

I am a great recruitment consultant who has recently helped me to find my next role.

I have helped me to hand over the recruitment section and brainstormed with me to get to unexpected results in recruitment.

I have been an excellent recruitment consultant, bringing my attention to detail my resume.

I have proven myself to be a professional recruitment consultant for our company.

I am a professional recruitment consultant, who is thorough, effective & honest.

I am highly reliable, pays more attention to what you are after than the average recruitment consultant and actually follows through.

I am a sincere recruiter who does not only think about my own wallet, but tries to satisfy both my clients and consultants.

I have an aptitude for recruitment consulting and understanding clients that makes me stand out from the rest.

I am a phenomenal recruiting consultant who really understands the needs of the client and the candidate.

I am a very knowledgeable recruitment consultant and always willing to answer any questions or help you out.

I am an excellent recruitment consultant and a pleasure to work with.

I am originally brought in as a consultant to supplement our recruiting function.

I am a detail-oriented recruiter with hands on recruiting knowledge/experience.

I am innovative in my recruiting style and always follows through to me word.

I am the recruiter who broke me out of the corporate world by landing me my first consulting assignment.

I have always understood the requirements in a recruitment consultant and being able to put forward to some very good candidates.

I have the ability to open doors and to make things happen where other recruitment consultants have failed or shy away from.

I am an excellent recruitment consultant, who thinks out-of-the-box in terms of placement of candidates.

I am highly dedicated and diligent and find candidates when no other recruitment consultants are able to.

I am highly experienced executive search consultant and recruiter.

I am a detail orientated recruiter that always has both the companies and the recruit's best interest at heart.

I have got the best competencies required for a highly proficient recruiter and job consultant.

I have helped to build one of the top recruiting practices in consulting.

I am a great recruitment consultant who is very approachable, professional and dedicated.

I am extremely professional in all elements of my role as a recruitment consultant.

I am a very dedicated and committed recruitment consultant who will always give of me best for both my client and my candidates.

I am a trusted consultant to the clients and stakeholders, who willing to go extra miles on recruitment.

I am a very pro-active recruitment consultant and was always on hand with useful advice and feedback.

I am a high calibre recruitment consultant, and is always available to help, advise and counsel.

I am a recruitment consultant dedicated to deliver results for both my clients as for my colleagues.

I am an exceptional recruiter with a clear understanding of technology and consulting.

I have even gotten into some recruiting lately and seems to be successfully venturing into that as well.

I am also associated with recruitment and served us equally well.

I am very detail oriented with my overall recruiting approach.