Results Orientation Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Results Orientation Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I have been very result oriented and has always gone the extra mile to get the best results.
I am result oriented and will always keep following-up to deliver excellent results.
I am results oriented and really knows how to get the best from others.
I am very result oriented & does whatever it takes to deliver results.
I have always taken my role seriously and is very result oriented.
I am always looking for a way forward and is results oriented.
I am very thorough, detailed oriented and of course results oriented.
I am result oriented and always looking for the right solution.
I am results oriented and consistently delivers at or above the committed results.
I am result-oriented & has inquisitiveness to know more and that makes me different.
I am someone who has always brought them together for the best possible results.
I am very result-oriented and can deliver results even under difficult situations.
I am results oriented, and follows through to see that actions have been taken.
I am a truly one of those forward looking and results-oriented individuals.
I have always been very positive, result oriented and very efficiently.
I am results oriented and does not back down until the deal is closed.
I am definitely an out-of-the-box thinker and very results oriented.
I am always available, took my issues on as my own, and got results.
I am an absolute must for anyone trying to get ahead and get results.
I am very prompt and serious as well as results-oriented and driven.
I am exactly what you need when you want results for your company.
I am result- orientated and would be an asset to any organisation.
I am result oriented and hardworking and knows how to prioritize.
I am open to change and always oriented results for both of us.
I am always willing to go above and beyond to exceed results.
I am all about getting on with things and very action oriented.
I am driven by doing things right and getting the best result.
I am result oriented and is great fun to be associated with me.
I am result oriented and pragmatic about what can be achieved.
I am trustful, result oriented, thorough and get things done.
I have always been very oriented to results and innovations in me propositions.
I am oriented and focused on my responsibility areas and result oriented.
I have always provided consistent, reliable, and value-oriented results.
I am driven by results and can be very tactical to get those results.
I am result oriented, and would never let my tasks unaccomplished.
I am very conscientious, self-motivated and results oriented.
I am on time, results orientated and went beyond the request.
I am results oriented, available and engaged, whenever needed.
I am very result oriented, but focusses on the people that have to bring those results.
I am very results oriented, innovative and above all, dependable.
I am always looking for the best results and knows exactly how to get there while keeping our needs in mind.
I am results oriented and would go out of my way to deliver on that what has been entrusted to me.
I have been with me every step of the way and the results have been well beyond my expectations.
I am conscientious in my approach, results-oriented and always follows through on my commitments.
I am focused not only on the end result, but also on the ease at which you can achieve the result.
I have always been passionate and determined to do things right and have the best results.
I am always available to help and make recommendations to achieve the best possible results.
I have gone above and beyond what we expected and the results so far have been outstanding.
I am all about the results and makes sure we are able to justify and explain our results.
I am very friendly and made sure it was my duty for me to get the best possible result.
I am someone that is very thorough and will deliver results regardless of the situation.
I am an energetic go-getter who knows the how, what, when and why of getting results.
I am always on the look out to see how results can be achieved by doing things better.
I am always result oriented and my dedication to success is beyond our expectations.
I am always getting results sometimes pointing out things that we have overlooked.
I orient certainly results, but achieves it so well with my wit and diligence.
I am dedicated, results-oriented, and always willing to add value at each turn.
I am willing to keep up with what will be best to get good results all round.
I am results oriented and matches the right candidates with the right positions.
I am an encourager who always wants to see the best possible results in others.