Strategic Planning Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am great not only operationally but also able to look ahead and plan strategically.

I have a strategic planning ability and can think outside the traditional box.

I am excellent at thinking strategically and following through with plans.

I am strategic but also very strong in carrying out the tactics/action plans.

I am able to help me come up with a strategic plan for my non-profit.

I am extremely bright and has the vision to plan strategically.

I am very strategic and was able to put my plans into action.

I am able to see the broader picture and to plan strategically.

I am a subject matter expert in master planning and strategic planning.

I am strategic and follows things through, all the way from planning to analysis of achieving results.

I am innovative and thorough which ensured we got the most out of our strategic planning session.

I have served as our strategic planning facilitator for several years.

I am very good at planning & takes my decisions very strategically.

I am strategic with my plans to reach the goals that are set.

I am able to think and plan strategically, while being hands-on with different campaigns.

I have proven myself to not only be capable of strategic planning, but also has the ability to deliver.

I am way mature beyond my age when it comes to me strategic thinking and planning.

I am able to walk them through our strategic plan, and how they can accomplish it.

I am responsible for the entire subsidiary prioritization for the strategic plan.

I am whipping-smart, and has an excellent mind for strategic planning.

I am one of the best experts on strategic (spatial) planning issues.

I am also valuable for strategic planning, helping to layout alternatives and craft a plan to get it done.

I have been very conscientious and thorough in planning my internship and career plan.

I am detail oriented, but always keeps the strategic plan in mind.

I am very thorough and very strategic in my projects and planning.

I am pivotal in formulating our strategic plan, demonstrating my ability to plan ahead and think long-term.

I am very responsive to all requests and thorough and strategic in formulating my recommendations and plans.

I have quickly become my go to guy for strategic planning and implementation.

I have an excellent strategic vision and was precise in executing my strategic plans.

I have also sought out the strategic relationships necessary to enhance any plan.

I have been a pleasure to work with on our strategic planning.

I am focused on strategic planning and follows through on the details as plans are executed.

I am very good on strategic planning, writing and translations and in media relations.

I am tasked with helping facilitate our strategic planning efforts.

I am equally effective at strategic planning and tactical analysis.

I am very strategic and always is thinking one step ahead and helping you plan for now and down the road.

I have helped me in my strategic planning over the years with invaluable advice and insights.

I am a very bright and articulate strategic thinker, always planning with the end in mind.

I am equally at ease in an environment, defining new concepts and strategic planning.

I am open and forthcoming with ideas and is strategic in my thinking and planning.

I have a true mastery of numbers, but is also able to think and plan strategically.

I am a very strategic thinker and is usually a couple steps ahead in my planning.

I have an excellent strategic action plan to guide candidates through the transition.

I have the ability to put those facts together in a comprehensive strategic plan.

I am quite insightful and exhibits a unique capacity for strategic planning.

I have a 'strategic' bent of mind and planning comes naturally to me.

I am a strategic thinker who is capable of executing audacious plans.

I am a straight talking and a strategic thinker who plans well ahead.

I am a strategic thinker and helped us plan new feature roadmaps.

I am great at strategic planning and performing to the plan, leading rather than following.

I am a self starter and very thorough in strategizing and planning innovative solutions.

I have always been the meticulously planned strategies with an eye for the minutest of detail.

I am versatile, organised and very strategic in my thoughts in planning and executing at the same time.

I am innovative and strategic in my thinking and planning and has an entrepreneurial streak.

I have helped me become more structured and consistent in my strategic planning efforts.

I have a vision for my pieces and is strategic in my planning and decision-making.

I am laser focused on driving results based on me strategic plans.

I am a great strategic thinker who can translate plans into actions.

I am now working with us on long term strategic planning and growth.

I have the ability to create a plan that is both creative and strategic.