Technical Business Analyst Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Technical Business Analyst Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am brilliant not only technically but is business savvy as well.

I am technically sound and has a good understanding of the business.

I am very talented and possesses technical and business acumen.

I am flexible from a technical and business analysis standpoint.

I am the consummate business professional with extensive business and technical knowledge.

I have both technical expertise and great business acumen which sets me apart from others in this space and makes me an invaluable asset to any business.

I am invaluable for small and big picture concepts with the technical expertise and business acumen to rival the best in the business.

I have a strong grasp of business and technical requirements in regard to what it takes to grow a business.

I am a critical thinker and can analyze a business problem from both the business and technical side.

I am able to cooperate with technical as well as business people.

I have the unique ability to present very complex technical details with the right blend of business and technical.

I have a very good business sense and the deep technical knowledge to help drive business.

I am always willing to listen to suggestions for business or technical improvements.

I am knowledgeable about both the business requirements and the technical needs.

I am responsive, knows the business well, & keeps my technical knowledge sharp.

I have proved that my both business and technical knowledge are excellent.

I am knowledgeable, approachable and is both technically and business minded.

I am also committed to increasing technical knowledge across the business.

I have an excellent business understanding as well as technical knowledges.

I have impressive technical knowledge as well as business awareness.

I have outstanding technical and institutional business knowledge.

I have delivered conceptual work for new business as well as technical improvements for current business.

I am one of the rare people with both the business awareness and technical aptitude to really drive my portion of the business effectively.

I am an effective business analyst who enjoyed good rapport and understanding with my business customers and technical colleagues alike.

I am one of those people that have the valuable combination of both technical and business acumen.

I am one of the few who can effectively translate/communicate business needs to a technical solution.

I am essential when it came to solving business problems with appropriate technical solutions.

I am recognised by my peers and myself as an expert on both technical and business matters.

I am the rare individual that can balance the business need with the technical solution.

I am excellent when dealing with both the people and technical side of the business.

I am technically well-grounded and down to the earth business partner and colleague.

I am able to clearly speak on different levels from business to technical.

I have demonstrated outstanding business acumen and technical capability.

I have great insight into business problems and their technical solutions.

I am good to looking for good technical solutions to business problems.

I have the perfect balance of technical expertise and business focus.

I am competent on both a business and a technical level, able to determine the business application of any technical solution.

I am an outstanding business analyst who will always go the extra mile to be thorough and accurate.

I am an extremely sharp business analyst and has the ability to think out of the box.

I am a brilliant analyst and evaluator of business opportunities.

I am a very experienced, capable and effective business analyst.

I have an excellent blend of business and technical skills and is able to position right technical option in addressing business needs.

I am able to explain technical concepts to non-technical people, and able to help the technical staff understand how business functions.

I am very technical and can propel a project of any technical and business complexity to the success.

I am delivering solutions that work well from both a business and technical standpoint, and add value to the business.

I am technically advanced and has been able to successfully translate my technical acumen into cutting edge business endeavors.

I am an extremely well-motivated & dedicated technical expert with a good grasp of both business and technical issues.

I am an innovative thinker in both technical areas and business concepts.

I have a good understanding of the business side of things as well, and can clearly explain how a technical decision was driven by business needs.

I have a strong understanding of the business and is able to effectively translate technical issues into business implications.

I am technically strong, and has founded numerous businesses and business divisions, growing them to significant revenue.

I have a positive and practical approach to business, backed up with considerable technical and business expertise.

I am also able to add value through my understanding of the technical as well as the business issues of any given situation.

I have an excellent understanding of what the business does and needs and can combine it with my great technical background.

I am very good at understanding the business cases/requirements and converting that into technical stories.

I am very enthusiastic, smart, capable and experienced both in the technical and in the business arena.

I am absolutely fantastic when it comes to reconciling the technical and business aspects of any problem.

I am diligent about staying up to date on all of the latest technical advancements in the business.

I am an extremely savvy businesswoman who has the right blend of technical and business expertise.

I am serious about hiring great candidates and articulates my business and technical needs clearly.