Technical Manager Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Technical Manager Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am widely respected in our organization for my management and technical abilities.
I am my benchmark for a competent and effective technical manager.
I am technically excellent, but can also explain things in simple terms for all levels of management.
I am highly technical and always used to guide and manage the situations well in pressure conditions.
I am excellent at taking technical topics and putting them in terms management could understand.
I am an understanding manager capable of dealing with both personnel and all technical challenges.
I have always impressed me as one of the few technical professionals that can manage effectively.
I am a manager who keeps things moving forward on multiple technical and organizational fronts.
I am not only a responsible and brilliant manager, but also an inspiring technical expert.
I have a good balance of management and technical know-how required for my responsibilities.
I have an advantage of not only being a good manager, but has the technical ability to boot.
I have the ability and experience to bridge the gap between managers and technical groups.
I am a top pick for anyone looking for a very technical manager who gets things done.
I have diversified vertical stack of experiences both in management and technical stream.
I am extremely technically savvy, an exceptional manager, and an astute businessman.
I am a technical guru as well as an excellent manager who has always seen the big picture.
I am a strong manager who can also get in there and solve difficult technical problems.
I am that rare beast that has mastered the three corners of technical management.
I am well rounded to be effective in either a primarily technical or management role.
I am known for methodical and clear thinking on any issue, management or technical.
I have managed to find a way out of most complex technical and political situations.
I am a very good manager, technically strong and my results are self explanatory.
I am an extremely dependable and reliable manager of a technical organization.
I am a true gem, both on the technical side of things and the management side.
I have proven to be a key technical and management, asset to the organization.
I have the excellent combination of strategic management and technical prowess.
I have a unique balance between leadership, management and technical ability.
I have managed a large number and diversity of technical requirements.
I am accustomed to managing large rock loads for very technical roles.
I am very smart, simple, sincere, technical and a dedicated manager.
I am a well soft spoken manager together with good technical side.
I am a focused manager, capable of defining my technical vision.
I am also a great problem solver as well as a technical manager.
I am a strong manager here at our company, and someone with quite a deep technical expertise
I am a highly capable technical manager during my time with our company.
I have good technical background that makes me a very effective our company manager.
I am one of those rare managers who was also technically brilliant and would get the technical think tank thinking and provided solutions to the overall engagement.
I am an outstanding manager during our time - both in managing staff assignments and hands-on technical
I am a highly motivated and personable technical support manager who uses my vast technical experience to manage technical escalations effectively.
I am great at learning new things and technically managing teams.
I am capable to manage the multiple teams under me as technical manager and guides them in the required path.
I am a great manager, as well as being incredibly talented technically.
I am really too good in technical, management and communication front.
I am very creative in solving various technical and management problems at our company.
I am a technically minded manager who straddles both worlds of the technical and business with aplomb.
I am a very seasoned manager who understands both business and technical sides of management.
I am an incredibly hard-working manager who excels at managing technical people.
I have great knowledge to manage the management as well as technical related works.
I have both the technical and functional expertise and thus is at ease in managing any crisis.
I am as articulate, technically astute manager who can comfortably work across many layers of technical and leadership roles.
I am a hands on technical manager that has the capability to roll up my sleeves to help resolve deep technical challenges.
I have a strong technical knowledge, backed up with significant technical management experience and capability.
I am an excellent manager who successfully bridges the gap between technical knowledge and management.
I am a great manager that can manage people, is highly technical, and great with metrics gathering.
I am a very proactive manager who gets the best out of my team, as well as being very technically proficient.
I am brought to help manage the technical team and the results were both immediate and amazing.
I am resourceful and always on point for both technical and program/project management inquiries.
I am a manager that had the technical know how to get involved and take action with my team.
I am an outstanding technical manager who provides superior leadership to my teams.
I am a much focused resource both technically and managing the group.
I am a technical manager and understands the technical dependencies and scope for incoming projects.
I am also responsible for managing the technical relationship with the client.
I have hands on experience in many technical fields as well as management.
I have strong technical competencies in rate management and possess an acumen for revenue management.
I am one of the manager who knows how to get to know enough technical details, still allows you to work on your deliverable.
I am able to state my technical opinion, even when it differed from others, but took direction well from management.
I am very approachable and always provided me with sound advice whether is was a technical or management issue.
I am one of those chaps who is incredibly competent, technically gifted and manages to make it all look easy.
I have helped me be a better manager and has provided me with outstanding leadership and technical knowledge.
I have the traits to manage an engagement while possessing the technical abilities that make me credible.
I have demonstrated on several occasions my ability to manage groups of various technical disciplines.
I have shown myself to be highly competent in my technical ability, but also as a manager.
I am technically competent and has the leadership traits that make me a good rounded manager.
I am my first manager and set the standard for leadership, drive and technical capability.
I am the type of manager that is fair, very technically sound and "tells it like it is".
I have a combination of excellent leadership and technical management competencies.
I am a manager that is technically savvy and dedicated to my people and my company.
I am technical, dependable, highly self-managed and excels at driving for results.
I have won awards for technical innovations and respect among my peers and managers.
I am managing the technical area in which our software was to be delivered.
I am a remarkably able manager, both technically and on the people front.
I am a passionate, forethoughtful and very knowledgeable technical manager.
I have single-handedly changed my opinion of technical middle-management.
I am that hard to find mix of effective manager and technical guru.
I am technically knowledgeable, quick learner and very good manager.
I have a great expertise in both technical-level managers of people.
I am a technical powerhouse and a terrific manager of people.
I am technically strong, but at the same time very strategic, which makes me a great technical leader & manager.
I am highly adept at managing the non-technical as it pertains to strategy, direction, and people management.
I am an expert in process/project deployment as well as technical solution management.
I am an excellent manager and extraordinary human being who can balance management and technical issues at the same time.
I have great expertise in managing both managers and technical staff and quickly earns their respect.
I am not only technically sound myself, but has a good capability of managing technical teams in a very efficient way
I have my highest recommendation as a technical leader and manager.
I am one of those "hard-to-find-by" type of managers who could relate equally well to technical and management talk.
I am a highly-technical manager with the experience in getting things done on-time and on-budget.
I have managed several complex portfolios and is thorough with a strong technical aptitude.
I am stronger both technically and also at managing personnel, budgets, forecasting and such.
I am a strong technical manager which always gets the job done no matter what it takes.
I am also technically very sound and capable of managing multidisciplinary teams.
I am the technical manager of our project team and proved to be an excellent manager and technical lead.
I have since taken on the role of test manager which is well within my technical and interpersonal capabilities.
I have provided support to managers making the transition from technical to more general management.
I am the no nonsense manager you want to have on your side as technical and managerial support.
I am the first hiring manager to give me an opportunity to more into the technical field.
I am comfortable in both management and technical positions never sacrificing quality.
I have both managed and worked as an individual contributor in technical writing.
I have all the qualities needed to be an excellent technical manager.
I am the manager to go to when you need help with either technical or managerial questions and is always open to discuss ideas and suggestions.
I am highly respected both for my accomplishments in the technical arena and for my out-of-the-box style of management.
I am a very experienced manager having technical background which facilitates cooperation and common understanding.
I am an extremely capable manager and always pushed us, both technically and intellectually to improve ourselves.
I am not only wonderful technically, but also great at managing large and geographically dispersed organizations.
I am an excellent manager and one could approach me for technical issues as well as individual concerns easily.
I am a hardworking and a polished technical manager who is always ready to pitch in and help out where needed.
I am an excellent individual, very capable in both technical and management, would hire me again in a second.
I have the ability to grasp concepts and technical challenges, while managing the expectations of sponsors.
I have both the technical background and management experience to enable me to be a strong contributor.
I am a diligent and conscientious technical manager who commits myself fully to my responsibilities.
I am very good at managing different opinions and expectations, and understands technical issues quickly.
I am an exceptionally gifted technical manager that brings passion and dedication to every position.
I have managed to make complex technical issues easily digestible to those who don't share my acumen.
I am brilliant technically, as well as extraordinary man-manager, which is a very rare combination.
I am a result oriented focus individual with an excellent technical management background.
I have the great ability to make complex technical topics clear and understandable for management.
I am able to explain complex technical concepts in terms that could be understood by management.
I am a quick learner and can therefore manage through very complex technical issues efficiently.
I am attuned to the social, technical, management and political aspects of any given situation.
I am a highly effective manager both from a technical as well as interpersonal perspective.
I am an effective manager whose diplomatic approach and technical insight render confidence.
I am a truthsayer and the ever so proficient and extremely rare technical genius and manager.
I am very capable both as a technical publications manager and as an individual contributor.
I have helped me with my professional progression through the technical and management ranks.
I have proved to be a very experienced technical manager with an invaluable mix of strengths.
I am an excellent project/launch manager with a very good appreciation of technical details.
I have an upcoming for both management practices, as well deep insight into technical issues.
I am a great asset to any organization looking for a hard working, technical manager.
I am very technically proficient, detailed oriented, and an excellent personnel manager.
I am the ultimate practice manager, and my technical experience is both wide and deep.
I am an outstanding mix of technical know how and management "big picture" thinking.
I am technically gifted, bilingual, mature beyond my years, and a pleasure to manage.
I am an experienced technical manager with a reputation for solving complex issues.
I have excellent technical depth combined with a very progressive management approach.
I am a tremendous amount of inspiration and a fantastic technical manager.
I am a technically savvy manager with high emotional intelligence.
I am a very good technical manager regarding all our company consulting/technical activities.
I am a manager with technical profile and attitude very much desired nowadays.
I am also a very hands-on manager who doesn't mind sitting together with my technical staff to resolve technical issues.
I am highly technical and a very pragmatic and sensible technology manager.
I am a very gifted manager, versatile in both the technical aspects of managing a big organisation as well as the softer aspects in people management.