Technology Manager Resume Summary Phrases Examples

Technology Manager Resume Summary Phrases To Write A Professional CV Statements

I am an excellent manager and very versed in the latest technologies.

I am great manager with in-depth understanding of technology.

I am an exceptionally well organized and technologically savvy manager.

I am continuously updating myself in technology & management principles.

I am someone who manages technology with a no-nonsense attitude.

I have the ability to manage and understand people as well as technology.

I am thorough, well versed in technology and good at people management.

I am a great value to anyone looking for top tier technology management.

I am a perfect combination of both worlds (technology and management).

I have a rich and valuable background in technology and management.

I have a broad management background and is technologically savvy.

I have an excellent grasp of technology and is a fantastic manager.

I am a highly accomplished and principled technology manager.

I am a very knowledgeable in technology and even a better manager.

I am exceptional in the broad and deep understanding of technology and venture management.

I am a brilliant, insightful, and highly organised technology manager.

I am a rare breed of techno-manager who is hands-on with technology.

I have a great balance between people management and the latest technology.

I am quick to win the confidence of the management and the technology team.

I am a valuable resource to both the tech savvy manager as well as the technologically challenged.

I am also great at using various technologies and tools for a collaborative approach to management.

I am a thoughtful, dedicated, and enthusiastic zealot for technology and consummate manager.

I have a great management style and understands technology and the marketplace completely.

I am a capable manager with a wide outlook and aptitude for new technologies.