Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases

Account director performance review phrases
  • John is the best in class account director you'll be glad to have instead of someone else.
  • John is an exceptional account director and an amazing person.
  • John is one of the most creative account directors with whom I have worked.
  • John was the account director for the contract to which I was assigned.
  • John always seems to know the who, what, where and how of accounts under him control.
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Account manager performance review phrases
  • He was known as one of the best account managers among our team.
  • John was a detailed accounting manager that managed four different companies.
  • John is very strong sales manager who manages his accounts very well.
  • John was my account manager for several semiconductor accounts and was very much instrumental in opening new doors at these accounts.
  • John is an enthusiastic, and detailed account manager who looks after his accounts in depth.
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Accountability performance review phrases
  • Actually I should say he is still helping me go from "good to great".
  • He followed us up, he cheered us on and held us accountable to our goals.
  • He had to do some "maneuvers" and he was great.
  • He's really good at what he does.
  • I feel he will be a great asset to any organization.
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Adaptability performance review phrases
  • Hardly attends training, workshops or any other research-based activity meant to increase self-efficiency.
  • With him leadership abilities, dedication, and adaptability, I have no doubts he will continue a path of success wherever he goes.
  • John's strengths include loyalty, adaptability, flexibility, and an excellent business sense.
  • He demonstrates adaptability, uses humour effectively and has an incredible ability to connect with each and every person no matter what age, stage, or background.
  • Moreover he is initiative, can work independently.
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Administrative skills performance review phrases
  • John's administrative, research and organizational skills are excellent.
  • John's leadership skills and administrative capabilities were exemplary.
  • Him clinical practice is excellent as are him administrative skills.
  • John has dazzling skill in the area of network administration.
  • John is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable AIX administrator.
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Advertising industry performance review phrases
  • He could probably be the best ad guy in our advertising industry.
  • John knows our industry and what I need in advertising as well as anyone.
  • John is an icon of the Australian advertising industry.
  • He knows exactly what he wants from his advertising agency.
  • John always provides value for our advertising dollars.
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Advising performance review phrases
  • John has been there more then once to advise and console.
  • John has become one of my most trusted advisers.
  • He is always available for guidance and advise.
  • Always someone we can look upto for advise.
  • Thank you John for all your help and advise.
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Agile coach performance review phrases
  • Every coach and consultant needs their own coach to take it to the next level.
  • John is an amazing coach and being coached by him is an investment.
  • He's equally as good at being coached as he is as coaching others and has given me many valuable insights and coaching.
  • I believe he is one of the most knowledgeable agile coaches in the John.
  • John is one of the product owners that is agile and does not just do agile.
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Ambition performance review phrases
  • John has energy, initiative, and enthusiasm beyond compare.
  • John has energy, passion, and enthusiasm in abundance.
  • John is second to none when it comes to enthusiasm and passion.
  • His ideas, energy, and ambition create energy, enthusiasm, and jobs.
  • John's enthusiasm and energy are infectious.
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Analysis skills performance review phrases
  • Him analysis are always thorough and insightful.
  • He is thorough and forensic in his analysis.
  • John was perfect for this analysis.
  • His organization and analysis skills were impressive.
  • John has very good analysis and assessment skills.
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Analytical skills performance review phrases
  • I am very, very impressed by him analytical skills, creative thinking, insights and great teamwork.
  • He is hard working and has excellent analytical skills.
  • John has strong analytical skills and is able to absorb and understand information or new concepts quickly, making him extremely versatile.
  • His interpersonal and analytical skills were a huge asset to our team.
  • John is detailed-oriented manager with strong analytical skills.
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Analyzing information performance review phrases
  • He had extraordinary insight into the topics of information and the sources of the information, so that we could make well informed decisions.
  • John is continuously analyzing and writing, and the information is very beneficial.
  • He was always available for questions, troubleshooting and information.
  • John can analyze relevant information and report on it effectively.
  • He's very well informed and very generous with his knowledge.
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Artistic skills performance review phrases
  • I truly admire him artistic skill and professionalism.
  • John is nothing less than an amazing artist.
  • Probably because he's an artist at heart.
  • He is one of those engineers who is also an artist.
  • John is very passionate about the music industry.
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Assertive performance review phrases
  • We could do things better and make better decisions.
  • He will always make the right decision.
  • John, you really helped me to get more self-confidence.
  • In the end, you can confidently say he's just being modest.
  • I'm confident you won't be disappointed.
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Attendance performance review phrases
  • I have known John for a year now and I judge him as extremely responsible and dependable.
  • In my situation, John took the time to fully understand my needs while being a great cheerleader throughout the entire journey.
  • Able to complete work at short notice and to a high standard.
  • I have worked with John on several projects over the last 15 years and never failed to be impressed.
  • It is great to work with someone who you truly can rely on.
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Attention to details performance review phrases
  • Him planning was impeccable, him attention to detail was admirable.
  • I don't know what he's got planned yet but we can count on that those plans are well planned, far-reaching, inclusive and mind expanding.
  • Things went according to the plan, and he was at the center following through with every little detail.
  • He was very attentive and payed close attention to detail.
  • He is always attentive to his customers' needs and pays attention to details.
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Attitude performance review phrases
  • That's a pleasure to work with such persons.
  • He is a real pro and brings a high energy level to each assignment.
  • His attitude of continuous improvement allows him to maintain a position of constant learning by allowing him to grow without limits, both professionally and personally.
  • He is always ready to help others with a friendly smile whatever the situation may be.
  • John's unique blend of professionalism, integrity and highly personal nature makes him a pleasure to do business with.
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Brand manager performance review phrases
  • John is very good in establishing and managing new brands.
  • John is a fantastic brand manager and an exceptional stakeholder manager.
  • He was responsible for managing several brands and oversaw all design efforts and was ultimately the brand manager for these brands.
  • John knows that in every brand there is an inherent truth about that brand.
  • He also has used him name with him brand that is really memorable.
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Branding industry performance review phrases
  • He makes an effort to really know your brand.
  • John's knowledge of branding across industries is very impressive.
  • We are currently working on branding myself and getting the right message out to my industry.
  • At least, he did the best anyone could as we changed the brand again and again.
  • He has an understanding of branding that goes well beyond the superficial.
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Broker skills performance review phrases
  • And thank you for your trust of being your agent.
  • He is an example of what agents should be.
  • The agents really like going to his sessions.
  • John is an outstanding leader and banker.
  • Wish all the best to John and recommened to anyone who is looking for a skilled broker.
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Business advisor performance review phrases
  • John has been, and is an essential business advisor to me and my company.
  • John is one of those business advisors who lives for his clients.
  • You would be very lucky to have John be an advisor to your business.
  • I would recommend John to other businesses who are looking to change their accounts and business advisors.
  • Business owners need personal support from trusted business friends, and they need experienced business advisors to help them grow their businesses.
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Business analyst performance review phrases
  • John is very instrumental in him work as business analyst.
  • John is an enthusiastic and confident business analyst.
  • He is far and away the best business analyst I have encountered.
  • John is the most thorough business analyst I have worked with in the medical publishing business.
  • John is a superb business analyst who has worked with me on several business concepts and strategies.
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Business consultant performance review phrases
  • This occurrs in either his business broking business or direct consulting.
  • John knows the business and how to work across business lines.
  • I have known John for many years through business networks and have used him for some business consultancy.
  • John is one of the best business consultants you will ever come across.
  • A must have consultant regardless of the size of your business.
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Business development manager performance review phrases
  • I would definitely recommend John for your business development or personal development, he is the best in the business.
  • John is an extremely talented business professional with exceptional business development and business management savvy.
  • As the general manager, he led the business to success by implementing sound business development strategies and effective business management.
  • John was business manager for that whole busy group.
  • John knows whatever business he manages inside and out which allows him to have insight into how you are managing your business and how you could be more effective at it.
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Business industry performance review phrases
  • He was driven to help them with their business and drive their business.
  • Awesome business that I will be using from now on, for both my business and home.
  • If he can do it for himself, imagine what he can do for you and your business.
  • John has always been very responsive to the needs of the business.
  • John is one of the best professionals in the business.
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Business owner performance review phrases
  • He understands business and the needs of business owners and what it takes for them to be successful.
  • John truly wants to see business owners succeed and lift their business to the next level.
  • As business owners we all think we run our businesses perfectly and we were no exception.
  • John is a business owner, but his focus is on helping other business owners succeed.
  • John is compassionate about helping business owners have their ideal business.
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Business skills performance review phrases
  • You just have to know exactly what do you want from your business.
  • John is definitely can help you to keep up with your business.
  • John makes it his business to know his client's business.
  • John is the definitely one of the very best in the business.
  • John has done more than most for me and my businesses.
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Business trend awareness performance review phrases
  • I would not let anyone else near my business.
  • He is very busy with his work and yet he responded on the spot.
  • I can't thank you enough for all your hard work.
  • He was always available if we had any further question.
  • He works smart and works hard too.
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Campaign management performance review phrases
  • He manages up and across just as well as he manages down.
  • This is more than most managers could handle and after he left his role was managed by several managers.
  • He was very professional in managing our campaigns.
  • John is very organized and managed several different managers needs as they were required.
  • He adjusts him way to manage people by the way he knows they need to be managed.
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Care for workplace performance review phrases
  • John certainly cares about doing things right - the first time.
  • Lucky to have someone like him in my workplace.
  • He cares, really cares about helping you with what you need at any given time.
  • He truly cares that his customers are well taken care of.
  • He cares about and takes care of his customers.
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Career advisor performance review phrases
  • This quality of his will take him far in his career.
  • I have the privilege of not only calling him my career advisor but also my friend.
  • John is a passionate career advisor who does his best to help students.
  • He has always been an advocate and a trusted advisor to my career.
  • This is my trusted career advisor and outplacement consultant.
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Career coach performance review phrases
  • I'm looking forward to continuing being coached by you to further my career.
  • His coaching has been very beneficial for me and for my career.
  • He has been one of the most effective coach in my career.
  • John has coached me through several phases of my career.
  • He is the best career coach that anyone could have.
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Career industry performance review phrases
  • John is already well known in his industry and I'm sure this is just the beginning of his career.
  • John has been very successful throughout his career in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sometimes in your career, you get lucky by working with someone who is well-known and well-respected in your industry.
  • I look forward to hearing great things about him in the industry as he moves on in his career.
  • John is one of the most industrious and passionate person I have come across in my career.
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Careers industry performance review phrases
  • John has went out of his way to help others like myself to make sure that we are on our right career path.
  • So, it's no wonder that he has been successful in everything he has done so far in his career.
  • Thanks for all your help and all the best with the next phase of your career.
  • I wish him nothing but great things throughout the course of his career.
  • I am so appreciative of everything he has done for me and my career.
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Caring skills performance review phrases
  • I cannot say it better than to tell you that he is conscientious as well as caring.
  • When you ask him to do something you can be sure that it will get taken care of.
  • John is someone who cares - almost as much as you do - about your success.
  • John didn't have to take the time to do this but he did and actually cared.
  • He will take care of you and go out of him way to make sure it is done.
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Client manager performance review phrases
  • I really appreciate his way to manage his team and the clients.
  • There is no one better to manage your clients than John.
  • Our clients and management are all fan of his management style, which comes to him so naturally.
  • One of my clients was looking for a property manager to manage him properties.
  • John is a superior resource manager as well as client manager.
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Coaching industry performance review phrases
  • If you want coaching that really works and accomplishes the changes you want, then John is your coach.
  • He then became, and still is my coach and advisor.
  • He's someone who is the 'real deal' when it comes to the coaching industry, as well.
  • I found him mentoring and coaching ability to be best in the mortgage industry.
  • I don't believe there is a better coach in the executive search industry.
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Coaching others performance review phrases
  • He is a terrific coach and organizer.
  • He engaged with the students effortlessly.
  • I am blessed to have him as my coach.
  • He is one of the best coach I have met, as he coached and guided me through the first few weeks.
  • He doesn't allow obstacles get in his way.
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Collaboration performance review phrases
  • He is always collaborative, enthusiastic and willing to share him experience - management teams, development team, and client.
  • Also a very good team leader who can organize the work within a team in a most efficient way and always being able to keep group memebers motivated.
  • John is an excellent professional and a very supportive friend.
  • Well organized, likes working on a team, listens to what customer's needs are and therefore you can count on him to solve any critical problem.
  • He is equally comfortable in leadership roles as he is as a team member in group settings.
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Commitment performance review phrases
  • He always followed-up on his commitments.
  • He always follows through with his commitments, and is always willing to help out whenever needed.
  • He goes out of his way to make others feel welcome and follows through on his commitments.
  • He is committed to being him best and doing him best regardless of the situation.
  • John is obviously committed to quality and certainly delivers on that commitment.
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Communication performance review phrases
  • John has a sharp eye and ear for written or verbal communications.
  • He is very creative, intelligent, patient, and pleasant.
  • John understands very well what makes an effective, not only creative and sophisticated branding communication.
  • I could always count on him to find an answer to my question or issue.
  • As a thought leader and speaker he is articulate, engaging and persuasive.
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Communications specialist performance review phrases
  • John is an extremely creative and articulate communications specialist.
  • John is highly qualified in him field as communications specialist.
  • To be a communications specialist you have to be the best & John is just that.
  • John is a specialist in Branding and Marketing communications.
  • John is a superlative marketing and communications specialist.
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Completing work performance review phrases
  • He knows what works and how to make it work.
  • Him work was always very thorough and complete.
  • He makes sure that the works get completed.
  • He is easy to work with and worked well with everyone in the work place.
  • If he has been given any work then he knows how to do it and how to complete that work in a given time.
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Computer skills performance review phrases
  • John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of computer skills.
  • And he is always willing to assist us anything regarding to computer.
  • His skills were not limited to his prescribed role, but he also possesses rich computer skills along people skills.
  • He does know many other useful skills around computers, networks, clouds and life.
  • John is very knowledgable with computers and has strong technical skills.
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Concentration performance review phrases
  • He was very efficient and responsive to all of my queries and him timely attention lead to successful execution of the project.
  • I worked closely with John and he was always attentive and action orientated.
  • Very respectful, open and professional, he is always available and attentive in order to deliver each project quickly and efficiently.
  • John always has a great attitude and his concentration is always on how to help his clients to succeed.
  • John enables clients to concentrate on their businesses and unlock ideas they may never have thought about.
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Conceptual thinking performance review phrases
  • He thinks nothing of going above and beyond to make something successful.
  • Everyone isn't the same even though everyone thinks they can make it big.
  • He's always trying something new and thinking through the implications.
  • He thinks things through and always comes across very professionally.
  • John is forward thinking and always looking out for his clients.
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Conflict management performance review phrases
  • I've been always inspired by the way how he managed people and dealt with conflicts.
  • John manages multiple, sometimes conflicting, priorities with aplomb.
  • John can manage conflict effectively and redirect it into creativity.
  • He manages conflict and challenges with diplomacy and integrity.
  • Now my clients tell me when it comes to conflict management I am everything.
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Consistency performance review phrases
  • Solid performer, very consistent and reliable.
  • John was consistant in his reliability and professionalism.
  • He is always willing to help out and is very reliable.
  • He has always been upfront, reliable and consistent.
  • John is reliable, predictable and consistent.
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Construction industry performance review phrases
  • He always tries to inspire us with something new and constructive.
  • Interaction with him was comfortable and constructive.
  • He is always willing to take constructive feedback.
  • John has been involved in the construction industry for many years and in many different capacities.
  • He was respected by his team and is truly knowledgeable in the construction industry.
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Consulting industry performance review phrases
  • He is always available to consult with and come up with solutions.
  • He has always made himself available to consult when approached.
  • He always tried him best to make time for consultations.
  • He is one of us, not an "external consultant".
  • He is by far one of our best loan consultants.
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Consulting skills performance review phrases
  • Him negotiation skills are also evident.
  • He also has amazing negotiating skills.
  • His negotiations skills are especially keen.
  • Him ability to negotiate amongst the various stakeholders was very skilled and highly appreciated.
  • More impressive, however, is his outstanding negotiating ability.
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Content industry performance review phrases
  • John is one of the most seasoned and talented content leaders in the industry.
  • John is a truly professional in the mobile content industry.
  • John is one of the pioneers of the Asian mobile content industry.
  • He knows his content inside and out, and then does what ever he can to help others gain his knowledge.
  • He came back to us with the content within few working days.
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Content manager performance review phrases
  • Superb - both as content writer and proposal manager.
  • John has the ability to not only create great content, but also to critique and, manage the content of others.
  • John was the content manager for my presentation and he was so very patient with me during the process.
  • He was also manage vendor/partner relationships for the various content providers.
  • John has all the attributes you want to see in a successful content manager.
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Content strategist performance review phrases
  • Him illustrations are perfect complements to him content, and to the content others create.
  • John knows what valuable content is and delivers that content every time he speaks.
  • John always seems to be looking for the next right answer, not content with the way things have always been done.
  • John has always been one to use content at its very best to tell an artists story.
  • He has really taken our content to so many more places than we had expected.
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Content writer performance review phrases
  • John is an extremely professional, experienced content writer.
  • John is an extraordinary writer and keen content creator.
  • John is also a proficient writer and content creator.
  • John is an outstanding team player and content writer.
  • John is probably the best content writer I have come across and worked with.
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Controlling costs performance review phrases
  • He was in control of all aspects without appearing to be controlling.
  • He got things done without being the “annoying” controller.
  • He will get it under control and make it seem effortless.
  • He is always in control regardless of the situation.
  • He used to keep tight control on costs while doing recruitment.
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Conversation skills performance review phrases
  • In one conversation he knows what you want on your website.
  • So conversations with him were useful and rewarding.
  • He is present and with you in any conversations.
  • Each conversation is better than the last.
  • He delivers value in every conversation.
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Cooperation performance review phrases
  • He is very cooperative and always willing to help.
  • He has always been very helpful and cooperative.
  • I always cooperated with him with pleasure.
  • He was always ready to help and cooperate.
  • Would like to cooperation with him again.
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Cooperation with colleagues performance review phrases
  • I enjoyed working with him and look forward to calling on him again in the future.
  • What I don't like, is that we are not working together right now.
  • From the point of view as his co-instructor I found him incredibly organized and dedicated.
  • All of us who have worked with him appreciate that.
  • I am proud to call such an outstanding human being my friend.
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Corporate recruiter performance review phrases
  • John handles all of the recruiting for us and even recruited me.
  • John is an extraordinary recruiter and recruitment leader.
  • In my years of corporate recruiting, I have worked with many recruiters.
  • I have used John both to recruit people and to be recruited.
  • John is the best recruiter I've ever worked with, both in being recruited by him, and by working with him to recruit new hires.
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Creative director performance review phrases
  • John is a very talented art director and inspiring creative director.
  • More recently, we have worked together where he was the course director.
  • John is one of my favorite creative directors of all times.
  • John was the type of director that the creatives love.
  • He's a creative director, designer, art director, video director and editor.
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Creative skills performance review phrases
  • You just have to tell him what you want and he will come back with very creative ideas.
  • He does what he says he will do, with all of his wisdom and creativity.
  • He doesn't limit your creativity, he pushes you to be more creative.
  • That's probably because he is actually quite the creative himself.
  • Essentially, the more creative we got with things, the better.
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Creativity performance review phrases
  • Passionate, caring, and innovative - he's a connector, a strategist, and an implementer.
  • John is a creative and original thinker.
  • On a number of occasions, John demonstrated his creativity and ability to address problems in a non-conventional way.
  • John is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration.
  • A very creative and energetic person.
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Critical thinking performance review phrases
  • Looks at issues in different angles and not in a one-sided way.
  • Never thinks twice before making any decision.
  • He is also familiar with structured and critical thinking and has a breadth of knowledge in various domains.
  • His critical thinking, research and analysis of problem domain and practical approach towards solving those problems, were invaluable contributions to the team.
  • John a highly productive and critical thinking person, respond to barriers, problems and challenges with much more of a problem-solving orientation as well as attention to details.
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Customer focus performance review phrases
  • He works effectively with clients.
  • Knows how to deal with challenging customers politely without being aggressive or harsh.
  • Does not listen to the customers well, which ends up to misunderstandings.
  • He cannot maintain relationships with his customers well.
  • Great support, fantastic response, good work ethics and so on.
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Customer satisfaction performance review phrases
  • This is the greatest value for a service provider.
  • John was able to deal with difficult situations in a charming and efficient manner, protecting the company at all times.
  • He's specialized in closing a deal within one single phone call.
  • The clients have been happy with the service too.
  • The service provided was awesome.
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Customer service performance review phrases
  • John provides outstanding customer service to his clients.
  • John provides his clients with unparalleled service and support.
  • He is very customer service oriented and always looks to do him very best for him customers.
  • He goes above and beyond to service his clients.
  • He provided outstanding customer service and was always available to help him clients.
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Database management performance review phrases
  • John is an excellent manager and coach.
  • He is very knowledgeable in database management.
  • John had the right resume in his database.
  • John was also integral to our database consolidation and management efforts.
  • I found him to be an excellent resource and manager.
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Deadlines performance review phrases
  • I was particularly and certainly impressed by John's ability to handle recruitment for masses and even with the toughest clients in tight deadlines.
  • He taught me the fundamentals of being a successful individual and being able to multitask under a deadline industry.
  • Even in situations where the objectives are unclear and the deadlines are impossible and no one has any clue how to get the work done but they expect you to make miracles happen, John always remains calm and friendly and committed.
  • With a "can do" and positive attitude, he ensured that our checklist and calendars ensured milestones were met within our tight deadlines.
  • John is a pleasure to deal with – he's friendly, upbeat in the face of tough deadlines, and extremely reliable.
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Dealing with difficult people performance review phrases
  • Enthusiastic, excellent communicator and negotiator.
  • Capable of dealing with difficult people under stress.
  • John has an outstanding way of dealing with people, even the most challenging.
  • Effective communication when things are going well is one thing, but effective communication when things are tough is quite another challenge.
  • He communicates very well and knows how to get the most out of people around him.
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Decision making performance review phrases
  • Generates a number of options in order to dig deeper into the situation at hand and look at it from different angles.
  • Never takes the time to actually consider what might go wrong.
  • Innovative, a great communicator, and as real as a real specialist could be.
  • John is a very knowledgeable, hard-working, and dedicated individual.
  • John is very good at grasping a problem and coming up with solid recommendations for possible solutions.
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Dedication performance review phrases
  • He is dedicated and is always willing to go beyond what is expected.
  • John was both thorough and dedicated to his responsibilities.
  • John is very dedicated to doing what is right for the employees.
  • He is always there for you and truly dedicated to the job.
  • John is very dedicated to getting what needs to get done.
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Delivery manager performance review phrases
  • I am managing the delivery of the training to our learners.
  • He was one of the seasoned delivery managers at our company.
  • John has long experience of people management & service delivery management.
  • He managed deliveries on time with specified quality.
  • He's an outstanding recruiter manager and was the best manager ever.
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Delivery skills performance review phrases
  • I found his delivery of the course excellent.
  • Thanks John for going above and beyond in your delivery.
  • John has excellent technical and delivery skills.
  • John went above and beyond in him delivery, and we could not be more pleased with the end result.
  • He does what he says he will do and his delivery is of the highest standard.
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Dependability performance review phrases
  • His work was always strong, showing commitment to delivery within very tight timescales and a drive for the best architecture and creative solutions.
  • He's a very competent and diligent worker, and always strives to stay on task even when others aren't.
  • When he makes a commitment you can rely on him following through on it.
  • He is a punctual and a straight forward being who is always high on energy.
  • He is loyal, personable and respectful and always delivers above and beyond what is required of him.
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Design industry performance review phrases
  • He is definitely one of those designer whom you want to look out for in the fashion industry.
  • John is one of those well kept secrets in the design industry.
  • His in-depth knowledge and passion for industrial design, UX design, brand design, process design, or really any design is evident within minutes of talking to him.
  • John's understanding of design aesthetics are as good as the most seasoned designers in the industry.
  • His designs went above and beyond what we were looking for, and the design hand-off was fast and professional.
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Design skills performance review phrases
  • And of course, everything he designs looks awesome.
  • John soon became my go-to-guy for anything design.
  • John is much more than an exceptional designer.
  • John brings all of that to every design.
  • John knows how to design for the web.
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Determination performance review phrases
  • Challenges will only make him more determined to succeed.
  • I know he's inspired me with his will and determination.
  • John thank you for your vision and determination.
  • He has the determination to make things happen.
  • Dogged and determined, he gets things done.
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Development industry performance review phrases
  • He was always available to help anybody learn and develop.
  • Always available to help and develop himself and others.
  • I so appreciate your help with my product development.
  • I still go to him for advice for my development.
  • John was one of the developers in our team.
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Digital industry performance review phrases
  • John has taught me so many things in the digital marketing industry.
  • I can see him doing well in the digital industry and would be a great addition to any digital agency.
  • I found him to be very professional and vastly knowledgeable about the digital industry.
  • John is one of the brightest and most devoted digital strategists in the industry.
  • John is one of the most innovative and digitally savvy people in the industry.
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Documentation skills performance review phrases
  • He has great documentation and communication skills.
  • John took on being the champion for some of the knowledgebase documentation.
  • The documentations he provided for his projects have been very useful.
  • John has handled all our documentation needs for several years.
  • He is one of those who beleive in process and documentation.
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Driving skills performance review phrases
  • We can't thank him enough for the passion and drive.
  • John is one of the best there is in driving sales.
  • There is no one with more drive, or more heart.
  • John drives quality, which drives growth.
  • He has the drive to make things happen.
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Education industry performance review phrases
  • We need more people like him in the education industry today.
  • He has an in depth knowledge of the education industry.
  • John is well versed and educated on the Insurance industry.
  • He also wants and can educate himself and he is willing to do so.
  • Speaking with him is always an education and always refreshing.
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Effort performance review phrases
  • I appreciate all his efforts and wish him the best in his next engagement.
  • He truly goes above and beyond in him efforts on whatever he does.
  • John helps you be more of what you want to be with less effort.
  • He was always very conscientious and thorough in his efforts.
  • I wish him nothing but the best for all his future efforts.
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Emotional intelligence performance review phrases
  • This is also because of his passion as well as his intelligence.
  • He also provided very thorough and intelligent explanations.
  • John is so intelligent and can keep up with so many things.
  • John is someone who is very intelligent yet has humility.
  • He knows what he want, very talented and intelligent.
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Energy industry performance review phrases
  • You can ask him anything about energy and he'll have the answer.
  • John is definitely has both and used his inner energy at work.
  • I think he will do well at whatever is next and we'll miss his energy at our company.
  • John's energy is probably one of the rarest, most energetic, and most real in this industry.
  • He is high energy, enthusiastic and of course an expert in him industry.
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Engagement skills performance review phrases
  • Frankly, he engages much more than his audience, he engaged me.
  • John is one of the best speakers you could wish to engage.
  • I wish him all the best for all him future engagements.
  • He was engaged with me throughout the whole process.
  • We are very much looking forward to re-engaging him.
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Engineering manager performance review phrases
  • John is a highly efficient and effective engineer and engineering manager.
  • John is exactly who you want as technical lead or engineering manager.
  • Any engineering manager should be proud to have him on his staff.
  • When he became the head of engineering, he had to manage people.
  • He has proved himself as the outstanding engineer and manager.
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Engineering skills performance review phrases
  • The first is that he's an outstanding engineer.
  • The engineer is doing very well in my team.
  • John is an excellent all-around engineer.
  • John is always the engine of any group.
  • His people skills equal that of his engineering skills.
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Entertainment industry performance review phrases
  • He knows how to entertain through his editing.
  • He was entertaining but he kept us to time.
  • John is both an expert and an entertainer.
  • We were educated and we were entertained.
  • John has great contacts within the entertainment industry.
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Enthusiasm performance review phrases
  • What he lacks in looks, he makes up for in enthusiasm.
  • Just being around him, the enthusiasm was infectious.
  • John' enthusiasm for what he does is infectious.
  • He is well-known for his honesty and enthusiasm.
  • I appreciate his enthusiasm in all that he does.
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Entrepreneurial skills performance review phrases
  • He is competent and skillful in many business areas.
  • John is organized, personal, and highly skilled in business.
  • John is competent and knows the business.
  • I have used him for both personal and business.
  • He is very personable and reliable as a person or in business.
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Ethics performance review phrases
  • A great team player that knows his stuff and displays a high level of integrity.
  • It reflects deep sense of ethics and understanding of humanity.
  • Him work ethics and skills make him stand out from the rest.
  • John, he has explicitly demonstrated a high level of professionalism at workplace, whereby maintaining a friendly atmosphere with his colleagues.
  • John has a strong sense of integrity and a work ethic second to none.
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Events industry performance review phrases
  • I would definitely recommend him for your next event.
  • Book this man, if you can, for your next event.
  • It's no wonder his events are followed and full.
  • I would thoroughly recommend him for an event.
  • He will get your event off on the right foot.
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Execution skills performance review phrases
  • He does what he says he will do and executes flawlessly.
  • He can own things end to end and execute brilliantly.
  • John knows his stuff and he knows how to execute.
  • John is an outstanding all round executive.
  • He is visionary who also knows how to execute.
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Executive director performance review phrases
  • However, he also knows how to execute, because he has done it and done it well.
  • I found him to think outside of the box and thoroughly execute.
  • John is a seasoned executive who truly knows how to execute.
  • He is someone who is energetic and who knows how to execute.
  • He does what he says he will do and executes flawlessly.
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Executive skills performance review phrases
  • John is an excellent and skilled executive.
  • John is a very talented executive with strong execution skills.
  • John is different than other executive directors that we have seen.
  • John is a talented executive with excellent management skills.
  • His executive management skills are rooted in sound fundamentals.
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Facilitation skills performance review phrases
  • I for one was grateful for his facilitation.
  • His facilitation skills also pull the best out of everyone in the room.
  • Additionally, he makes a very skilled facilitator during workshops.
  • John has excellent presentation and facilitation skills.
  • His facilitation and coaching skills are excellent.
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Finance industry performance review phrases
  • John has a well of knowledge in the finance industry.
  • John really knows him stuff when it comes to anything finance.
  • We didn't know where to turn to get financing and he had people in place to get us financed.
  • John is very professional and his experience in the finance industry has been very diverse.
  • He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the newspaper industry and in finance.
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Finance manager performance review phrases
  • Many offer their thoughts on how one should manage their finances; or that you don't need any help at all, just education.
  • He has not only rationalised our pensions, but he has also educated us in managing our finances.
  • He has forgotten more about how consumers manage their finances than most will learn.
  • John is capable of success in almost every arena of finance and management.
  • John is an extremely knowledgeable and personable finance manager.
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Financial skills performance review phrases
  • All of this is done regardless of whether he gains financially.
  • He is quite skilled in financial analysis but he has branched out beyond that niche.
  • I found his financial and strategic skills to be of the highest order.
  • He has very strong financial, analytical and modeling skills.
  • He communicates well with others, both in financial and non-financial positions.
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Flexibility performance review phrases
  • Always a team player, John has proven he is flexible and adapts well to challenges and changing business landscapes.
  • He is solutions-orientated and constantly able to come up with new and innovative approaches to him assigned projects.
  • Always ready to help at any hour of the day, irrespective of the criticality of the issue.
  • Walked away with lots of tips on how to improve our corporate and personal brand awareness.
  • John is innovative and forward looking, while very grounded in business essentials.
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Follow directions performance review phrases
  • He is always the first to go above and beyond, thus setting the example for others to follow.
  • John's follow-up and follow-through all the way through on-boarding was excellent.
  • Whenever he says something, he will follow through and get back to you in time.
  • John was always willing to help you get pointed in the right direction.
  • John makes those around him better and they will follow his leadership.
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Following instructions performance review phrases
  • John's advice to me has been invaluable.
  • He always follows through and gives excellent advice.
  • He is self-directed and disciplined in him recruiting approach.
  • I took his advice and did so even though I would normally be hesitant to be that direct.
  • His advice and directions over the years has been invaluable.
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Friendship performance review phrases
  • I really want our friendship to be remained.
  • I am very pleased to have his friendship.
  • I couldn't have done it without him and look forward to a continued friendship.
  • I thank him for his friendship and just helping us be the best we can be.
  • I have come to value him insight and, more importantly, him friendship.
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Game developer performance review phrases
  • John is an absolute workhorse when it comes to game development.
  • I believe he would be an asset to any game development studio.
  • He has experience in very aspect of game development.
  • John completely gets game development and production from both the publishing and development sides.
  • Him insight into game development and the resources he has access to continues to help me grow as an artist and game developer.
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Game industry performance review phrases
  • We did several deals together and he was always on his game.
  • I have learned so much from him in publishing/marketing for the gaming industry.
  • John's understanding of the game industry is very impressive.
  • John, in my opinion, has changed the game in him industry.
  • John is very experienced and games industry savey.
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General manager performance review phrases
  • He has always been willing to help, and has been generous with him time.
  • He is not only ahead of him generation, but also way ahead of ours.
  • He will try anything and generally makes it better than it was.
  • John is an excellent general manager and has particular empathy for his staff.
  • As a manager, he is generous with praise and is well-liked and respected.
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Goal focus performance review phrases
  • His goal is always to get the project done, but to do so by getting the team to want the same goal.
  • He will go out of the for anyone along the way to help them achieve their goals.
  • John focus on his goals and dedication to them are beyond one can imagine.
  • At the end of the day he knows how to get things done which is the goal.
  • I have recently reached one of those goals which was my "dream" goal.
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Goal setting performance review phrases
  • He sets the bar high and works hard to achieve his goals.
  • He has a vision and he's pursuing it.
  • He is responsible, supportive and capable.
  • He always pays close attention to what you say and translates that into clear objectives that he holds you accountable to.
  • He kept me focused and accountable to my short and long term goals.
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Graphic designer performance review phrases
  • John is a talented designer and passionate about the graphic design field.
  • Wouldn't hesitate to recommend John for both graphic design and web design - I'll be using him again very soon.
  • If you're like me, rubbish with graphic design, then this is definitely for you.
  • His graphic design capabilities are certainly something to be noted.
  • John is an outstanding and professional graphical designer.
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Home building industry performance review phrases
  • I have had the opportunity to see, at all stages, the homes he builds.
  • John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of home building.
  • That shows how thoroughly he knows what he is building.
  • He is one of the best at building those relationships.
  • He is truly one who knows how to build relationships.
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Honesty performance review phrases
  • I really appreciate and treasure him honesty and support.
  • John's honesty and trustworthiness are beyond reproach.
  • John has both integerty and honesty in all he does.
  • I found his loyality and honesty to be commendable.
  • He delivers these things with good will and honesty.
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Hospitality industry performance review phrases
  • John is one of the true visionaries of the hospitality industry.
  • John has an excellent reputation in the hospitality industry.
  • I have always found him to be both professional and courteous, and very knowledgeable about the hospitality industry.
  • He also is brilliant at networking and very well connected in the hospitality industry.
  • John's understanding of the travel and hospitality industry is unsurpassable.
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HR industry performance review phrases
  • John has been an outstanding human resource professional.
  • John is just an outstanding human resources executive.
  • Margaret is an excellent member of human resources.
  • He is an expert in the human resource field.
  • John is one of the finest human resource professionals in the industry.
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HR management performance review phrases
  • I definitely believe in his management capabilities and trust that he will manage others with the same professionalism.
  • John is both professional and energetic individual with great execution capabilities and ability to get things done.
  • John manages to the abilities of his teams.
  • However, he also has superior management abilities.
  • John's also one of the most "human" professionals in "human resources."
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Human resources manager performance review phrases
  • His understanding of human resource management is very impressive.
  • He was well respected by all the resources that he managed.
  • His human aspect of resource management is commendable.
  • I found him to be an excellent resource and manager.
  • John is very knowledgeable and experienced in many aspects of human resource management and general management.
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Human skills performance review phrases
  • Including both professional and human presentation skills.
  • If you're looking for something a little more, well, human, then look no further.
  • John, thank you for being the beautiful human being inside and out.
  • Keeping pace with him has made me an all-around better human being.
  • I very much appreciate his human values rather than profession.
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Implementation skills performance review phrases
  • I am looking forward to implementing all the advice.
  • He was always on top of our implementations.
  • Many of them were successfully implemented.
  • John has solid troubleshooting skills and is thorough with his implementations.
  • He also has the skills to implement positive changes.
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Improvement performance review phrases
  • He's also extremely patient and makes great tea.
  • He is patient and handsome.
  • He is friendly and trying to improve every single thing that can be improved.
  • He is always trying to improve.
  • He is welcoming, concerned and thoughtful.
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Influencing skills performance review phrases
  • He has the ability to influence up and across the organization.
  • The ability to know when to push and when to guide.
  • This has given him the ability to look skyward and beyond, because of the range of his abilities.
  • He is second to none when it comes to his expertise.
  • John, however is fantastic having both expertise and creative ability.
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Initiative performance review phrases
  • A difficult person who is too difficult to handle generally or follow rules.
  • Does not generate any new ideas and recognize new solutions for problems.
  • I had the opportunity to work with John on several occasions.
  • John is very organized and detail oriented.
  • If you have the chance - make sure you get along to one of these presentations.
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Innovation performance review phrases
  • He is able to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to problems that may arise during a project.
  • He has a great eye for creativity and consistently comes up with fresh ideas.
  • John is an innovator in the field of networkers.
  • Is always capable of adapting to new working environments.
  • John is a guru when it comes to creative ideas, understanding of people and getting things done.
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Instructional skills performance review phrases
  • If you are looking for someone who knows how to not only instruct, but also to motivate, look no further.
  • He is great at following instructions, but also uses him initiative.
  • He's also provided me with instructional design for my business.
  • The best instruction will only happen if we know our students.
  • John never instructs, he inspires you to take the plunge.
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Insurance industry performance review phrases
  • John has been much more than an insurance provider.
  • This is where you need your insurance to be.
  • He understands the foundation of the insurance industry and insurance defense.
  • John exemplifies integrity in the insurance industry.
  • There fleet insurance is second to none and nothing is too much trouble.
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Integrity performance review phrases
  • I could tell right away his integrity and honesty to his clients.
  • He is also very well respected for his honesty and integrity.
  • He has taught me many things with honesty and integrity.
  • He knows everyone, and everyone knows of his integrity.
  • Two of the most important are honesty and integrity.
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Intercultural competence performance review phrases
  • John thank you for cooperation and looking forward any other in the future.
  • He is very cooperative and always available to help the team.
  • John always went beyond what he was asked to do, and everything he did was done with great competence.
  • Within the company, he was well liked and came across as profeesional and competent.
  • We have competed against each other and have worked together at the same comany.
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Internet industry performance review phrases
  • John knows more about the internet than anyone else I know.
  • He always impresses me with his knowledge of the local industry and the internet industry at large.
  • His professionalism and understanding of the internet industry is wonderful.
  • A veteran in the internet industry and a thorough professional.
  • I have known John for several years in the internet industry now.
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Interpersonal skills performance review phrases
  • He is very approachable, patient, has very good problem solving skills and most of all he is really good with people.
  • It was a pleasure working with John, he was patient, understanding and helpful.
  • He loves people and knows how to maximize relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  • I have found John to be pleasant, positive, and energetic.
  • He has fantastic communication and interpersonal skills.
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Interviewing skills performance review phrases
  • He came on one of the interviews, as well, which was very helpful.
  • Advice that helped me through both first and second interviews.
  • He really went out of his way to secure me the interview.
  • The interviews went well and they made me an offer.
  • You made it so easy for me to be interviewed.
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Job knowledge performance review phrases
  • John was very professional and responsive to all of our needs.
  • John is a great professional and a person.
  • His wealth of knowledge about the industry is exemplary.
  • John is a fountain of knowledge in him field.
  • He has the knowledge and know how to find the right employee for the right company using skill, empathy and wisdom.
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Judgment skills performance review phrases
  • His judgment never failed me or anyone for that matter.
  • He is a very rational and reasonable person and whenever there is an argument between two parties he settles the argument in a very calm and unbiased manner, laying down pros and cons of either sides.
  • He is a disciplined personality with a dynamic approach in solving issues.
  • I was able to assess the opportunity effectively, which made me feel very confident in my decisions.
  • John consulted with us to identify process improvement opportunities with our company.
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Knowledge industry performance review phrases
  • John's knowledge of our industry will always help him get the best for him clients.
  • He is exposed to various industries, which makes him to be knowledgeable.
  • He's always on top of things and very knowledgeable about the industry.
  • I love that he is so knowledgeable about our particular industry.
  • Very knowledgeable in the industry and the needs of him clients.
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Knowledge management performance review phrases
  • He is very knowledgable in him areas of expertise and is able to work well with managers and non-managers in transferring that knowledge.
  • John is one of the experts on knowledge and learning management.
  • He was knowledgeable, dedicated and thorough in execution.
  • John has provided executive coaching expertise to several key executives in my organization.
  • He was very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
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Leadership performance review phrases
  • John is a great leader that thinks outside the box to solve solutions and provided great support.
  • He demonstrated him leadership by getting the right people in the right places on the team and helping them be successful.
  • John demonstrates strong leadership skills and manages his team to achieve best possible and stable result.
  • I feel his leadership abilities will become even more effective in any company he chooses to work with.
  • John is highly professional and has proven himself to be a leader among him peers.
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Learning skills performance review phrases
  • John learns fast and, more importantly, shares what he learns.
  • He has the unique ability to enhance the capabilities of those around him and I learned a great deal while working with him.
  • He is so giving of his knowledge, time, ideas and advice and I feel privileged to be able to learn from him.
  • And he is a quick learner, so I am sure he could be just as successful in other spheres.
  • He shows an interest in learning.
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Listening skills performance review phrases
  • He listens, responds, and then follows through.
  • He's very personable and truly listens well.
  • He listens and takes what useful and makes it his own.
  • He really listened to my needs and wants and did the best he could to attain those parameters.
  • His stories were memorable.
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Literacy performance review phrases
  • Despite his wealth of knowledge he is also willing to learn.
  • He is someone to learn from and can increase your knowledge.
  • John is highly educated and knowledgeable.
  • He is very knowledgeable and is always wanting to learning.
  • He makes the learning fun and educational.
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Long range planning performance review phrases
  • He's been doing it long before everyone was doing it and he knows his stuff.
  • And because he has been doing it for so long - no one does it better.
  • It didn't take long for me to like him as he is very unassuming.
  • He is very particular & planned on what he want to do either it may be professional & personal.
  • John is the person you want in your corner when things aren't going exactly as planned.
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Management industry performance review phrases
  • John, for any management role in the shipping industry.
  • John was managing the offshore vendor management function for one of the strategic customers that I used to manage.
  • John was my direct manager twice already and he is more a mentor to me than a manager.
  • John was a quality manager who was very involved in the management of the team.
  • As a manager, John is willing to let his reports manage to the best of their abilities.
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Management skills performance review phrases
  • Great person, skilled leader and motivator.
  • John is qualified manager with deep management background.
  • I was lucky to have him as my manager.
  • Thanks for all you are doing to help others to power up their profits.
  • In addition he is well liked and produces powerful results.
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Management style performance review phrases
  • I really appreciate him management style.
  • John's approach to management is very hands-off and he never micro-manages.
  • John's managing style includes managing by walking around, being approachable and accessible.
  • There are many managers but few of them have the management style I saw in John.
  • I found his style to be very thorough and methodical.
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Managerial skills performance review phrases
  • John's technical skills and managerial skills are extremely impressive.
  • He is blessed with intellectual, managerial skills and team skills.
  • John has the right analytical and managerial skills to make things happen.
  • Excellent managerial skills, and very friendly with the resources.
  • He is exceptionally well in technical as well as managerial skills.
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Managing details performance review phrases
  • He was organized and very detailed in him execution.
  • He is thorough and detailed in the management of his teams.
  • John is what every product manager should be: part engineer, part business, and all execution.
  • He's great with all details and details.
  • John was the project manager and very structured.
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Managing expenses performance review phrases
  • The cost was also reasonable considering the amount of deliverables.
  • With John you will know what you are getting, why, and how much it will cost.
  • He made sure changes were managed properly and was very detailed at tracking costs.
  • John understands the need for us to manage costs and works well accordingly.
  • I never felt him as a manager who wants to get his stuffs at any cost.
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Marketing industry performance review phrases
  • He knows everyone who is anyone in the direct marketing industry.
  • Him marketing drive is second to none in the industry.
  • He knows the market, knows the industry, and knows people.
  • You will do well to try him out for any need in marketing or self-improvement.
  • John has shown the way where it comes to getting value from marketing.
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Marketing manager performance review phrases
  • He managed marketing and had some project management responsibilities as well.
  • John is very experienced marketing manager, especially in area of direct marketing.
  • John knows and does it all when it comes to marketing.
  • John is well-liked by affiliates and well-respected by other marketing managers.
  • John is not only an exceptional marketer; he is also an amazing manager.
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Marketing skills performance review phrases
  • He has all the skills to do any job he wants to do, and to do it very well.
  • He has the know how and skill to get the job done if you can't do it yourself.
  • He would do well in any job given to him in advertising, marketing or communications.
  • John's marketing competencies are well rounded.
  • I would definitely recommend him to anyone on the job market.
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Marketing specialist performance review phrases
  • John, our SEO specialist, is someone who really knows what he is talking about when it comes to marketing.
  • He certainly made me think differently about marketing and marketing research.
  • John was very focused on him roles and responsibilities as marketing specialist.
  • He is a specialist in his market and is an agent you want on your team.
  • He is clearly one of the few that knows both sales and marketing.
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Media industry performance review phrases
  • John knows him way around social media.
  • I would recommend him services to anyone looking within the media industry.
  • One important thing to have especially in social media industry.
  • John is one of the best executives in the industry of online media.
  • He is extremely knowledgeable in the media industry and has the ears of many media execs.
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Media skills performance review phrases
  • John knows what the media needs because he's been on the other side of the fence.
  • John has always been very thorough and detailed in all of him media executions.
  • John knows the industry about as well as anyone doing media currently.
  • He definitely knows media and mobile, and how the two intersect.
  • John is dedicated and knowledgeable in all things media.
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Mentoring performance review phrases
  • John is my mentor for many years.
  • He is a great mentor and has no qualms in rolling up his sleeve and working alongside the most junior member of the team whey they require help.
  • John is a fantastic worker, mentor and friend.
  • As a mentor, John has given never-ending support and guidance.
  • Thank you for the excellent advice and mentoring.
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Mentoring industry performance review phrases
  • I am sure proud to say he is one of my mentors that I would always look up to in the industry.
  • John became my mentor before he became an expert in the concept of mentoring.
  • One of the best mentors to have when you need help introspect.
  • He knows this industry backward and forward and has been a constant help and mentor to me personally.
  • I wanted to thank you for mentoring me and helping me to better understand the industry.
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Messaging skills performance review phrases
  • He's very collaborative and always on-message.
  • Thanks for all the inspirational messages.
  • His communication skills allow him to get any message across with emphasis.
  • Not only can he get his message across well, but the advice he gives within it is always first class.
  • We value his willingness to tell it as it is, even if it's not the message we want to hear.
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Mobile industry performance review phrases
  • John truly has his finger on the pulse of the mobile industry.
  • John is an unmatched talent within the mobile industry.
  • John is one of the top mobile industry visionaries.
  • If you are looking for someone who gets mobile, look no further.
  • He knows the mobile industry well and always seemed to be a step ahead of our mobile app group.
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Mortgage broker performance review phrases
  • John is the only mortgage broker I could recommend.
  • I was looking for a mortgage for my new home and had contacted many mortgage agents and brokers.
  • Very knowledgable mortgage broker, have already referred him to many of my colleagues.
  • John goes to the ends of the earth to make sure you get the possible mortgage.
  • John was my mortgage broker and helped me in the purchase of my first home.
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Mortgage industry performance review phrases
  • He does so many things for people in the mortgage industry.
  • John was very attentive to my getting my mortgage.
  • Consider him for all your mortgage needs.
  • John's taking the mortgage industry into the future with me right behind him.
  • John is the cream of the crop when it comes to the mortgage industry.
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Motivating others performance review phrases
  • Being self-motivated, he is able to motivate others as well.
  • He was always positive and able to assist when we had any problems.
  • This hasn't been the case at all with John.
  • He is driven and highly motivated.
  • He always motivates me for delivering the best.
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Motivational skills performance review phrases
  • John is knowledgable, motivated, and motivating.
  • I have found that him to be very motivating.
  • Talk about motivation, John was not only motivated, but his motivation was contagious.
  • John is very skilled and highly motivated.
  • His motivational skills are second to none.
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Multi-tasking performance review phrases
  • He knows how to get things done and can multi-task with great proficiency.
  • He multi-tasks very well and is very well respected in the organization.
  • I never had to think twice about anything getting done right the first time once he was on the task.
  • He is somebody who you can brief once and he gets on with the task until it is finished.
  • John went above and beyond while he was working for me, as he does in all tasks.
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Music industry performance review phrases
  • John is one of the best 'networked' people in the music industry.
  • John is one of my favorite people in the music industry.
  • The music industry is very lucky to have someone like John.
  • What ever you are trying to do in the music industry, you owe it to yourself to get training from him.
  • There are few folks that truly impress you in the music industry from the first you meet.
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Negotiation skills performance review phrases
  • Him abilities are many and have been developed through experience.
  • John really has the experience and ability to do it all.
  • I really appreciate and value your experience, expertise, and professionalism.
  • His experience and expertise is invaluable.
  • Him expertise and experience has been invaluable.
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Networking industry performance review phrases
  • He's also very well-networked in the industry and, more often that not, is the go-to guy in the office.
  • He is very supportive with networking and seems to know everyone (almost) in the industry.
  • John also has an impressive relationships network, in different and various industries.
  • He is also superlatively intimate within our industry and very well-networked.
  • He has an excellent network and is well received throughout the industry.
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Networking skills performance review phrases
  • He has effective communication and networking skills.
  • I am impressed with his communication and networking skills.
  • John has excellent communication and networking skills.
  • He has fascinating communication and collaboration skills.
  • John has good communication skills and he communicates with impact.
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Office manager performance review phrases
  • He managed the systems across all of the offices satisfactorilly.
  • John was very creative in the work he managed for our office.
  • He managed my office and kept it working efficiently.
  • He was the senior manager and my reporting officer.
  • John wore many hats from recruiting to office management to staff management.
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Operational skills performance review phrases
  • I always found him co-operative and concerning.
  • He is very much technical and co-operative.
  • John would be an asset to any operation.
  • That's what John is and how he operates.
  • John ran the operation with his leadership skills.
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Operations manager performance review phrases
  • John is a manager who seemlessly combines excellent people management with operational management.
  • I have always found him analytical & troubleshooter in operations management.
  • Collaboration with mine operations and senior managers was exceptional.
  • John knows how to manage operations with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • John is both an excellent strategist and operational manager.
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Organizational skills performance review phrases
  • He has fantastic organizational skills and leadership skills.
  • He has exceptional communication skills and organizational abilities.
  • John has outstanding organizational skills.
  • Him organizational skills were unsurpassed.
  • His organizational skills were excellent.
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Participation performance review phrases
  • He was well liked and respected by all the participants.
  • Looking forward to participate in more conferences.
  • Feedback was great from all our participants.
  • John was the perfect course participant.
  • I have participated with him in Vistage.
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Partnership performance review phrases
  • Proper partnership, that's what this is about.
  • Thank you for your continued partnership.
  • John always inspires me to be more and do more-thank you for your support and partnership.
  • Members of both organisations have been benefited through this partnership.
  • I look forward to the continued partnership that we have established.
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Patience performance review phrases
  • Thanks John for your help and your patience.
  • Thank you for being so supportive and especially for the patience that you have shown.
  • I have learned so much from him and appreciate his knowledge and patience.
  • He really has the passion, patience, and will to make things happen.
  • I am forever grateful to them for their patience and persistence.
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People management performance review phrases
  • John is an excellent manager of people and the projects we must manage.
  • He was very strong in both people management & project management.
  • He also very good at managing people, and change management.
  • John is one of the best people managers.
  • He manages people very effectively and knows how to get the best out of technical people.
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People skills performance review phrases
  • John is one of those people who does so much and still has time for people.
  • He has always been someone who goes above and beyond for his people.
  • John is someone who goes out of his way to help other people.
  • It's not the people you know, but the people they know.
  • He loves people and would like to be with people.
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Performance management performance review phrases
  • However, even with this tough ask he managed to perform well.
  • John is an astute and high performance manager.
  • I believe he is truly one of the most outstanding performers I have ever managed.
  • John is excellent at international change management and corporate performance management.
  • John, thank you for all you have done to take us to the next level of performance.
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Personal accountability performance review phrases
  • He has a selfless and inspirational personality.
  • He has been an inspiration.
  • He has boss personality.
  • He is personable and helpful.
  • He has been inspirational to me.
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Personal appearance performance review phrases
  • John was always personable and upbeat both personally and about business.
  • John is truly an exceptional person, both personally and professionally.
  • He is professional and personable and most of all an amazing person.
  • John is an amazing person both in business and personally.
  • He is amazing person personally as well as professionally.
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Personal branding performance review phrases
  • Over and above that he is a quality person.
  • John is quality person in every manner.
  • He is an excellent person with many qualities.
  • John is the best person to have especially if you're looking for some direction in your career.
  • John is willing to help everyone, if he does not have the answer, he will direct you to the right person.
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Personal goals performance review phrases
  • John is such an incredibly special person.
  • John's personality is one of the things that makes him special.
  • John is very thorough and goal oriented person.
  • John is a motivated, personable, and goal oriented person.
  • I think that every person who knows John would agree that he is truly a special person.
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Personal growth performance review phrases
  • I especially appreciate his appetite for growth, both personally and professionally.
  • John has been instrumental in my growth both professionally and personally.
  • He has helped me with growth, both personally and professionally.
  • I value him commitment to him personal and professional growth.
  • He is very enthusiastic for professional and personal growth.
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Personal relationships performance review phrases
  • Amazing personality professionally and personally.
  • Hardworking person with intelligent person.
  • He is very personable and can get along with any type of personality.
  • It's definitely affected my personal relationships.
  • John was very personable and professional in our relationship.
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Personal skills performance review phrases
  • Lastly he is very well liked and personable.
  • Works well with different personalities.
  • He is very personable and has the type of personality that you cannot help but to like.
  • John is personable and easy to get along with as he has an inviting personality.
  • He is personable, respectful and somewhat infectious in his personality.
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Personal trainer performance review phrases
  • There are many trainers, but there are very few good trainers.
  • He is always willing to help others and is very personable.
  • He is second to none when it comes to his personality.
  • John is who you want if you are looking for trainer.
  • Not only is he an all-around personality who can with well with any personality, but really strives for results.
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Personality performance review phrases
  • He is personable, intelligent, patient and even-tempered.
  • He has a wonderful personality and charisma.
  • John shines wherever he goes through him charisma and vibrant personality.
  • I also know him as a person of good temperament and cheerful personality, and as a person who is responsive and keeps his promises.
  • He has one of the best temperaments and is a thorough professional.
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Persuasion skills performance review phrases
  • He has great negotiation skills and is very persuasive.
  • He is consistent and skillful with his communication skills.
  • He is enthusiastic and him oratory skills are persuasive as well as inspirational.
  • In particular, his personality, patience and persuasion skills were outstanding.
  • He is articulate and has very good presentation and persuasive skills.
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Phone skills performance review phrases
  • But in all reality, it goes way beyond phones.
  • John is excellent in computer and phone skills.
  • He was always available to everyone by phone, even on him days off.
  • He's seen success in the field and most recently over the phone.
  • If ever he had an idea for me, he was on the phone that minute.
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Physical strength performance review phrases
  • I wish him all the best and hope his company goes from strength to strength.
  • John has many strengths that will help him in any organization.
  • I definitely recommond him if you want to see his strength.
  • I am always available to elaborate on him many strengths.
  • I suspect he has progressed from strength to strength.
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Planning performance review phrases
  • He plan every event down to the details so that events go off without a hitch.
  • John is a big-picture thinker who can easily alternate between conceptual thinking and detail orientation.
  • I can even schedule them ahead of time and it's all automated.
  • I have only known him a short time but his presence is amazing.
  • I saw him in action various times and each time I was amazed.
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Planning skills performance review phrases
  • Him planning skills are evident as he is always well prepared.
  • Amazing techniques, definitely knows how to plan ahead and stick with the plan.
  • Highlly skilled, focussed on results and with an excelent strategic and planning skills.
  • His planning skills and business analysis skills are exemplary.
  • He is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to make sure everything goes according to plan.
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PM skills performance review phrases
  • John is known for his astute professional project management and people management skills.
  • He is very organized and has excellent project management and people management skills.
  • These skills play well in both relationship management and project management roles.
  • Him time management, project management and communication skills are exceptional.
  • I would especially recommend his skills as a project manager or content manager.
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Political skills performance review phrases
  • He knew what to do and had the political skills to get them accomplished.
  • He is focused on getting things done rather than politics or positioning.
  • Has time for everyone and is always very positive and polite.
  • He is very polite and always willing to go the extra mile.
  • John got along with everyone, avoiding office politics.
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PR industry performance review phrases
  • He can help us relate to any industry and give appropriate examples.
  • John has a great grasp on the public relations industry.
  • John was my supervisor when I was still starting out in the public relations industry.
  • Him knowledge of public relations and the IT industry are tremendous.
  • John brings with him fantastic know how of the PR industry.
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PR skills performance review phrases
  • John is always in tune with the market and knows how to relate to the public.
  • John has been my greatest mentor for music publicity and public relations.
  • I would go to him first for public relations and marketing needs.
  • John provides us with hands on social and public relations.
  • John is an outstanding public relations practitioner.
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Practical skills performance review phrases
  • John is not only brilliant, but also very practical.
  • John is someone that practices what he preaches.
  • John provides the very best service practical.
  • I look forward to putting them into practice.
  • He is not only creative, but is practical.
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Presentation skills performance review phrases
  • He is very enthusiastic about the content he is presenting and the group to whom he is presenting.
  • He is also a pleasure to know personally.
  • He is eloquent and presents himself well.
  • He was both extremely organized and personable.
  • He is efficient but methodical in his approach and presentation.
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Pressure performance review phrases
  • He is low pressure and always keeps me informed.
  • He is easygoing, but gets things done, even under pressure.
  • He is very patient and never pressures.
  • Executives, and keep him cool when under pressure.
  • He takes the all the pressure and will never put too much pressure on team.
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Pride in work performance review phrases
  • John has great pride in his work and it is an honor to work with him.
  • Very pleasured to have worked with him, and have no doubt he will do well in anywhere he works.
  • I truly miss working with him, but hopefully we'll get the pleasure of working together again in the future.
  • He is a joy to work with and gives his all to his work.
  • John is pleasure to work with and is passionate about his work.
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Problem solving performance review phrases
  • Not willing to collaborate with other people to come up with solutions to problems.
  • Thank you so much John for your help and guidance in preparing my resume.
  • He is always willing to help and to find a solution to a problem.
  • Plus, who always gets to the bottom of any problem with a solution.
  • He examines a situation and makes recommendations that are the best solution for the problem.
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Process improvement performance review phrases
  • John is very proactive and always looks to make improvements in process.
  • He sees were and how processes can improve.
  • John is the master of process improvement.
  • He was always striving to make improvements in the process.
  • He is always looking for the process improvements or other benefits for the company.
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Product designer performance review phrases
  • John understands the intersection of design, product, production and consumer.
  • Not only does he know the products that are available, he knows how those products work.
  • John's course on innovation and product design is a must for entrepreneurs and designers of all kinds.
  • He is an expert in the fields of creativity, UI/UX design and product design.
  • I've seen him designs firsthand and know he provides excellent products.
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Product knowledge performance review phrases
  • John is extremely knowledgeable about his products and services.
  • He was very knowledgeable of the products and services we provided.
  • John is very competent and knowledgeable.
  • He is very knowledgeable about his products.
  • John is very knowledgable about his product.
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Product manager performance review phrases
  • John was first heading the product management thus giving the assignment for me as product program manager.
  • I recommend him for any product manager or product manager team leader role.
  • It does not surprise me that he is now doing product management.
  • He knows his product well and knows how to manage his people.
  • I certainly would recommend him as the product manager.
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Productivity performance review phrases
  • He inspired me to excel in my career path.
  • He was my classmate both at high school and at university.
  • He well know all things related to.
  • He clearly knows exactly how to rebrand an individual.
  • He will try his level best.
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Professional skills performance review phrases
  • I have always known will to be very professional.
  • John is always available and professional.
  • John is very thorough and professional.
  • Thanks so much from the professionalism.
  • John is the consummate professional and his professional skills are unsurpassed.
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Professionalism performance review phrases
  • Here's what I've observed: He is energetic and creative.
  • Him work ethic is excellent.
  • John is always professional, personable, dependable, knowledgeable, honest and determined.
  • He is a highly experienced and professional presenter.
  • He is very professional and a reliable entrepreneur.
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Programming skills performance review phrases
  • It is because of this that our program is now thriving.
  • Without him, the program would have never existed.
  • He actually inspired me to get into programming.
  • I'm sure him program will be very beneficial.
  • I especially appreciate him food program.
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Project coordinator performance review phrases
  • John is someone you wish could have on all your projects.
  • He could get things done regardless of the project.
  • He worked effectively both on him own and as the project coordinator for sometimes quite large projects.
  • Worked with him on several projects and he really brings in so much fun onto the projects.
  • He is meticulous in his approach to projects and the associated needs for the project.
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Project focus performance review phrases
  • I used to get his advise for the project planning.
  • I'm already planning my next project with him.
  • John always kept on target with the task at hand.
  • He has always been on the task of achieving his given targets.
  • Thorough planning and development tasks always observing compliance goals.
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Project management performance review phrases
  • Because of this, he is often given the hardest tasks and projects to manage.
  • John was both my project manager and my cluster manager.
  • John is very thorough in his execution of tasks.
  • He manages project operations for all projects.
  • John was the project manager for my team's projects.
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Project manager performance review phrases
  • John managed numerous projects and multiple project managers.
  • As a manager, he does very well with project management, timelines, and people management.
  • He become project manager and he was always there to help even though he was managing different account.
  • The project was successfully done thanks to his project management.
  • I have also observed the way he manages his projects and based on that would want him to manage projects for me any time.
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Public speaking performance review phrases
  • Among his many talents, is public speaking.
  • John has inspired and encouraged me through his public speaking.
  • So take it from me, speak to him, and you can be the judge.
  • You know when he speaks, he is speaking truth and grace.
  • Talk with him to see what he can do to help you with your publicity needs.
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Publishing industry performance review phrases
  • John is someone any publisher would want to have on their team.
  • John was an eager and inspiring example of what the publishing industry needs most at this time.
  • Confident, extremely knowledgeable of the workings of publishing industry.
  • John has a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the publishing industry.
  • We are friendly competitors in publishing for the craft industry.
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Punctuality performance review phrases
  • John is right to the point and punctual.
  • John is very punctual and can always be relied on when he's required.
  • He is punctual, on time, and thorough in every thing he does.
  • John and his help were courteous and extremely punctual.
  • John is always punctual and generous with his time.
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QA industry performance review phrases
  • Proficiencies and quality of work are in my mind two of his best qualities.
  • John is an industry leader and you can expect nothing but the highest quality assurance.
  • These are qualities that are important for the industry of his choice.
  • He posesses qualities that set him above others in his industry.
  • John exemplifies all of the qualities of an industry leader.
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Quality engineer performance review phrases
  • He knows how to work with engineers and get the best out of them in terms of both velocity and quality.
  • John is an exceptional quality engineering and compliance professional.
  • He communicates clearly and is passionate about quality engineering.
  • He was an intelligent engineer with strong leadership qualities.
  • If you are looking for anyone with such qualities, then you are already reading about him.
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Quality management performance review phrases
  • He has all the qualities of leadership and effective management.
  • John is one of those rare managers who stand out for their qualities.
  • This is one of the best qualities a manager can possess.
  • John has so many great qualities that make him an exceptional manager.
  • John has some qualities because of which I can say he is by far one of the best managers in the organization.
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Quality of work performance review phrases
  • He has consistently delivered a product that achieved our desired result and exceeded our expectations.
  • The very best leaders make others think they've done all the work.
  • John has delivered outstanding value and service.
  • He is extremely reliable and flexible.
  • He is hard working, organized and committed to him work.
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Questioning skills performance review phrases
  • John is always willing to help out with any questions and follows through with what he promises.
  • John isn't afraid to ask questions and never has to ask the same question twice.
  • I certainly had questions and he always went above and beyond to support.
  • He also follows-up with any questions you may have after the course.
  • He know the questions to ask, and he knows how to make things happen.
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Recruiting skills performance review phrases
  • John is very skilled professional recruiter.
  • He is exceptional in his recruiting skills.
  • I appreciate his HR and recruitment skills.
  • When it comes to recruiting and the recruiting process, there are few as knowledgeable.
  • I still consider him to be one of the best recruiters in the market.
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Recruitment industry performance review phrases
  • He goes above and beyond for him recruits.
  • John has the potential to go all the way in the recruitment industry.
  • He knows recruiting and he knows he's an industry expert.
  • John knows the recruiting industry inside and out.
  • There are many recruiters in our industry, but there is only one John.
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Recruitment specialist performance review phrases
  • This is an essential requirement for any recruitment specialist but is too often lacking.
  • He is more than just a recruiter and most definitely a specialist in him field.
  • John is a recruitment specialist who really cares about him clients.
  • He demonstrated himself as a professional recruitment specialist.
  • John was the recruiting specialist for the Information technology department.
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Relationship building performance review phrases
  • The relationship that he and I have is proof of that strategy.
  • The results he's got his clients, and the relationships he has with them are second to none.
  • He is someone whom I will call as a catalyst.
  • I recommend John to anyone that is interested in results.
  • So far the results have been outstanding.
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Relationship manager performance review phrases
  • He is very astute about how to manage relationships.
  • He knows how to cultivate and manage relationships.
  • John is excellent at managing his relationships with his clients and hiring managers.
  • He managed various teams of sales and relationship management staff.
  • I don't know what he's getting out of the relationship.
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Relationship skills performance review phrases
  • I can not say enough about how delighted we are with this relationship.
  • He always looks for how everyone can benefit from relationships.
  • He is always looking to innovate value in the relationship.
  • This can be the same both in business and relationships.
  • He made me think about my relationships in more depth.
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Reliability performance review phrases
  • He is always very reliable and definitely who you want on your team.
  • His is very reliable and always provides what he has promised.
  • He is very much reliable and sure to get back with solutions.
  • John, many thanks for all support and being reliable.
  • He never gives up and is really reliable and trustworthy.
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Reporting performance review phrases
  • John was reporting to me for this engagement.
  • He reported directly to me during this period.
  • I did not report directly to John, but those who did reported to me that he was thorough and efficient.
  • He has now reported to me for the last two years and has become my second in command.
  • John has reported to me for the last few years and it has been by pleasure.
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Research manager performance review phrases
  • John does his research and applies that research to make things happen.
  • John since then and have been following his research activities.
  • If he didn't know something, he researched and found the answers.
  • Not because he got lucky, but because he does his research.
  • John is very thorough in his research and documentation.
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Research skills performance review phrases
  • I found him thorough and independent in his research.
  • He does him research and gets to know him customer.
  • John is one of the best researchers out there.
  • He is very well informed and does his research.
  • He is extremely thorough does him research.
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Resource use performance review phrases
  • He knows how to get things done and is very resourceful and connected.
  • John has always been an useful resource to our organization.
  • Absolutely, the best outside resource we have ever employed.
  • He has the resources and he can tell you what to expect.
  • John has been very resourceful and always on the ball.
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Respect performance review phrases
  • John was very well liked and respected throughout the organization.
  • Because of this, he is well-liked and respected by his colleagues.
  • He got along well with everyone and was respected by his peers.
  • He was also very well respected and liked within the company.
  • He was also very well liked and respected by his colleagues.
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Response to criticism performance review phrases
  • John is thorough in all him responsibilities.
  • He is doing more than him responsibilities.
  • John is super responsive and responsible.
  • John has always been willing to do whatever it takes even if it is not him responsibility.
  • John has been very responsive and has always provided value for me and our customers.
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Results orientation performance review phrases
  • I have worked with him in the past on conflict work and have been very satisfied with the results he has achieved.
  • He works very well with him vendors, and works together to achieve maximum results.
  • John gets results and makes those who he works with feel good about their work and their achievements.
  • I'm looking forward to working with you on many more jobs.
  • He is goal oriented and works diligently until the job is completed.
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Resume writer performance review phrases
  • Being the writer, however, did have it's advantages.
  • I don't know how he did it, but he actually made me look forward to the challenge of re-doing my resume.
  • What they would be looking for on my resume and in me during the interview.
  • I had sent out resume after resume with absolutely on results.
  • If him resume says he has done it or can do it, believe it.
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Risk manager performance review phrases
  • John is extremely knowledgable within risk and value management.
  • He also was effective at identifying and managing risks.
  • John is the consummate risk management professional.
  • John is a 'true' risk manager not only dealing with insurance but also involved in risk management.
  • Along with this John has masses of experience in risk management and incident management.
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Sales manager performance review phrases
  • John is an exceptional sales and sales management professional.
  • John is a master at sales, sales people and sales management.
  • John has the best personality for sales or management.
  • John is both a real person and a sales manager who actually succeeded at sales before going into sales management.
  • He was respected by field sales, his sales managers, and the executive management team.
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Sales skills performance review phrases
  • If you don't keep up with this guy, you'll be left in the dust.
  • He is very good in work with requirements.
  • He's also an absolute joy to work with.
  • I had thought that I could have potentially work with him from the first moment.
  • If you want to know what a thought leader really is and does, your search stops with John.
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Security industry performance review phrases
  • He is hands down one of the best executives in the security industry.
  • John has been in icon in the security industry for many years.
  • If you need something to get secured, just let it know to John.
  • John is an out and out professional whose knowledge of the security industry is second to none.
  • John is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the security industry, inside and out.
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Security manager performance review phrases
  • He also secured management support and funding for infrastructure and security improvements.
  • John did very well getting up to speed with our authentication and managed security solutions.
  • Moreover, he was always secure in managing highly technical people.
  • I worked with him during several security management projects, including security audits.
  • John is the security manager who implement security solutions for a lot of customers.
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Self confidence performance review phrases
  • I feel confident about confiding in him and asking for advice.
  • John has given me the confidence to do well in the role.
  • I can confidently say he has all of the above and more.
  • He is confident and always willing to try new things.
  • Extremely confident of himself, and always smiling.
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Self discipline performance review phrases
  • John is self disciplined and very dedicated towards his responsibilities.
  • John's approach had always been one of empowerment and discipline.
  • People from different discipline's and environments, backgrounds.
  • He also understands and seeks out the value of other disciplines.
  • He is very ambitious and always willing to learn new disciplines.
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Selling skills performance review phrases
  • He honed my selling skills and taught me how to sell with values.
  • I look forward to more of him webinars and get some more techniques on selling without really selling.
  • He sells very well, and he'll make sure that he gives his best to his surroundings.
  • Throughout his presentation, you would think it's he is actually not selling.
  • John will never try to sell you anything that is not right for you.
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Sense of duty performance review phrases
  • Great sense of humor to go along with his sense of mission.
  • He is an individual that goes over and beyond him duty.
  • He also went above and beyond him required duties.
  • John goes above and beyond him job duties.
  • John has always gone beyond the call of duty.
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SEO skills performance review phrases
  • I will definitely consider him for future searches.
  • John build the search engine for that product.
  • John is passionate about teaching his searching methodologies via various search engines on the internet.
  • He has provided me and many others with comprehensive search engine marketing training.
  • The trick with using the internet is getting to the top of the search engines.
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Services industry performance review phrases
  • And believe me, you get more than enough value from him services.
  • I thoroughly recommend him to those who may use his services within the events industry.
  • His professionalism and knowledge of services is one of the best in the industry.
  • He provides outstanding customer service and thoroughly knows him industry.
  • I am really happy with him service, and it is unmatched in the industry.
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Sharing performance review phrases
  • Fortunately for us he is willing to share his experiences.
  • John is always willing to help and share him knowledge.
  • And most of all, he is more than willing to share it.
  • Best of all, he's willing to share it with teammates.
  • That is the most valuable of all things you share.
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Social skills performance review phrases
  • He answered my questions carefully and thoroughly.
  • He answered all of my questions, allowed me to make tweaks and did so in a timely manner.
  • He will find a way when others would have given up.
  • He is a great asset to any work environment.
  • Mix that with a great sense of humour and an ability to make you feel welcome and you'll find he is a great friend to have.
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Soft skills performance review phrases
  • The best professional with excellent leadership skills and best soft skills.
  • I highly recommend him for both his technical skills and his soft skills.
  • He is clearly skilled in the art of communication and soft-skills.
  • Besides his technical skills, John has incredible soft skills.
  • His people skills and "soft skills" have been of the highest quality.
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Software engineer performance review phrases
  • John possesses an ability to make others around him better software engineers.
  • I believe he has an excellent reputation among the software engineers.
  • He's thoroughly experienced with the software engineering process.
  • John is an outstanding software professional and engineer.
  • John is an enthusiastic and diligent software engineer.
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Software testing performance review phrases
  • He is very detail oriented and knows about all the aspects of software testing.
  • John, to me, represents hope for the future of software testing.
  • I would highly recommend him in any software testing group.
  • His software testing expertise is at the highest level.
  • I recommend John for any software testing position.
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Solution architect performance review phrases
  • He wanted to make sure that he provided the right solution for me and not simply any solution.
  • He does not accept the way things are done currently as being the best possible solution.
  • John is the one that gets the job done before anyone else can think of the solution.
  • He knows what he's doing and of course provides the best solutions to the clients.
  • John is one who is and will always be known as the person with solutions.
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Speaking industry performance review phrases
  • We thank him very much and look forward to him next speaking engagement.
  • Customers ask for him by name when they want to speak to an expert.
  • I would be willing to speak to anyone who would like more detail.
  • I look forward to seeing him speak again and again this year.
  • John's track record speaks for itself and is why he is considered one of the best in him industry.
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Speaking skills performance review phrases
  • He knows, and is known by, everyone in the speaking business.
  • John does exactly as he says on him tin so to speak.
  • John to those who want to be successful in speaking.
  • He knows when to speak, and he knows how to listen.
  • I wish him all the best in his speaking career.
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Staffing industry performance review phrases
  • He knows staffing within the tax industry inside out and is well connected.
  • He understands the staffing industry, having been in it for many years.
  • John and him company have become leaders in the staffing industry.
  • He has been instrumental in my success with the staffing industry.
  • His expertise in the staffing industry is truely second to none.
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Strategic planning performance review phrases
  • His positive energy is contagious.
  • He would be a benefit to any organization.
  • His positivity is infectious.
  • He has a very strategic brain, but also is very much a doer.
  • He will do well for any organization.
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Strategic thinking performance review phrases
  • I found him to be well prepared, strategic in his thinking.
  • John really impresses me with him strategic thinking.
  • He is both strategic and practical in his thinking.
  • John is both creative and strategic in him thinking.
  • He is strategic in his thinking and execution.
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Stress management performance review phrases
  • He handles pressure well and can commuincate up and down the management chain.
  • He is capable of handling pressure and manage the employees.
  • John is very self-managed and requires no supervision.
  • He is very good at time management and handles pressure well.
  • He needs very little supervision and always delivers under pressure.
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Supervision skills performance review phrases
  • John is a talented and inspired motivator.
  • John also coached and trained out leadership team to understand our personality differences and how to manage those in our communications and daily work.
  • He has great interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.
  • Him problem-solving skills come in handy with our department's tight project deadlines.
  • John is a decisive, accessible leader.
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Talent management performance review phrases
  • John has always been successful because of his relationship management skills, ability to manage diverse teams, and overall strategic ability.
  • John has critical business management and administration skills.
  • Highly talented himself, he can manage talent beautifully.
  • John is unique in his talent, and senior management ability.
  • I was particularly impressed by his management skills and his potential ability to manage even the toughest clients.
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Talent manager performance review phrases
  • John understands this because he is just as talented as any one of the individuals he manages.
  • I think he is not only outstanding manager but one of the most talented persons.
  • He knows how to identify talent and manage the talent to maximize results.
  • He managed me in a way that made me push myself to better my talents.
  • John was and is an inspirational, personable and talented manager.
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Teaching skills performance review phrases
  • Him teaching style is one that everyone who teaches others should posses.
  • John is always willing to help teach you something worthwhile.
  • He went out of his way to teach more then just plumbing.
  • Always willing to help and teach, despite the distance.
  • And then he will probably teach others how to do it.
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Teamwork performance review phrases
  • He manages relationships with coworkers in a professional manner.
  • John is a good team member. He is very cooperative and helpful in times of need.
  • Does not listen to what other team members have to say and always interrupts when they are talking.
  • He does not actively cooperate with others.
  • John pays such strong attention to his own tasks that he does not consider the needs of his teammates.
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Technical skills performance review phrases
  • He's an outstanding software engineer with rich experience.
  • He understands what is needed and is able to clearly communicate how best to get there.
  • He has a good understanding of SCRUM methodology and business processes.
  • He is known for his technical skills and leadership skills.
  • He has many skills as a professional.
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Technology skills performance review phrases
  • He really knows him stuff when it comes to technology.
  • Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to technology.
  • John is very much aware of the new technologies.
  • John makes everything happen with the technology.
  • He is very knowledgeable about new technology.
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Test engineer performance review phrases
  • John understands what engineers want and he accommodates engineers' needs very well.
  • He did this not just with engineering, but with the whole company.
  • He is very approachable and he looks out for his engineers.
  • John is much more than being just an excellent engineer.
  • John is also not to be underestimated as an engineer.
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Testing skills performance review phrases
  • He has strong testing and analytical skills.
  • His security testing skills are perfect.
  • Give him a tried and tested way of doing things that everyone uses, and he will come up with something new - and better.
  • Him training was always followed up with further learning and testing.
  • He was through and pragmatic in his testing of new functionality.
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Thinking skills performance review phrases
  • He is always thinking about how he can help, instead of how he can be helped.
  • He thinks nothing of going above and beyond to make something successful.
  • He's always trying something new and thinking through the implications.
  • He knows what to do and when to do it, he thinks outside the box.
  • Friendly and always thinking on how you can do something better.
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Time management performance review phrases
  • When it comes to dealing with quality, he was very meticulous, had very good time management skills and professional attitude.
  • It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with him on a variety of projects that called for creativity, diligence and tight time management.
  • He is always on the ball and he has great time management juggling all the different things that he does.
  • He always delivered on time, had great ideas and fantastic communication throughout.
  • John is committed, on time and diligent about him tasks.
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Training industry performance review phrases
  • John always provides the best training possible for his clients.
  • His training provided value that is far beyond our expectations.
  • He was always there to train everyone with him capabilities.
  • I can recommend him to all of you in need for training.
  • I would recommend him to others for this training.
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Training skills performance review phrases
  • I recently got a chance to attend John's learning sessions and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • He was very diligent in preparing for the class, working with his classmates on course preparation and actively participating in class discussions.
  • John is very patient with teaching computer skills.
  • I have taken John's training and the value has been amazing.
  • John is helpful, professional and knowledgeable.
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Travel industry performance review phrases
  • John is very dedicated to the travel industry and him clients.
  • We will definitely have him back if he will travel this far again.
  • His expertise in the travel industry can only be matched by his attentiveness to the travelling needs of my company.
  • Thanks for helping us think outside the box to deliver more value to the travel industry.
  • John is one of the most talented and driven professionals in the travel industry.
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Unsupervised work performance review phrases
  • He worked with me individually and always made himself available to help me become better prepared to land the next job.
  • John is a pleasant and hard working individual to work with and respectful of individuals.
  • John is always willing to help others and works well individually and in groups.
  • My pleasure to have worked with such an individual.
  • Great individual to work with and made things very enjoyable.
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Urgency performance review phrases
  • He has many stakeholders to keep happy, each with their own unique sense of urgency.
  • He combines this with great professionalism and sense of urgency which made him extremely successful in his roles.
  • He is a great recruiter with the ability to pick things up quickly with an innate sense of urgency.
  • John's professionalism and sense of urgency in providing needed info made my work so much easier and it's always a pleasure to work with him.
  • I have seen him present at many conferences and I have walked away from each session with a renewed sense of urgency and a take-away that I could implement in my business straight away.
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UX designer performance review phrases
  • We partnered to design assessments for several instructional design projects.
  • He is an outstanding designer and has a great ability to translate the client's design requirments and brief into the end design.
  • John helped design our webpage and we've been very pleased with both the design and him team's on-going service.
  • John has a comprehensive knowledge of the many aspects of design and design verification.
  • This make him both a world-class ux designer - and a great design leader.
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Verbal communication performance review phrases
  • John goes above and beyond when working with others in the community.
  • What's more, he is talented for verbal and written communications.
  • He has that unique combination of being able to get at what you want to communicate both in written and verbal communications.
  • His subtle and soft communication always makes him approachable and communicative.
  • He always made himself available to communicate with despite us working together across different timezones.
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Virtual assistant performance review phrases
  • Not only that he makes himself readily available when someone need his assistance.
  • John actually goes out of his way to help and assist to the best of his ability.
  • Thanks so much for being you and for doing what you do to assist others in need.
  • Should any one around him need assistance he is the first one to come forward.
  • John would always make him self available to all who required his assistance.
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Visionary skills performance review phrases
  • I endorse him especially his visionary and innovation skills.
  • Focused, visionary, and ever willing to push him self to the next level.
  • At all times he was not just inspiring but also very visionary.
  • John is a visionary who actually makes things happen.
  • John is an all-around fantastic leader and visionary.
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Visual designer performance review phrases
  • John has a very thorough understanding of how design decisions affect the user at all levels, from interaction design to visual design.
  • John is a creative and personable designer who adds value well beyond simple visual design.
  • John can bringing good visual design and service design insights to any team.
  • He is an excellent UX/UI designer and always finds the right balance between ease-of-use and visual design.
  • John is an outstanding designer, who creates visuals that really come to life.
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Web designer performance review phrases
  • He also does much more than graphic and web design.
  • He is a very talented designer for both web and print design.
  • He has good knowledge of design for web, user experience design and responsive design principles.
  • John is a creative designer, who does not limit himself to web design if need be.
  • I recommend him for user interface design and web design without hesitation.
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Work attitude performance review phrases
  • Carries a productive attitude that does not change even in unpleasant situations.
  • Seeks to do the more challenging tasks and does them well.
  • Always has conflict with the management that needs to be resolved.
  • John fails to maintain his normally positive attitude in stressful situations and often resorts to inappropriate tone and language.
  • He is somewhat pessimistic and his moods affect other employees.
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Work skills performance review phrases
  • He is committed to him work and to those he does work for and uses no excuses.
  • He knows computers and understands how they work and what makes them not work.
  • Will work until the project is done and does not do second hand work.
  • He's very hard working and committed to his work.
  • He is 100% committed to his work and goes well to make things work.
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Working together performance review phrases
  • John doesn't just talk about the work, he does it, and further, he can tell you why it worked.
  • Glad to have worked with him, and looking forward to work with him in the near future.
  • People working with him would like to work more as he always keeps them motivated.
  • I enjoyed our work together and look forward to working with him again and again.
  • John adds value to those who work with him, for him and those for whom he works.
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Writing skills performance review phrases
  • John's skills go beyond clever writing.
  • John writes with him soul and you can notice that from any of him writings.
  • He writes from the heart as if he has lived everything he is writing.
  • I like writing but this creative writing was very new to me.
  • Whatever he writes will always be found on my bookshelf.
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Written communications performance review phrases
  • I'd almost say they over-communicated, but that's not really possible in this scenario.
  • John know what he needs to have done and communicates it clearly and concisely.
  • He also does what he says he is going to do and is excellent at communication.
  • But not only that, he is very good indeed at what he does - communication.
  • He communicates very well both one-on-one and throughout an organization.
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