Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Accountability Examples Performance Review Phrases
It's the only way that makes any sense to me. It was by all accounts the best conference we have ever had. He makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you to do your best. He is affable, genuine, and accountable.
It was great to have him on the team. He has been very helpful and I feel I owe him. He's very good and also very reasonably priced. I would have to hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a good accountant.
Adaptability Examples Performance Review Phrases
Gets overwhelmed when multi-tasking. Rarely helps other colleagues to accomplish tasks that require meeting deadlines. Adapts well to small changes, but struggles when there is a larger issue that affects the whole office or department. With his abilities, adaptability and dedication, John will make a great addition to any team, and they would be lucky to have him.
John is a great blend of search, strategy, management and adaptability. He is very enthusiastic and goes to any extent to meet the objectives constructively. He's very approachable and welcoming. He is prompt and responsive as well as savvy in technology and emerging trends.
Advising Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is very approachable and always willing to help and advise. John has always been willing to help and advise when asked. If you need some advise or something done he is your man. John was one of the advisers on my dissertation.
John has advised me on several occasions. He's always willing to help / advise and will go out of his way to make sure the right thing is done, or at the very least all options are on the table. He was also very interactive and approachable, you can always go to him for advise. John is truly an adviser when it comes to getting the best policy for my needs.
Ambition Examples Performance Review Phrases
John's energy and enthusiasm were very welcome as we moved forward with initiatives. He doesn't seem to ever lose energy, enthusiasm, or passion. Found him always full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. I also appreciate his energy and enthusiasm.
Massive amounts of energy and enthusiasm. He was passionate about his topic and delivered it with energy and enthusiasm. Him energy and enthusiasm are so impressive. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious.
Analysis Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is thorough in his analysis and always gives his all for the client. Thank you for your thorough assessment and analysis. Quantitative analysis is one of him strengths. The analysis given by him was so accurate.
John has strong analysis and implementation skills. He has great technical and analysis skills. Not only did he get the data, he also provided him insights and analysis. I appreciate the way he does the root cause analysis for any issue.
Analytical Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John also had excellent analytical skills as well as an ability to look at the whole picture in order to find the best solutions. John is a goal-oriented sales professional with very strong communication, planning, requirements management and analytical skills. He displayed well developed planning and analytical skills, with an eye for details. His strong analytical skills enable him to quickly understand and adapt to business needs.
John's intelligence, analytical skills and mentoring ability are all the right ingredients to be an effective leader. The process is less painful because of John. John is very detailed and results driven. John is very thorough and detail-oriented.
Artistic Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is both creative and skillful artist. He knows him music and he cares about him artists. His music skills are great and he's also really efficient. If you are looking for an artist, look no further.
He's thorough, artistic, and well-organized. Words are not enough, but his music says it all. John is more of an artist at what he does than anything else. John is an amazing artist and a very skillful animator.
Assertive Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is also articulate, confident and assertive. John is confident, firm and decisive. We're all much better off because of his decision. John makes decisions with confidence and direction.
He has confidence in what he does because he is one of the best in the world. John is like the confidant you always wanted. We were confident we would be successful. He is also very confident and forward-looking.
Attendance Examples Performance Review Phrases
We managed to not only meet success, but also reach tight deadlines and localisation challenges. He worked to ensure that our issues were resolved in a timely manor and with a high level of quality. In this short time, I have been impressed with his unparalleled level of professionalism and commitment. I consider the time and money spent an excellent investment.
We only worked with each other for a year or so, but I look forward to the day when we do it again. I have never met someone more passionate about their work. I have had the good fortune of working with and around John for nearly 10 years. I have worked with John for almost for two year.
Attention To Details Examples Performance Review Phrases
Open-minded and pays attention to detail. Very thorough with test plan and strategies with attention to details. Meticulous attention to detail and pre-planning is how he does it. John's attention to detail was of considerable value to the project.
He attentiveness and attention to detail make him an excellent lender. He is very attentive and pays close attention to details. He also follows up to make sure that everything went according to plan. His attention to details is second to none.
Attitude Examples Performance Review Phrases
He possesses an outstanding capacity to deal with difficult challenges and volatile situations in a calm and sensitive manner. From my experience it have been a real pleasure to work with John. His enthusiastic and positive attitude is much appreciated and helpful. He is highly professional with an accuracy and precision that will take you to the next level.
John is a thorough professional and a helpful person. His customer focus and charisma separate him from the masses. I have never seen a person with such enthusiasm even when the task is perceived by most people as daunting. John is a cheerful, hardworking and a delight to work alongside.
Branding Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
More so, he can help you brand your self for sellability. Big brands, little, and all of those in between. John is also very talented with branding. John is one of the strongest brands in the accounting industry.
He definitely knows what he's talking when it comes to marketing or branding. Reach out to him if you are in need of focusing and growing your brand. John is his own brand which is both unique and unforgettable. He can do anything for branding and promotion of products.
Broker Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is definitely one of my strongest brokers. I really appreciate his bankers and financial insights. I would definitely recommend him to become your agent. John will always be my insurance agent.
He wasn't just our agent, he is our friend. John is an extremely conscientious and highly skilled agent. It is a must for any broker, not just those new to the industry. He was not the first broker with whom I had spoken.
Business Consultant Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has both consulting and business experience with makes him an effective business leader. He has phenomenal business acumen and can consult with any business at any level. John was retained as a business consultant for our non-profit business. He thought me how to work on business and not in business.
John business would not be where it is today without him consultation. John is one of the best consultants available in wind business. John really knows all aspects of the consulting business. His business consultations are always enlightening.
Business Development Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is an excellent business development manager who teams well across all business lines and always looks for new ways to develop and strengthen the business relationship. He is an experienced sales manager and business development manager. We learned he was best in the business when it came to business development. John is particularly knowledgeable in website development, as well as prospect and business development management.
John knows and owns business development management. He has managed transitioning, customer relationship management, business development, program & account management. He is completely focused on whatever he managers whether it is business development or project management. He is very adept at developing and sustaining business relationships, joint business development and growing the business with partners.
Business Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is one of the best business minds in the industry. Here we go again, another business coach who wants to tell me how to run my business. Fionn has challenged me to focus on the business, not in the business. John is the best business coach in the business.
John knows really well his business and is very responsive. John is very professional and truly knows his business. He knows his business and knows how to delivery. John is really professional in his business.
Business Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is very knowledgeable about the business and my needs within the business. Moving forward not only his business but all other parts of the business. I appreciate his help and wish him all the best with his business. He'll go above and beyond and do what's right for the business.
He knows his business and is passionate about his business. John is passionate about his business and your business. He knows the business and the people in the business. Hang around him, and you're sure to get new business.
Business Trend Awareness Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is always working hard to contribute to the world around him. He is the best in his field and serves as one on my best "business tools". Jared is one of the best business analyst I have had the pleasure of working with. He's certainly one of the brightest and most hard-working individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.
He is always willing to go above and beyond without questions. He encouraged me to not only expand my business, but also my business thinking. He is devoted and hard working. He is passionate about the business of business and has an unbelievable knack for bringing business and technology together.
Campaign Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
The way he managed and still manages everything is remarkable. I was empowered by him to manage the way we had to manage. John manages teams the way he would like to be managed. His management style worked well for those he managed as well as his peers and managers.
He has taught me more about management than any other manager has ever done in the past. The best part about being his manager was that he required very little managing. John is one of those rare managers that know both how to manage and to lead. John's management style is one that should be desired by all managers.
Care For Workplace Examples Performance Review Phrases
He cares and he does his best to get everyone else to care too. I cannot say it better than to tell you that he is conscientious as well as caring. He has always gone out of his way to make sure everything is taken care of. Take care of your employees and they will take care of you.
John cares not only about him business he really cares about him clients. He made sure his troops were taken care of before taking care of himself. He not only cares about your company, but he cares about you. He takes care of whatever needs to be taken care of.
Career Coach Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is an expert coach in so many aspects, not just career coaching. He has been a career coaching professional for many years, and is truly a coach's coach. John has also provided some career coaching that's been beneficial. John has been my career coach for the last several months.
John's coaching had an immediate effect on my career. I am very grateful to have him has my career coach. John is one of the most gifted coaches in the career and life coaching field. I recently went through a career transition in which, John was my career coach.
Careers Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
I can see him going really far in his career. I wish him the very best for his career. More importantly, he gets you to think about where you want to go and what you want to do in your next career. Working with him was one of the best things that had ever happened to my career.
I look forward to collaborating with him again throughout our careers. He taught us many things that we will take with us in our careers. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next in his career. I am sure he will do very well in him career with these traits.
Caring Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He makes sure that you are well taken care of, especially looking after yourself and your self esteem. John will go above and beyond to make sure that his responsibilities are taken care. When he says he'll take care of something, you don't have to think about it again. He cares, really cares about helping you with what you need at any given time.
You don't have to go it alone, he is some who cares and is there for you. He is always there when you need him and really cares about his clients. If he said he'd take care of something, you could consider it done. One of the best thing is he really cares about all of him students.
Client Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
John also cares about him clients and manages well client relationships. John cared about each client like they were the only one he managed. He is an organized manager who comes through for him clients. As my manager he was able to manage not only my expectations but the expectations of our many clients.
John manages the offshore/on-site client management for us too. Nevertheless, John was a great at managing the client and managing client expectations. He is also goes beyond just getting to know the client's desires and gets to know the clients. Him client's best interest come first and always does what is right for him clients.
Coaching Others Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has helped me in many ways. He is always looking for ways he can help you. It is truly a gift to have John as a coach. He was always willing to take feedback and liked being coached.
We expect substantial growth on both the top and bottom line. He is one the very best in the game. He is always on the top of him game. He is very proactive that way.
Collaboration Examples Performance Review Phrases
John would be a key asset to any company he starts or works at. I've witnessed many team members coming to him for advice, and he always found a word of inspiration and desire to keep working as a team. John is an inspirational and positive person who can unite employees into a friendly and productive team. John is a great addition to any network, team or business solution.
I have only positive thoughts about cooperation with John. He works and communicates well with all levels of personnel creating an effective focused team to tackle the assigned project. John is a very organized experienced manager. John is a very organized and committed professional.
Commitment Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is very thorough and always follows-thru on his commitments. He really follows through on his commitments. He follows through with him commitments. He was someone that could always be counted on, as he always came through on his commitments.
When he commits to something, he gets on with it, gives it his best and delivers. He always follows through on him commitments and makes sure others do the same. Furthermore he always, always followed up and delivered on him commitments. He always kept us well informed and followed through on his commitments.
Communication Examples Performance Review Phrases
I recommend John to anyone looking for a proven leader who listens as much as he suggests. I have been working with John for a little under a year and he has been a pleasure to have as a client. John is very knowledgeable when it comes to public speaking, especially using public speaking as a marketing tool. He communicates well and often.
I learned a great deal from John about the environment and how to find answers to my questions. He is one of the most knowledgeable and up-to-date person I have come across with. It's a pleasure to interact with him over the years. He went out of his way to be a speaker on our panel and share his knowledge.
Completing Work Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is very focused of his work and worked until it was complete. Hard working and ensures the work is completed. I would work with him where ever he worked. He will work until it is done and completed.
If you want to work instead of looking for work, John will put you to work. I've never had any concerns about his work, his quality of work, or whether it'll get completed. I'm very appreciate of his work with us, and would work with him again without hesitation. I have worked with him in past and would look forward to work with him in future.
Concentration Examples Performance Review Phrases
Listening to John is like having a concentrated vitamin. He gos out of his way to understand the issues and concentrates on what the value of his solution is for his client's business. Willing to work with business analysts, not just concentrating on technical development problems, focusing on quality issues. He was always careful to spell out the implications of decisions about what he should concentrate him testing on.
John is a wonderful team member who focuses on objectives with laser concentration. John is very communicative and always ready to help in the situations that needed his attention on the projects. He was always a pleasure to work with, reliable, attentive and never less than enthusiastic and fully engaged in the task at hand. John really captures the attention of the room and builds a friendly rapport with the listeners before his presentation even begins.
Consistency Examples Performance Review Phrases
John are that he is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. He is reliable, responsible, and consistent. He was always reliable and consistent in all of our interactions. Fair, reliable, consistent and very organised.
He is not only the best, but he is also the most reliable. And he's not just very reliable, he's 100% reliable. He was flexible, reliable, and very speedy. John is consistent and reliable in all that he does.
Consulting Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is really good at what he does and has always been there for all the consultants. He was always available to consult and would help everyone who asked. He was always available for consultation and was quite supportive. John was always available for questions and consultations.
I did so after much research and consultation. The course taught me so much about consulting. He is very supportive of each consultant. He is always readey to help and consult.
Consulting Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has good networking skills and negotiation skills. He truly had the skill to influence and negotiate. And his negotiation skills are among the best. Last but not the least, very good negotiation skills.
A very competent and professional consultant. One of him greatest attributes is him ability to negotiate. His overall consulting skills are solid. One of the strongest abilities he have are definitely negotiation skills and interpersonal communication.
Conversation Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is always willing to help and brings value to every conversation. Although we have had brief conversations, there were of impact. All of my conversations with him were very productive. I truly appreciate all he adds to the conversation.
He will be missed in these conversations. I have also had conversations with John. He is thorough, makes sure to include everyone in every conversation and is nonjudgmental. The fluidness of our conversation seemed as if we had known each other for years.
Cooperation Examples Performance Review Phrases
I look forward to cooperating with him on our ventures. I definitely would like to cooperate with him again. Glad to meet you, believe in further cooperation. I cooperated with him in different conferences.
He was so cooperative with his colleagues. John has been repsonsive and cooperative. I liked very much to cooperate with John. This is probably why him clients always want to cooperate with him back again.
Cooperation With Colleagues Examples Performance Review Phrases
I am proud to call myself him student. I got to know him very well and respect him greatly. I know that I will be asking for his help again at some point in the future. I have enjoyed the cooperation and working with him.
It's been awhile since I worked with him and I miss him. I hope I can work with him at some point in future. I know work will get done and I will have fun. I would definitely call upon him again for assistance.
Corporate Recruiter Examples Performance Review Phrases
John was an excellent recruiter and we were sorry to lose him to the world of corporate recruiting. John was our most progressive recruiter that we had in our recruiting group. John is the kind of recruiter you wish all recruiters were like. This is a recruiter truly understands recruiting.
I would certainly use John again if I was looking to recruit or be recruited. Anybody looking to recruit or be recruited in marketing couldn't ask for any more but ask for John. John one of the most professional corporate recruiters with whom we have worked. He is always there if you need any kind of help regarding recruitment.
Creative Director Examples Performance Review Phrases
He's exactly what every creative director should be. I promoted him as a creative director because he was the best art director at the agency. I would recommend John heartily to anyone who needs an art director or creative director. John is an exceptional creative director, but he's much more than that.
John is an amazingly organized and creative director. John has all the qualities you want in a creative director. He led new area directors in training and launching our new directors. I recommend him highly and wish he were still the creative director for our new owners.
Creative Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John's creative skills are second to none. He is so much so that the only trouble you would have with him is trying to contain that creativity. John is always asking how can one make things better, more effective and more creative. John really know what he is talking about when it comes to creativity.
He truly knows how to get everyone involved and is very creative. John is very creative and he knows how to get you noticed. And he does that in the most creative way you can imagine. I wish we could have used him for more creative ventures.
Creativity Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has been a source of inspiration in many ways for me and many others in the team. With him insight we were able to work alongside him and help relay him ideas that were creative and innovative. He is bright, innovative and dependable. John bought some refreshing, unique and innovative ways of thinking.
He's able to come up with great ideas, invent something non-trivial. John is a very creative person when it comes to problem solving and often thinks outside the box to get to a solution. He is resourceful, responsive and always has fresh ideas and offers alternative perspectives to solving problems and implementing change. A brilliant resource with a positive and forward thinking mindset.
Critical Thinking Examples Performance Review Phrases
Quickly analyzes the pros and cons of any solution before deciding what is the most effective way to resolve a problem. Uses strategic approachability and skill when it comes to solving issues. Never considers potential changes in circumstances when making decisions. His decision making process is too hurried.
John is a unique combination of great attitude and energy coupled with critical thinking and focus on outcomes. He displays critical thinking skills and a solid desire to improve situations with an enthusiastic mindset. John is a critical thinking, technically savy professional capable of extracting important decison making details from conversations and information exchanges. Always responsive and helpful in getting the desired results.
Customer Focus Examples Performance Review Phrases
Works well with customers in meeting their needs and solving their problems. He is good at keeping customers happy. Focuses on the needs of customers, which makes it easy to meet their needs effectively. Makes an extra effort to keep customers accurately informed.
His customers always give him low marks in the customer satisfaction surveys. John has been a great client to deal with. Highly professional, extremely detailed and great quality. John was focused on the customer, intent on providing and ensuring a quality experience throughout the customer life-cycle process.
Customer Satisfaction Examples Performance Review Phrases
John knows more about social media than just about anyone in the business. He kept the client satification rating in good shape. Him attention to details, performance and customer satisfaction is extensive. He is good at what he does and is also flexible when working with busy clients.
He is truly passionate about the well being of others and providing exceptional customer service. Customer service and going the extra mile are very important attributes for John. John is one of the few people out there that really understand how to use social media in business. He has a keen eye for relationship building, client service and customer satisfaction.
Customer Service Examples Performance Review Phrases
He always provided clients with best possible service. John provided excellent customer service to our clients. John has provided services for our clients. John provides exceptional customer service to his clients.
He made sure his customers got the very best of service. John assisted several of my clients with terrific service. Excellent customer service and provides the best package for my clients. I was his customer, and he provided outstanding customer service.
Database Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
Him knowledge of database architecture and management is unmatched. As such, he makes an excellent program manager. John is an exceptional program manager. John is the best there is when it comes to database marketing.
John knows how to manage and effectively use all of his resources. To him, you are not just a resource he is managing. John was my resource manager and one of the best. He manages his resources very effectively.
Deadlines Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has always been able to meet strict deadlines and has also been able to find the solutions to work related issues effectively and proactively. He was always very prompt with work and never missing a deadline. John and his colleagues always worked hard to meet very tight deadlines. He was well accepted across a broad range of customers and distributors and operated with a smile at all times even when facing impossible deadlines and pressures of a 24/7 business.
We have put John through the ringer (a number of times) with deadlines, budgets, and creativity; he consistently achieves or beats them. He meets deadlines and communicates regularly making any producer or project manager's job a dream. He is eager to venture into unfamiliar technologies and is always willing to put in extra efforts to meet the application team deadlines. I have always appreciated John for being cool-headed even under tight deadlines, applying very professional approach to solving project issues, handling deadlines and priorities.
Dealing With Difficult People Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is also an excellent negotiator and communicator. John is also an excellent communicator and negotiator. John is brilliant with communications and negotiations. He seems ever-willing to take on new challenges, and he's someone who knows how to get the best out of people.
John has on several handled difficult negotiating with my clients for collections. What makes him different is that the way he communicates always motivates people. Not only that, he knows how to help people become better communicators themselves. John knows people and is an effective communicator.
Decision Making Examples Performance Review Phrases
Allows others to be critical about ideas and suggests solutions to expand an idea. Supports others proposals, during a decision-making process, and tries to find ways to make them work. Relies on past experiences and expected results. He is afraid of making decisions due to the fear that he might makes a mistake.
Keep up the good work, and we'll work again in the future. John is a very intelligent and driven individual. Excellent communicator with hands on experience. Having the ability to make the right changes the first time in a new company only comes with experience and expertise.
Dedication Examples Performance Review Phrases
He was always very dedicated and went above and beyond in everything he did. He is very dedicated and often goes above and beyond what is expected. John is very dedicated to doing the right thing in all matters. Without his dedication to the cause we would not have succeeded.
He was dedicated and was always willing to help out others. I have never seen anyone more dedicated to his profession. John dedicated him whole being to this transformation. He was and still is very dedicated and always reliable.
Delivery Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
This comes through in their delivery and results. John is someone who is always delivery focused. He always gives first time right delivery. In particular, he is very skilled in workshop development and delivery.
John always focused on the delivery, never compromised on the quality of delivery. He is consistent in his delivery and knows when to ask the right questions. He was not only diligent but also thorough in his analysis and delivery. Fulfils commitments and will not promise what he cannot delivery.
Dependability Examples Performance Review Phrases
You can rely on him even when task is difficult. He achieved trust and respect of both client and colleagues very soon. Any task or project assigned to him has been managed with perfection. We sometimes work under deadline and have to juggle multiple projects.
It was an absolute pleasure working with him. I am confident he can achieve anything he sets him mind to, due to him amazing personality and him professional experience. John is a very responsible person with a high level of compromise. He is a very conscientious, reliable and patient person who has a great can-do attitude.
Design Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is definitely one of the best of best designers in the generation. John is perhaps best described as an analytical designer. John was always given the more dificult designs. John is one of the go-to designers in our group.
He also had taste when it came to design. John is definitely more than a designer. John's vision and design skills allow him to operate as both designer and architect. John's design skills exceed your average designer in every way.
Determination Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is always determined to get things done and always succeed. I found him to be very professional, thorough and determined. John could only be described as determined to succeed. He is determined to be and do him best at all times.
Nothing stands in the way of his determination. I'm really impressed by him determination. He is determined, thorough and persistent. His will and determination is indomitable.
Development Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is always willing to help, especially guiding new developers. He is always looking for feedback to help him further develop. He always makes himself available to help develop others. He was an example and inspiration for other developers.
He did that in several areas of my development. He always looking for developing innovations. John is an extremely thorough developer. He encouraged me in my own development.
Documentation Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
It has never been so well organized and so well documented. His documentation and presentation skills are exceptional. His documentation skills are extremely good. John is well organized and not to mention keeps everything well documented.
Him documentation was first class and always very informative. His documentation during an assignment is also first class. John was valuable in getting that knowledge documented. John prides himself on documentation and organization.
Driving Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
I look forward to seeing this drive throughout his career. It actually makes me look forward to making the drive. He has the drive to see these through to fruition. Also, he has the necessary drive for achievement.
Connect with him and drive some new revs. His skill goes above and beyond matching skills. John is particularly skilled at driving execution and getting things done. John gives you the skills you need to do it right the first time.
Effort Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is truly one who is not out for himself only, but what he can help contribute to your own efforts. When he does, he puts in his best effort, and his best effort is really good. I don't think either of these would have happened without his efforts. He also went out of his way to help us with our marketing efforts.
He is thorough in all of him efforts as well as thoughtful. I truly appreciate his efforts and thanks him for the same. He truly went above and beyond in his efforts to help me. Finally, he has got something we can effort, thanks.
Emotional Intelligence Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is very intelligent, tenacious and displays emotional intelligence and drive. This recommendation is for those, who consider themselves intelligent. He is very in tune to the dynamics of emotional intelligence. His emotional intelligence distinguishes him from his peers.
Trustworthy, kind, and full of emotional intelligence. I have always known him to be honest and intelligent. John has always impressed me with his intelligence. I have found him to be very honest and intelligent.
Engagement Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is also equally engaging during his one to one consulting engagements. And he brings value to everything he does and everyone he engages. I was privileged to have him in many of my past engagements. John always did his homework and kept everyone engaged.
I wish him all the very best for future engagements. Candidates always liked to engaged with him closely. I look forward to engaging him again in the future. I found him to be very knowledgable and engaging.
Engineering Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
I can't recommend him enough for any other engineers. I wish him all the best in his engineering career. John has always being an exceptional engineer. One of the best engineers in our industry.
John was the first engineer at our company. His communication skills with the engineers were remarkable. His writing skills are above most engineers' ability. John is skilled and highly intelligent engineer.
Entertainment Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
And he's entertaining too - what more could you ask for. You'll definitely be both entertained and educated. John is both entertaining and inspirational. It was as entertaining as it was insightful.
These attributes are something to be proud of in the entertainment industry. John knows the mobile entertainment industry very well. Highly entertaining, and of course very interesting and useful for my own projects. John keeps things very simple and he's always entertaining to be around.
Enthusiasm Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has an enthusiasm in everything he does which is infectious. And he does it all with all the enthusiasm one can gather. His enthusiasm is second to none and it is contagious. And him enthusiasm for what he does is next level.
He motivates all around him with his enthusiasm. He did this with enthusiasm and professionalism. John's enthusiasm is most certainly insipiring. Great to see the enthusiasm he had in his job.
Entrepreneurial Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is in an incredibly competent business person. John is very thorough, active, and competent. John is a very skilled and competent IT person. He is a great person and has excellent personal skills.
John is person with good personal skills plus he has very good learning skills. John is the ultimate go-to person when you need to find another business person. Great personality and great all around person to do business with. John is very enthusiastic and competent person.
Ethics Examples Performance Review Phrases
He consistently rises above my expectations and It is an absolute pleasure to do business with him. He's very professional and the work he and the rest of the team do for their partners is extremely good. His insightfulness and integrity has helped me tap into making better business decisions. John displays a great work ethic and passion for him job.
Will never forget him asking me difficult questions in his office and at his staff meetings. You have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in business. Best in the business with a superb sense of professionalism. John is someone who has demonstrated absolute mastery in digital business.
Events Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is thorough with his preparations for such events. We will be glad to see him again in one of his events. I am looking forward to attending the next event. You will be glad you have him for your events.
A must have at your next conference or event. He brings all of this and more to any event. This event is our biggest fundraising event. John really knows how to produce an event.
Execution Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John always gets what the client is looking for and knows how to execute. There are smart executives and then there are wise executives. I recommend him to other executives looking for talent in executive leadership. He got along well with the executives and his peers.
Following that, his execution was first class. Additionally, he can execute upon that vision. John was one of our most effective executives. John knows how to execute on such aspiration.
Executive Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has excellent analytical skills and execution skills. John's executive and management capabilities and skills are excellent. John has taken these skills to leadership positions as executive director. Also he demonstrated perfect management skills as my chief.
John is highly skilled at program management strategies and execution. Him management and organization skills allow him execute with both efficiency and efficacy. John is an incredible boss and manager. He manages team very well he has excellent management and presentation skills.
Facilitation Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John was one of our facilitators and by far the best. He is one of our most requested facilitators. He is very flexible in his facilitation. I have found his persistence and facilitation skills to be exceptional.
John is skilled at facilitation services and training. His facilitation skills are of the highest order. John is a very skilled muscian and facilitator. A learning facilitator with innate skills.
Flexibility Examples Performance Review Phrases
John was always ready and willing to do what ever it takes get the job done with the admirable quality of always doing so with excellence in mind. He's not afraid to put in the extra hours required to prepare for a meeting or respond to a client's request. He works very hard at providing for everyone's needs. He can find solutions that others can't and his focus is always authentically on his clients needs.
John gets brands and, even more importantly, how brands can create the most amazing relationships with consumers by developing effective marketing activity. John is a very extraordinary person, with quite an unusual creative approach to its work. An innovative individual when it comes to brain storming ideas. John is a very skilled business development and marketer in the gaming business, especially in the mobile space.
Follow Directions Examples Performance Review Phrases
His follow-through and follow-up are legendary. He is some one you need to know and follow. He is someone who will tell you like it is and also help guide you in the right direction. He has been able to direct me in different directions when it has come to emarketing.
He is self directed and self motivated and needs a very little direction. You can look forward to him for direction and he will not let you down. He is very thorough and makes sure that the processes are followed. John would always follow through and go above and beyond possible.
Following Instructions Examples Performance Review Phrases
Outstanding instruction and outstanding advice. It is demanding of others but also demands of himself. I could not have known what to look for with out him advice. John is detailed and thorough in his direction and advice.
John demands discipline and professionalism from his team. John is my go-to for advice and direction for marketing matters. John's advice is direct, insightful and actionable. I strongly believe in his direction, advice and guidance.
Friendship Examples Performance Review Phrases
John thank you for your, advice, help and friendship. I appreciate his, spirituality and friendship. I value his friendship and his leadership. Thank you for your invaluable friendship.
To this end, he earned both friendships and from amongst his colleagues. He will not disappoint, and you will come to value his friendship also. Looking forward to continuing the relationship and friendship. John, thanks for your friendship and all you have taught me.
Game Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is very knowlegable about the game industry. His knowledge of games, the game industry, and game design is truly astounding. One of the best in the game in my opinion. John is one of those artists that are disappearing in the gaming industry.
He knows all the in's and out's of the gaming industry. In this industry it is a must to stay in the game. An up-to-date executive in the gaming industry. Something I think many in the gaming industry should do.
Goal Focus Examples Performance Review Phrases
Works well under pressure and keeps the goal in focus. His focus was always not just about getting things done, but about getting the right things done and doing them right. He knows how to balance the goals of the goals of the organization with the goals of employees. John is someone who certainly knows what he is doing and achieve his goals.
He knows exactly what he wants what his goals are and always makes it. Align your goals with him and you can be sure he'll make it happen. Him goal is to make sure everyone reaches their professional goals. John is someone who goes all the way to establish his goals.
Goal Setting Examples Performance Review Phrases
He usually makes sacrifices to achieve his goals which means that he has humility for the IT sector. He is driven to succeed and his ability to lead groups to their objectives and goals is impressive. He is a successful business person and him goal is to provide opportunities for other businesses and help them to grow and succeed. He has an exceptional entrepreneurial skill set alongwith the capability to employ strategic thinking for the attainment of both short and long term goals.
He has a great vision for what he wants to achieve and is always actively looking to better himself to achieve his goals. He is always passionate to achieve excellence. He continually sets high expectations and develops his team member's skills to achieve results. He is very passionate about business and will do whatever it takes to attain the highest level of achievement possible.
Honesty Examples Performance Review Phrases
I appreciate him honesty and authenticity in whatever he does. Him honesty and trustworthiness is well known and regarded. Him approach and honesty gets the best for both parties. His professionalism and honesty are always on display.
His follow through and honesty are beyond reproach. I am grateful for his honesty and professionalism. We've always benefited from his tactful honesty. With honesty, professionalism and with passion.
Hr Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is determined to humanize the industry. Helpful and with empathy in the human resources environment. One of the valuable human resources at any organization. John is an excellent human resources professional.
John is the epitome of a "human" resource. He was about getting things done, and always provided me with the resources to do so. He has the resources and know how to get things done. He also provided useful resources and tools.
Hr Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has great ability to manage human resources and develop teams. Additionally, him ability to execute seems almost effortless. John is not only a capable manager, but also an inspiring manager. Moreover, the way he managed the Group at the time showed his ability to even macro manage the individuals.
Moreover, his management abilities are extraordinary. His ability to engage executives, managers, and staff is uncanny. Well rounded in capability and execution. Giving me the resources need to deliver to the best of my abilities.
Human Resources Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
I would also recommend him for the kind way he manage human resources. John knows him stuff as it pertains to human resource management. He s one among few who knows exactly how to manage his resources. He manages the resources that are available to him well.
To him, you are not just a resource he is managing. He has great management style and knows how to manage his subordinates and resources. John is the best office manager and human resources manager I have ever worked with. Not only did he make sure we had the resources to be successful, but that we used those resources.
Human Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
I appreciate his professionalism and humanity. He goes all out for helping the humanity. His human and interpersonal skills are excellent. John is wonderful human being who is going to go far and be all he wants to be.
John, thank you so much for being so honest, human and generous. Above all, he is an amazing human being to be associated with. Above all, he is a great human being and extremely humane. He does this gracefully and with love for the humanity.
Implementation Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John went above and beyond during our reference implementation. John is not just an innovator, he's also an implementer. He gets things done from idea to implementation. The implementation itself was very complex.
He is skilled in advancing and implementing new concepts. He has initiative and implementation skill as well. I have already implemented several of the techniques he shared and am implementing the other strategies. John was always willing to do whatever was necessary to implement events and assignments.
Improvement Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is thoughtful and funny which brightens my day. He always seeks out new opportunities to improve himself and him skillset, and is always on the ball. He wants to make you better. He is very patient and very honest.
He is very patient and focuses on improving himself. He openly seeks opportunities for improvement. He is thoughtful and a great researcher. He is all around a great guy and I'll always welcome any opportunity to do great things together.
Influencing Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has the rare ability to really guide. He actually goes out of him way to help others to the best of him ability. Him ability to influence is exceptional. His skills and expertise along with his ability to interact with his customers are unmatched.
I could not have done it without him help and expertise. His abilities far surpass most in his field of expertises. Outstanding technical expertise and creative ability. Him skills influenced the whole company.
Initiative Examples Performance Review Phrases
Shows high energy in undertaking challenges related to the assigned tasks. Must always be under close supervision to perform or complete any task. Does not think outside the box. He is creative, responsive and very warm.
I highly recommend John' to any organisation seeking to better their performance through honing their skills and utilizing the tools that they already have to their fullest extent. I learned so much from my time working alongside John. If you're looking for the best chances of finding a profitable promotional partnership, John is the way to go. If you get a chance to spend time with John, do it.
Innovation Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is people person, a lateral thinker and creative in his approach in generating ideas and solutions. John is a creative, innovative and dynamic facilitator. Your innovative and creative approach to your work makes the session comfortable, yet challenging, energising, yet calming and exploratory, yet reflective. He is extremly creative, innovative, and has helped me in my business.
Loyal, creative and very good strategist. John has lot of out of the box ideas which helps solve complex problems faster. Thank you John for your contributions to society and making this world a better place. Coming up with good ideas has never been my problem.
Instructional Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
Clear instructions, always available and understanding. He instructs without being patronizing. John does what he says he'll do, accurately and without lots of instruction. Finally, he listened to our instructions and followed them exactly.
It was always to the highest quality with little instruction. John's instruction was both generous and to the point. I found him instruction to be thoughtful and insightful. His is very clear and descriptive in his instruction.
Insurance Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John will help you see the difference between "having" insurance and being "insured". I wouldn't use anybody else now for any aspect of insurance. He will help you to get the insurance that you need. John will always be my insurance agent.
Lot of us do not think the value of insurance until we need to make a claim. This is to insure that the service provided was up to your standard. I think it's probably safe to say that everyone hates insurance. He does more than what is required to help insure you success.
Integrity Examples Performance Review Phrases
His honesty and integrity have always been, and always will be above reproach. But what you need beyond that is integrity, honesty and accessibility. John is always looking to help others and comes from integrity. High integrity and honesty makes him someone you can trust.
I believe his honesty and integrity is second to none. John's integrity and honesty can not be exceeded. His best attributes are his honesty and integrity. John conducts himself with integrity and honesty.
Interpersonal Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is extremely nice to work with and have very good sense of humor, I have tremendous pleasure working in his team. He has a position that requires good personal skills and the ability to communicate well together with the team members and other managers. I also rate him highly at a personal level. He is a people person who is indeed a great person to work with.
I view John as a highly motivated individual who enjoys taking himself out of him professional comfort zone. John´s distinctive communication as well as interpersonal skills enable him to be a mediator in the team. He really enjoys his work and has earned a lot of respect from his colleagues. John manages to maintain a positive attitude even in the toughest of situations and works towards a win-win solution.
Interviewing Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He can interview with the best of them, because he is among the best of them. I can not say enough about their professionalism during the interview. He followed up with me via phone after each one of my interviews. John promoted me before, during, and after my interview.
I got second interviews because of him coaching. John then went on to train me for interviews. Excited to see the interview come to life. Before the interview, John prepared me for the interviews.
Job Knowledge Examples Performance Review Phrases
As a person & professional you couldn't get any better than John. He is knowledgeable in his field, forthcoming with information and strategies to best suit your current position and needs. I have always found John to be a very knowledgeable professional person. Anyone would be lucky to work with a professional like John: he is a fun person to be around, he is ridiculously efficient and you really have a lot to learn from him.
John is an engaging speaker with a deep knowledge of his field of expertise. He is a professional of highest level with a deep knowledge of technologies and architectures. John is eager to learn, works hard, and is willing to take on a variety of different assignments to help get the job done. I wish I would have a person like that in my job.
Judgment Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John looks for those solutions, presents and balances the options, then delivers the project. I wish him the very best in whatever path he choses in life. John is a calm, cool and a person who leads by example. His analytical skills ensure all processes are thoroughly vetted and implemented correctly.
Him subject knowledge was outstanding and of most importance it was tailored and relevant to the audience. Him approach to life, business and building relationships is among the most eloquent and thoughtful I've seen. He was able to not only provide a powerful cost benefit, but he could also "connect" with each and every personality he faced. John has his clients best interest at heart and is always personally involved in solving problems.
Knowledge Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
An industry professional with outstanding knowledge of our industry. He was also very knowledgeable about his industry and willing to help with his inputs. He has the know how and is very knowledgeable in almost every sector / industry. He knows the industry very well and uses this knowledge to his advantage.
Furthermore, his knowledge of the industry is without comparison. I believe there are few in the industry to match his knowledge. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the industry. His knowledge is not to be surpassed by many in the industry.
Knowledge Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
His knowledge and expertise in project management, in all the knowledge areas is excellent. I learned from him much more than from any other manager. Him knowledge and expertise on process management is second to none. I was impressed with his knowledge of organizational design, change management and knowledge management.
A very organized project manager with knowledge. He is generous with his knowledge and expertise. Him knowledge and expertise were exceptional. John is knowledgeable in him area of expertise.
Leadership Examples Performance Review Phrases
John was a fantastic leader to work for and a lot of the leadership characteristics that I have taken on-board have been the result of working for John. John is a great leader and visionary. As a leader himself, he's sensitive to our needs and frustrations, and really listens to his clients needs and finds solutions. John is a true leader in all forms of the word.
John is a very strategic thought leader and at the same time a very capable analytical thinker. John has continuous developed him leadership skills, problem solving abilities and excellent customer care knowledge. When he gets involved, things get done, and done well at that. There aren't many people out there like him, if any.
Learning Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John's passion toward learning is infectious. He is a quick learner, works well under pressure, and he is great at building relationships. John is open for new challenges and keen to learn new things. Everytime when I listen to him, I learn new things and acquire new knowledge.
I feel like I could write a book just based on what I learned from him in a few years. I cannot thank him enough for all he's taught me so far and look forward to all I am still to learn from him. I admire him way of life. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you.
Listening Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He listened to feedback and revised his work accordingly. He also listens well and responds constructively. He's up to anything you may call him. He is an acute listener.
He is very dedicated to anyone he works with and really stops at nothing to be the very best at what he does. His content is amazing and just has to be heard. He is an amazing person at work. He is the ultimate proffessional and always has an ear to listen.
Literacy Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is knowledgeable and willing to learn more. John is easy to learn from and is very knowledgeable. I have learned so much from him and appreciate his knowledge and patience. He is willing to share him knowledge with anyone willing to learn.
Additionally, he was always willing to educate others with his technical knowledge. He is someone who do not know ego and always willing to learn and re-learn. I learned and still learning so many things from him. I will always consider him the best in him field and there is no end to him education, he is always learning.
Management Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
He gets on with everyone around him and is dedicated to getting the best out of himself and of everyone he manages. Experienced international manager within the industrial sector. John is one of the industry's most professional IT managers. John is one of the best manager in travel and hospitality industry.
At first as a matrix manager and later on as a direct manager. He was my indirect manager and I always hoped he'd become my direct manager. He is from that category of managers who always keep their technical knowledge abreast with the industry along with the management of projects. John has very unique qualities that are not often found in management.
Management Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is a great relationship manager, as he listens and then makes things happen. John also has good project management skills and manages successfully the number of different simultaneous projects. He is organised, creative and leads a team extremely well. I have never had John more supportive manager.
How he manages to get to so many places I don't know. Every discussion with him turns out to be very motivational discussion. I don't know how he manages to do everything he does. John is a higly effective manager with a can-do approach and a strong team orientation.
Management Style Examples Performance Review Phrases
His management style is one of an approachable nature. I look back and appreciate his management style. Him authentic approach to management makes him stand apart as an executive. This is the same management style that he applies even when managing his team.
John's approach to project management is no less methodical. I really appreciate his style and approach. Him management style is refreshing in that he leads by example allowing one to discover their own management style without being micro-managed. I was impressed with his approach to the execution.
Managing Details Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has always come through for us and I consider him as part of my executive management team. He is very detail oriented, thorough in execution. He is great in technical and management part. John is a very structured and detail oriented manager.
He is part coder, part designer, part artist, and part diplomat. During that time he managed a team of new business executives and was part of my management team. John is detailed, structured and professional. He's both very structured and strong with details.
Marketing Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is just the best when it comes to marketing. He is also very knowledgeable about the marketing industry, especially internet marketing. John knows him market and industry like the back of him hand. I consider John as one of the best marketer in our industry.
He knows his stuff when it comes to marketing, particularly web marketing. He knows the market well, and knows the best way to market a property. I have used him on several occasions to help with my marketing. He is someone you definitely want on your marketing team.
Marketing Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is one of the best marketing managers we have ever met. John knows marketing and especially video marketing. John is an excellent marketing exec, as well manager, and project manager. He has a thorough knowledge of the marketing process and marketing management.
John definitely knows what hiring managers are looking for in today's market. John has been very successful at managing the various marketing activities. I certainly would recommend him for any marketing management position. John was my first mentor in circulation marketing and management.
Marketing Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is exceptionally competent at his job. He is very skilled with financial selling and marketing. Good job and cool skills of marketing and publishing. Nevertheless he had the skills to do an incredible job.
The job market is getting very competitive. I would recommend him to anyone in the job market. John is very kind and competent in him job. John was a very competent marketing director who did a very thorough job.
Media Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
If you need someone to help you get into the media he's the go-to guy. He knows the who's who of media and motorsports. John knows what the media wants and needs. John is well respected and liked by his colleagues in the media industry.
John is one of the best media buyers I know in the industry. John knows what the media needs because he's been on the other side of the fence. John has always been very thorough and detailed in all of him media executions. He knows what he is doing when it comes to media and speaker training.
Media Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John was my inspiration for getting into media. His media, social media and PR skills are exceptional. John is one of the most knows more about on-line media than most of us ever will. He knows him media well and knows how to get the best results for him company.
Would recommend, especially to those new to this social media. I am so happy with what you've done for me on social media. John is knowledgeable and passionate about new media. Really knows his stuff when it comes to social media.
Mentoring Examples Performance Review Phrases
He's continually learning and improving himself and makes for both a fantastic mentor and mentee. John is an awesome motivator and an inspiring mentor. He is very good in mentoring and developing talent. I would like to thank him for all the guidance and mentoring given to me.
He is very approachable and excellent at coaching and mentoring. He will always be my mentor, my confidant and my best friend. He has been a great support and mentor. John is an incredible leader and mentor.
Messaging Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
Great at messaging both up and down the organisation. This comes through with clarity in his message. Simple the best at getting his message across. For many others, messages are just one way but not to John.
Once he has your attention the message is one that you can take with you and actually implement. He will go out of his way to help as best he can and always responds promptly to messages. He's dillligent, thorough and knows how to get the message across to our prospects. He's always looking for more ways to help us get our messages out to the public.
Mortgage Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has always been someone you can trust in the mortgage industry. He knows the mortgage industry inside and out. He went above and beyond to help us with our mortgage for our first home. John is my go to guy when it comes to mortgages.
He knows the mortgage industry and all the guidelines of the different loans. John is probably the most creative marketer in the mortgage industry. John has an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry. John's knowledge of the mortgage industry is unsurpassed.
Motivating Others Examples Performance Review Phrases
He also knows how to properly motivate and position them to succeed. He really motivated the conference. John is a savvy and motivated individual. He is a go getter and knows what is required in completing a specific job or activity.
He is an outstanding leader and motivator. He is a very professional and highly motivated individual. There is absolutely nothing that gets him down. He has an impressive profile.
Motivational Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He motivates everyone and needless to say, he is self-motivated. He is very motivated, and motivates those he is around. It was not only useful, but also very motivating. He is motivated and motivating to others.
John has an exceptional motivational skills. He is self-motivated and motivates others, finding motivators for each person. John would always be the one to get the team together - to try new things and get us all motivated. He was motivated and has an ability to keep others motivated as well as on track.
Negotiation Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
I am willing to speak to others of his competency and abilities. And he is often willing to meet individually and discuss your own experiences. He is very unique in his experience and his abilities. He has good negotiation skills and experience in supporting legal in contract negotiations.
He gives freely of his expertise and experience. His expertise comes from vast experience. His experience and expertise are outstanding. We all are benefiting from his experience and expertise.
Networking Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
During our cooperation he has shown cooperative spirit and excellent communication skills. He has very strong communication and collaboration skills. John is known for him communication skills. He has good communication & networking skills.
He is well networked and known throughout the community. With his communication skills he is able to communicate on all levels. He has outstanding leadership skills, communication skills, and HR skills. I really appreciate his networking skills.
Operational Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is always looking for improvements in the operation. Looking forward to our co-operation in the future. John is very co-operative and understanding. He is thorough and operates with integrity.
Exceptional skills across both marketing sales and operations. He has strong strategic and operational skills. He has the capacity to do very well both in, fronting as well as back end operations. His commitment is for you to be your best and to operate way above mediocrity.
Organizational Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
His writing skills and organizational ability is first rate. John has exceptional leadership skills and organizational skills. Him organizational skills and him interpersonal skills are impeccable. John's organizational skills are extraordinary.
He has tremendous organizational skills. Bonnie has outstanding organizational skills. He has exceptional organizational skills. John has excellent organizational skills.
Participation Examples Performance Review Phrases
You made sure that everyone had the opportunity to participate. We look forward to continued value from that participation. I have seen he always encouraged others to participate. I appreciate his participation in the conference.
I participated in several of those events. John had good rapport with all the course participants and went out of him way to look after the needs of some overseas participants. John was very enthusiastic about it and once again inspired me as well as other participants. He truly understands what the participants are going through in this particular class.
Partnership Examples Performance Review Phrases
He treated our partnership just as that, a partnership. I look forward to our next partnership opportunity. I am very excited with this new partnership. He truly contributed to the partnership.
I appreciate his partnership and look forward to his continued success. He's someone who is really looking to solve problems in partnership. I appreciate their partnership and am grateful to have found them. I look forward to many more years of partnership and friendship.
Patience Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has always been understanding and patience. Impressed with his patience and knowledge. I truly appreciate him patience and expertise and will definitely be asking him to help me in the future. He has patience, he listens well, and he goes out of his way to make things happen.
I am sorry to see him go, him patience and guidance will be missed. Him patience never flagged, even though mine did, more than once. I especially appreciated your patience with my many questions. Thank you for your time and patience with my many questions.
People Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
This manager is now truly leading people, and him people managers under him are starting to do the same. He has not only taught me how to manage the people around me but how to manage myself. John is an incredible sales manager and an even better people manager. John is an effective manager - managing both people and projects.
He has taught me many things about managing business and managing people. Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right. John has been always respected both by people he managed and by the highest management team. I have found him exceptionally good in project management and people management.
People Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has great people skills and he gets along with most people. He makes everyone around him better, and knows how to get the best out of people. It is not just that he knows people, he is truly connected to people. He knows that people get bored with things, but never with people.
He knows people and he knows how to motivate people. John is also always looking out for his people. Working under him gets the best out of people. He always goes out of his way to help people.
Performance Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
Him management and leadership performance has always been outstanding. All people he would have to manage would be happy and performant. John performed his management duties enthusiastically. He does an excellent job managing performance.
John can help you with performance reviews and performance management and any other HR related issues that you may have managing your staff. We all took away more than we expected and have already seen better performance. No one has ever been less than enthusiastic about his performance. John has always performed above and beyond expectations.
Personal Accountability Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is an excellent accountability partner. John acted as an accountability partner to help me instill new positive habits to reach goals I had set. He personally inspired me to think bigger and bolder. He is certainly an inspiration.
He is wonderful person who always inspire me with his posts. He's inspiring just to be around with. He is an inspiring leader. He is an optimistic and energetic person.
Personal Appearance Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is the best person or the best person to work with, very talented and cheering person. John is one of the best person I have known personally as well professionally. He is very much cooperative person professionally as well as personally. He's an awesome person to be around both personally and professionally.
John is an extremely personable and professional person. He is very helpful person and very professional person. Motivator, hard person with calm personality. John is a fantastic person to know personally and as a business person.
Personal Branding Examples Performance Review Phrases
He's also personable and clearly a person of character and integrity. John himself is personable, direct, and professional. He is very direct, intuitive and personable. John was easy going personality with direction.
One of John's best qualities is his personality. John is an exceptional person of character. On a more personal level, he has an enthusiastic and out-going personality, and is always a person you can go to for advice or direction. It's really useful especially for those who want to build their own personal branding.
Personal Goals Examples Performance Review Phrases
I am very grateful for him help in both my personal goals and business goals. What makes him truly special is his great personality. Being very goal-oriented he is also very personable. John is openminded, objective and personal.
He is your go-to person for achieveing any professional and/or personal goal. He is an amazing person who has reached many of him goals professionall and personally and he is more than equipped to help you too become the personal you want to be. He is very dedicated to him goals and ambitions. He has encouraged me to keep on target with my goals.
Personal Growth Examples Performance Review Phrases
John provided personalized support to every person in the workshop and was instrumental in my growth. He is committed to his own personal growth as well as the growth of the people within his organization. I am very much looking forward to further exciting growth and personal development. He is an inspiration for those looking for personal and professional growth.
His is very supportive of my personal and professional growth. You should not pass up this opportunity for personal growth. It is wonderful to see his optimism for personal growth. He is dedicated to him career and to personal growth.
Personal Relationships Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is an incredibly personable person. Him advice is not only personable, but personal. I really appreciate his way to use his personality in interaction with other persons. He is personable, both professionally and personally.
Where he's not successful is in his personal relationships. It feel so special having contact with such wonderful person. I personally have found him to be the same in our business relationship. Also must say that he's very personable.
Personal Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is a very personable person who always seemed to keep my personal interests in the forefront. He is second to none when it comes to his personality. I really cant say enough about the person. Not only is he an all-around personality who can with well with any personality, but really strives for results.
Sharing him personal experiences really made him more personable and relatable. John is one of the best person to deal proffessionally and personally. He personally inspires me and many with his multifaceted personality. Not only that, but he is extremely personable, an amazing person.
Personality Examples Performance Review Phrases
And of course, who can say no to his "charisma". I thought it had to do primarily with charisma and personality. When it comes to personality and charisma, he is my "wonder twin". His personality is exuberance tempered with reason.
He's personally committed to both personal and organizational improvement. The best thing of John is his temperament. John is a person of charisma and influence. He is very soft spoken person and never lose his temper.
Phone Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He seemed to just get me during our first phone call. Selling on the phone has never been so much fun. If you ever need to do this on the phone then you do need John. You will be blessed to have him on your team, or on the other end of the phone.
He makes you feel at ease and is always at the end of the phone. He was always available and very responsive via phone or email. It is no wonder everyone picks up the phone when he calls. I will be always thankful to him for that one phone call.
Physical Strength Examples Performance Review Phrases
Since then, his business has gone from strength to strength. Since then he has gone from strength to strength in him career and all well deserved. Creativity and innovation in what he does and provides, are him strengths. John is very knowledgeable and really knows him strengths.
I believe that is one of him most significant strengths. Helpful and energetic are some of his other strengths. John goes from strength to strength, year on year. With all his strengths he also has his weakness.
Planning Examples Performance Review Phrases
Always on time and prepared. He keeps him projects organized, on time and is well versed in anything he does. John is methodical and organized in him approach to him work. He's able to optimize and organize projects efficiently and quickly.
The documentation was just what I requested and was delivered on time. He always on time and strict with the schedule. He makes himself available, regardless of his schedule. Everything went very smoothly and on schedule.
Pm Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is an accomplished project manager with excellent skill in managing complex projects to completion. Him project management skills are well developed after managing several large scale projects on campus. He managed the many product initiatives very well with strong project management skills. He is an excellent project manager with an instinctive skill in stakeholder management.
He demonstrated the skill sets of both account management and project management. John is an outstanding project manager with strong portfolio management skills. His project management and change management skills came to the fore then. His project time management and team management skills are appreciable.
Political Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
Besides, he is always polite and friendly. John is always professional and polite. John is politically astute without being political and is an effective communicator. John is polite and understanding of the needs of those around him.
John has one of the best political minds in the business. He is very polite even while pointing out our mistakes. And politics or ego shouldn't come in the way of them. John was always prompt, well-dressed and polite.
Pr Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John truly is a skilled public relations expert. Energetic and focused, he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to public relations. Many of them are successfully practicing in public relations-related fields. He has provided strong results in analyst relations and public relations.
Extremely knowledgeable about the public relations business. John is an experienced public relations professional. John is an expert in all types of public relations. John's passion for public relations is infectious.
Practical Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has vision while at the same being very practical. He's very practical about how he goes about things. His approach towards everything is very practical. Insightful and practical will make him go places.
Knowledgeable and practical at the same time. Commercial, practical, gets things done. Our practice won't be where it is without John. Him skills go beyond knowledge of best practices on marketing.
Presentation Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is truly a superb presenter. He is a must see presenter. Good presentation and excellent presentation style. The attendees were blown away by him presentation.
He is dynamic in his presentation and offers sound and useful advice. He makes his moves very smartly. He is the kind of person you want in your corner. I recently had the opportunity to see one of John's presentations.
Pressure Examples Performance Review Phrases
Where everyone knows what they are doing and where they need to be without feeling pressured. He is someone that delivers under pressure. He took most of the pressure off from me. The pressure is really on in that environment.
John is always cool under pressure and in fact has always thrived under pressure. I've learned to focus on strengths from him focusing on my strengths. He very well uses him fearless attitude as him strength. One of John's strengths is that he recognizes the strengths in his employees and taps those strengths for projects.
Pride In Work Examples Performance Review Phrases
Having observed him at work and having worked with him, it will be my pleasure to work with him again anytime. It was a pleasure to work with him and an honor to work for him. I consider it as my honor to work with him and work for him. A real pleasure to work with and it would be my pleasure to work with him again.
It was a pleasure working with him, and it would be my pleasure to work with him again in the future. It was a pleasure working with someone who so obviously took so much pride and enjoyment in his work. John is a pleasure to work with and he takes pride in his work. A joy to work with and looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Problem Solving Examples Performance Review Phrases
Keeps things calm even when required to make quick decisions under high pressure. Does not take the time to listen keenly to what others have to say or contribute. Does not manage client-related issues in a professional manner and customers are left unsatisfied. He can hunt down a problem and he provides appropriate solutions.
He solves difficult problems and is very easy to work with. He is fighter - at work, at life. And especially his willingness to always find a constructive solution to each problem. His enthusiam for life is just incredible.
Process Improvement Examples Performance Review Phrases
He provides input regarding process improvement. Quickly adopt changes, but always help improve processes. He is always thinking and improving the process. He is always interested in improving the process.
He will get things done and try to improve the process along the way. He knows everything there is to know about the process. He created process and followed the process. John is always looking for ways to improve upon business functions and improve processes.
Product Knowledge Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is very thorough, knowledgeable and competent-service is exceptional. Responsive and knowledgable in his products and services is an understatement. He was always enthusiastic and quite knowledgeable about both him product and service. He is also noteably proficient on his products and services.
They also appreciate his knowledge of his products. He is very productive and always willing to help others with his knowledge. Dedicated and very knowledgeable on his products. I have used his services and he has used my services.
Productivity Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is an inspiring individual, both professionally and individually. He wants to take everything to the next level. He is truly someone you would want to have as a first level connection. The outcomes have always been excellent.
He took that department to new levels. He was an excellent employee. The individuals and sponsors that he draws are excellent. I know him since we were at high school.
Professional Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John, thanks for all your help and professionalism. Only professionals recognize other professionals. John is as professional as professional can be. I thoroughly appreciate him professionalism.
I really appreciate his professionalism. I can't say enough of his skills and professionalism throughout the process. I was always impressed with his professionalism and skill. John is the very skillful and talented professional.
Professionalism Examples Performance Review Phrases
When they talk about John, they all have said the same thing: "John is knowledgeable, personable, true professional and pleasure to work with." Working with John is a great experience that all should have. He is highly experienced, knowledgeable, very motivating and has great leadership qualities. He's professional in every manner.
John is honest about what he can do and is reliable. Working with John has been a great experience. Combined with his warm and friendly personality it is a joy to work together with him. Working with John is highly enjoyable, professional and organised.
Programming Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John also has very good programming skills. Thank you so much for adding such value to our programs. Find out about that program and get to know this boy. It was one of the best programs we've ever hosted.
I found his programs to be quite refreshing. He was always looking to increase his knowledge and skills in programming. What is important for testers have skills in programming. His design and programming skills are second to none.
Project Coordinator Examples Performance Review Phrases
The projects were always well coordinated and fielded. John was always willing to take on or help on any new project. John is definitely someone you'd want in any project. He gets so involved with the projects that his ownership to the project is as good or better than those who are into the project.
They were very responsive, thorough, and made me feel like my project was their project. John is very accurate in coordinating these projects to get things done in time. John's contribution in the project is what made the project so successful. I enjoyed working with him on the different project he was coordinating.
Project Focus Examples Performance Review Phrases
His project plan, design and implementation are right on target. Once he take the project, he think and plan intellectually. I plan to hire him again for my next project. He clearly defines projects and goals, even on the most ambiguous projects.
He is always professional and concentrates on the task. John approaches things with focus and planning. John's focus and professionalism were invaluable to not only this project but also other projects. John follows through on projects to make sure the goals have been met.
Project Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
His execution of projects and tasks was always perfect. John is strong in project management and execution. He is an expert at project and task management. John is an affable program manager who manages many projects at the same time.
John was an excellent project manager on this project. John provided project management of several telemarketing projects. He most recently suggested a new piece to help us manage our project task management. He knows how to be managed and how to manage.
Project Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
He provided project management and time management training to my managers. Terrific task manager, one of the best project managers I have managed. If John is project manager of some project then this project always become success. John is a very thorough project manager who is always on top of his projects when it comes to project delivery and customer management.
I worked with him on few projects as he being the project manager. I believe he would be an excellend project manager for any organization that needs an experienced project manager. He is very strong in managing project managers and getting the best out of them to ensure project success. He's an excellent project manager, directing and managing projects as if they were him children.
Public Speaking Examples Performance Review Phrases
John knows everyone and everything there is to know about publicity. He speaks in public for the public which is applauded by listeners. I've seen him speak publically, which was very informative and inspiring. John has clearly mastered the art of public speaking.
When you speak with John, you want to speak with him again. John walks the talk of public speaking. John takes all the fear out of public speaking. I hardly know where to begin when speaking about John.
Punctuality Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is always punctual and well presented. He's also very punctual and trustworthy. And thats not because he had less load, but thats because he is punctual and sincere. He is always punctual and will get you the best deal that he can get you.
He was always well presented, organised and punctual. He is very punctual and can accommodate any request. John is very punctual, self-organised and friendly. John is extremely punctual for all appointments.
Quality Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
John was a quality manager who was very involved in the management of the team. John has all qualities, which are essential for the successful manager. That by itself speaks for his qualities as a manager. John is an exceptional manager with outstanding qualities.
He had 3 qualities that made him an outstanding manager. I have found him standing out in his leadership and management qualities. Another quality that makes him a terrific manager. I think his managing qualities are excellent and ideal.
Quality Of Work Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is very eager to deliver the highest quality of customer service. His work in all that he does is superlative. John pays attention to details. You can expect a request to be completed thoroughly and beyond your best expectation.
He's a good listener and produces quality product. John is someone who cares deeply about the product and works hard to ensure the highest quality. He was very detail oriented and professional with all staff. He has always been someone of the highest ethical qualities.
Questioning Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John knows how to ask the right questions. He is one of those few people, who, if you ask to get something done, he gets it done without question. John, would always have the answer to my questions, if not he would get the answers to my questions. He always seems to know the right questions to ask at exactly the right time.
He has always made himself available via email for further questions. John was thorough and was willing to answer any and all questions. If you are asking that question, you clearly need him on your team. He knows the right questions to ask and where to look for answers.
Recruiting Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He goes above and beyond for him recruits. Combined with him recruiting skills it makes him a phenomenal recruiter. His recruitment skills are really adoptable. These skills are critical to recruiting.
He goes above and beyond what all other recruiters do for their candidates. Many of our employees say the same thing, after being recruited. I don't think you can say much that is better about a recruiter. I will look forward to using him to recruit for my own company.
Recruitment Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is a dedicated recruiter that knows his way around the recruitment industry. John is the best of the best in recruiting. John is one of my best recruitment. He is in the hands down one of the best recruiters industry.
John is exceptional in the recruiting industry. John handles all of the recruiting for us and even recruited me. Presently focused on recruitment and diversity recruitment. Anybody looking to recruit or be recruited in marketing couldn't ask for any more but ask for John.
Relationship Building Examples Performance Review Phrases
I appreciate the support he has provided to me through our relationship. The relationship I believe all students have with him is not only a lecturer/student relationship, but it could be seen as almost a friendship. This is a relationship I highly recommend. He is passionate in what he does and that allows for effective results in his business relationships.
I aspire to be more like him. I look forward to continuing this relationship. This visit, however, showed us how to leverage those connections more effectively. He is very capable at building relationships and nurturing the Client to Candidate relationships.
Relationship Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is skilled at building relationships. John always tries to contribute more value than he gets from every relationship. John is able to get the best out of those necessary relationships. Thank you and we look forward to our continued relationship.
John is by far one of the best relationship experts. He is one of the best at building those relationships. I look forward to an on-going business relationship. He truly understands the value of the relationship.
Reliability Examples Performance Review Phrases
And he's not just very reliable, he's 100% reliable. John is also very reliable and willing to help others where ever he can. John is also very reliable and always follows up on actions. He is reliable and always follows through on his commitments.
He is and always reliable and does what he says he will do. He was always reliable and thorough in everything he did. He is reliable and does what he says he is going to do. Honest reliable and does exactly what he says he will.
Reporting Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is well liked by his reports as well as his peers. John has reported to me for the past two years. He did this for everybody that reported to him. He was senior to me but not directly report.
I wasn't reporting to him directly but he made sure we can approach him at all times. I reported directly to him and always found him to be honourable and fair. People reporting to him give him their best as he truly inspires. John did not report to me, but he was as responsive as if he did.
Research Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
You can tell that he is truly enthusiastic in this research. He is very thorough and is always researching his field. He is thorough in his research and always up to date. I'm sure he's going to be an excellent researcher.
I did so after much research and consultation. He often did this research on him own time. I did the research and he can out on top. His research skills are truly the best and that is what makes him one of the most sought after amongst the team.
Resource Use Examples Performance Review Phrases
He was about getting things done, and always provided me with the resources to do so. He has many resources available to him, you will not be disappointed. Responsive and resourceful, he goes above and beyond every time. John is quite resourceful and knows how to get things done.
He will always be the go to resource for me and my team. John is our go to resource for everything resumes. I have more clarity and am now far more resourceful. John is both very resourceful and quite motivated.
Respect Examples Performance Review Phrases
He respects the others, anyone around him, and knows how to be helpful. John was also well respected and well liked by all of his colleagues. Because of this, he respects his employees and is respected by them. He was well respected both within and outside of the organisation.
He is well respected and liked by everybody at the company. I am sure where ever he will go he will be easily respected. He gives and gets respect from all with whom he interacts. John is also well-known and well-respected for his drive.
Response To Criticism Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has always been responsive, responsible and reliable. John was always very thorough and responsive. Extremely responsive and timely with responses. John was thorough and he was responsive.
I have found him to be thorough, ambitious and willing to take on new responsibilities. He always provides quick responses to questions and is very thorough in his response. However, what he has done here was way beyond his designated responsibilities. Since then he has taken on several new roles with different responsibilities.
Results Orientation Examples Performance Review Phrases
He'd work until he was 100% sure the job was complete. John has a very strong work ethic, and will work until the job is completed. He is very results orientated and works across teams in getting the work done. John is hard working as well as result oriented and excellent in his work.
John is very oriented with his work and give his job all his best. John is passionate for achieving results and working with people to achieve those results. John is results oriented and gets the job done the way the job is supposed to be done. He will do what is necessary to complete the job.
Sales Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
As a sales manager, he was always responsive and would do what it took to help make the sale. He is extremely strong in sales, sales management and sales leadership. John is one of those sales manager's that knows what he's doing. John has been one of the best sales managers in my team.
John is an inspirational manager, with an immense know-how when it comes to sales and people management. John is well versed in sales management, insurance, and all-round people management. Secondarily, John is experienced in channel management, inside sales management and sales operations. He was, at various times, our construction manager, facilities manager, sales operations manager as well working on sales directly with me.
Sales Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has developed a unique product and service offering. We thought the outline worked, but were struggling to describe why it worked. He was fair in negotiations, a pleasure to work with and a really good guy. He is an absolute joy to work with.
He is a good leader, available to advise and help at any given moment. If I had a sales role going, he would be at the top of my list. At first when I came into a sales environment I was very nervous on what to do and what not to do. He would be an asset to any sales organization.
Self Confidence Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has confidence in you even when you don't have it in yourself. If we are confident in who we are, we will not be disappointed. In the end, you can confidently say he's just being modest. John you really helped me to get more self-confidence.
Working with him also helped me to be more confident. He is very confident in everything that he does. I've always felt confident when confiding in him. He had confidence in himself and him abilities.
Sense Of Duty Examples Performance Review Phrases
He does not think twice about going above and beyond the call of duty. John goes above and beyond what is required of him in his duties. He went way out of his way for me, beyond the call of duty. You sense that he wants only the best for everyone.
He is very perfect when it comes to his duties. He usually does more then his normal duties. He followed through on his duties and more. Things under his command just make sense.
Seo Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He treats every search as it were him first search with that particular company. I look forward to having him as my partner on my next search. I am now using him on additional searches. John handles our search engine marketing and search engine optimization for our company website.
I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their search engine rankings. When we started our website was not even visible through any search engine. John is always weeks ahead of the curve in search engine optimization. John has done an excellent job with our search engine optimization.
Sharing Examples Performance Review Phrases
I always look forward to our conversations as he has so much to share. What he doesn't know, he learns, and what he does know, he shares. I value his opinion, which he is always willing to share. John has and is always willing to share his expertise.
He has always been willing to share him expertise. Thank you for everything you're taught and shared. He is always available to help and share ideas. Also he was always available to share his ideas.
Social Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is thorough and great to work with. Hard working, passionate, and a great friend. It's always enjoyable reading his work. He always tried to find the best solution and answered all questions and requests very fast.
He is a great guy to work with. He makes himself available as much as possible to answer questions and provide feedback. John has been a great help over the years. He has the passion of reading, writing and creative expression - both in and out of the classroom.
Software Testing Examples Performance Review Phrases
Him test plans are thorough and him testing rigorous. I would definitely want him in every my software project. John is an expert in the field of software and application testing. He introduced me to the world of regulated software testing.
He is a truly expert in the software testing area. It is clear John is an expert in software testing. John's knowledge of software quality and testing goes beyond the normal views and definition of testing. I was responsible for software development and QA testing.
Speaking Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is very passionate about he does and it comes across when he speaks. Customers ask for him by name when they want to speak to an expert. He knows what to say, how to say it and when to speak up. Well, so to speak as he's speaking to my puppy-brain.
Personally speaking, you really can't ask for more. John ever speaks of things as they really are. Public speaking is certainly his calling. When you speak with John, you want to speak with him again.
Strategic Planning Examples Performance Review Phrases
He is very well organized. He has a positive energy and is honest which is important to me. He thinks strategically with a positive approach to all interactions. He would be a welcome addition to any organization.
He is a strategic thinker, planner and is highly organized. He is very hardworking, positive, supportive, and organized. He would be a positive addition to any organization. John is an excellent strategic marketeer.
Strategic Thinking Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is known for his strategic thinking and forward thinking for todays business. He is strategic in his thinking and sensible in implementation. Smart, as usual, but also strategic and forward-thinking. I was very much impressed with his strategic thinking.
John thinks strategically and gets things done. He thinks both strategically and creatively. John is excellent in strategic thinking. He is both tactical and strategic in his thinking.
Stress Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
John handles situations with cool head and professionally. He does what he says he will, and he handles stress and pressure very well. He is a manager that gets to know him people, and manages to their strengths. He handles pressure very well and is very persuasive.
It gives you techniques to better handle stress and stressful situations. The pressure was always intense and never ending. I have seen him the way he handled service management and then how he handled technical details in the accounts he managed. John handled himself with strength and professionalism throughout.
Supervision Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
His strategic and leadership skills were fundamental to the growth of the company, truly inspiring and motivating all of us. He has a skill to inspire his teams and also provide great feedback to help them grow. He knew when to take charge and when to let others lead. John leads by example, demonstrates high integrity and provided growth and leadership to all involved in our teams.
He was able to balance management responsibilities with treating employees with fairness and empathy. It's great to work with someone like that because he is such a great mentor and coach. He strives to provide the best coaching, is very positive, and someone who goes the extra mile to help his employees achieve growth in role and growth as individuals. His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable.
Talent Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
His ability to manage up and manage down simultaneously is also very good. John is an extremely skilled and talented manager. His sales skill and management ability is unsurpassed. He cares for talent and skills but most of all he cares about the person.
He is not only talented creatively, he is also talented in managing creative personnel's abilities. He has not only good team management skills but also very careing. John's people management skills and ability in getting right talent for the organization was commendable. John has excellent people management and administration skills.
Talent Manager Examples Performance Review Phrases
He freely shared this talent to make all the regional managers better managers. He is certainly talented and also knows how to find the right talent. Beyond talent acquisition, he is very versatile in all aspects of talent management. John was one of the most talented and effective managers in the organization.
He manages by empowering others and brings out their best talents. He also got some of the top talent into the team while managing. John is an exceptionally talented and accomplished manager. I am particularly impressed by his management style and talent.
Teaching Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He has the best teaching and presentation skills. What he cannot teach you, he knows someone who can and he can make it happen. I have always found his way of teaching is very different from others. He is very knowledgeable very much willing to help and teach.
Everything that he teaches, he always does it himself. John is teaching us how we can be the best we can be. John has the intangibles that you cannot teach. He was always there for guidance and teaching.
Teamwork Examples Performance Review Phrases
Contributes to the success of the team on a regular basis. Always ready to help other team members with their work to ensure it is completed on time. He works well with others. He makes new employees feel welcome.
He does not understand how to share tasks with others. He holds on to too much and does not delegate to his team effectively. Since I interviewed John, I knew that he would be an indispensable asset to the business and a great addition to the team. He always generated a positive influence and direction for the team.
Technical Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
He demonstrated the highest level of understanding of the most complex design and implementation issues at every stage of development. He has an exceptional way of finding things and get them improved. He's got strong technical skills plus effective communication skills. His program is simple and easy to understand.
He's very skilled engineer. John, comes with a blend of technical and people skills. I am very impressed with him professionalism and results. He is both professional and results oriented.
Technology Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
New technology and he is there, always willing to try new things. John has always been ahead of the curve with technology. He keeps up with all the new trends and technologies. He is especially bright when it comes to technology.
John is one of the best presenters of technology. Excellent communication and use of technology. Also he is always good in new technologies. John really knows his mobile technology.
Testing Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John's is someone you want on your testing team. John learned new skills doing performance testing. His skills are not limited by testing only. John experienced in system testing, functional testing, regression testing, stress testing, load testing, acceptance testing.
He was very thorough and he was very familiar with the test suite. John was professional and thorough in his approach to testing. John is definitely entrenched with the testing discipline. His approach to testing was always thorough and rigorous.
Thinking Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John has always said exactly what he thinks and, what he thinks is pretty sensible stuff. He is always thinking about how things can be done or how things can be done better. He thinks of things you will need before you even know you might need them. Everyone isn't the same even though everyone thinks they can make it big.
He is also the one who will be there for you, thinking about you. You always know where he's coming from and what he's thinking. First, he's going to be direct and tell you what he thinks. He thinks of others first and always does the right thing.
Time Management Examples Performance Review Phrases
Makes commitments to meet deadlines and makes productive use of the available time. Rarely completes assigned work on time and devotes a lot of time on non-priorities. The strongest management skills he has are the scope and time management. John is a self-motivated individual who have the ability to follow-through a project and have the project completed in due time.
I want to say that he is a dedicated and reliable person who provides grounded feedback and expected results on time. He is detailed, organized, and willing to help in any way that is necessary to get you the results you want on time and on budget. He takes up any task assigned to him and delivers really high quality work. I look forward to seeing what you create next time.
Training Industry Examples Performance Review Phrases
He goes above and beyond to ensure that you get everything you can out of him training. He keeps on inspiring all those who is with him and under him training. John is available and willing to help after the training is over. He has so much training available to anyone who wants to learn.
I'm looking forward to attend more of his trainings. I would definitely recommend any of his trainings. John has always been there for my training needs. Good support during and following the training.
Training Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John when he was the lecturer for one of my courses in my second year, and he made an immediate impression with his classes being the most enjoyable and beneficial. Academically he has been a brilliant student with an amazing enthusiasm to learn beyond the classroom. It was my pleasure to tell I had a learning session where John was the trainer. John went above and beyond in all training sessions and was always available to answer any questions before and after each class.
John is truly passionate about helping find advance their careers. Thanks for all you effort and friendship. He has truly helped me in my career. John is a fast learner who is always eager to learn and apply new methods.
Unsupervised Work Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is the kind of individual you want to work with or have work done by. I have never worked with an individual that was more willing to find any way to get the job done. He works to bring the right individuals together to get he job done. John is an individual who is always willing to help others, this is why he is so successful in his work.
I am very thankful to have worked alongside such an individual. I have seen the value he provides to companies and individuals through his work. He worked very well individually as well as on the team. John is an amazing individual with which to work.
Urgency Examples Performance Review Phrases
He says “please” for every task asked without losing his leadership, always worried about every one of his team and works hard with great sense of urgency. He gets into your shoes and has an extreme urgency of fulfilling your needs on or before time. He understands the sense of urgency of the business and is able to partner with the business and clients. While we were working together, he was always highly professional, prepared and conscientious about following up - with a high sense of urgency.
Quick to respond and always insightful on target verticals, I knew that any campaign to support my sales efforts would be handled professionally and with the same sense of urgency I would place on it. I have also found his sense of urgency highly commendable and I will recommend him as a corporate counsel to any company without hesitation In times of crisis or urgency, John makes sure priorities are set right. Him friendly persona and balanced sense of urgency made working with John a pleasure.
Visionary Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
John is as talented as he is visionary. I would consider John to be visionary. He is skilled visionary, strategist and tactician. That being said, he was way ahead of the curve and is a visionary.
John is truly an entrepreneurial spirit and visionary. John is very visionary and has tremedous preseverance. John is a visionary who is always ahead of the curve. He is a visionary and someone you want on your team.
Work Attitude Examples Performance Review Phrases
He frequently has a smile on his face and you can tell John enjoys his job. His positive attitude in his management role is his most important and effective skill. Certain about capability to get any job done and done well. Always brings a smile on the face that can tell enthusiasm from afar.
He can be the cause of conflicts between his coworkers. John complains about coworkers too often. His complaints build resentment within his team. He talks negatively about other team members. He always has a smile on him face and a can-do attitude.
Work Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
There are those people who you look forward to working with and those that you work with because you have to. I worked with him on various projects and would work with him again without hesitation. I've worked with him on past projects and would definitely work with him again. Professional at work, you can always rely on him when working on any project.
Excellent at work, confidence and team working. He has the necessary skills but more than that he loves him work. John has the skills to work with just about anyone. John worked with me with my leadership skills.
Working Together Examples Performance Review Phrases
He was willing to work with what we had and still make it work. I will miss working with him and would definitely be willing to work with him again in the future. I'm very appreciate of his work with us, and would work with him again without hesitation. He was always available and more than willing to go out of him way to make this work.
He works very hard and does very thorough work on all of the work he undertakes. Him work always made me and everyone around me look their best for on-air work. I would definitely like to work with him again and would recommend his work. John is a please to work with and is always willing to take on more work.
Writing Skills Examples Performance Review Phrases
Besides this, he has an awesome writing skills. Excellent phone/talking and writing skills. Some will say it's his writing - but you can only write when you truly listen and think through something. He actually does all the writing himself, unlike many others in the business.
There are so many thing to write about him and his qualities. John has many talents and amongst them is his writing. And then, you have to consider writing an endorsement. He knows how to write well, and why it's important.
Written Communications Examples Performance Review Phrases
Excellent communication both written and oral. John is thorough and very communicative. He always provided very well-written communications, often with no edits on my end. John can communicate because he has been there and done it all in his own career.
He seems to know how much to communicate, not too much and not too little. He communicates very clearly and will help you think outside of the box. John also is all about what's best for the company and the community. If he commits to get something done it will be done and communicated.