Performance Review Phrases And Examples To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Performance Review Examples and Sample Phrases

Able: Performance Review Phrases
  • He is always willing and able to help and often went above and beyond to do so.
  • He's able to see how it is, how it should be and get you from here to there.
  • John will truly appreciate all he is able to do to help them both succeed.
  • He is always right there when you need him and able to get things done.
  • John is always willing and able to take on anything that comes his way.
Absent-Minded: Performance Review Phrases
  • Moreover, he is ambitious and he always keeps his career objectives in mind.
  • John is one of those people who are smart and mindful at the same our company.
  • He is very sharp and always has his clients best interests in mind.
  • John changed his mind on this with his professionalism and insight.
  • John is smart and has his customer's priorities always in mind.
Academic Advisor: Performance Review Phrases
  • It is good to have someone as an advisor who knows his subject really well but is not too pushy.
  • To him this is obvious that that looked up to him as an advisor, and friend.
  • He's also a sage advisor, but only if you really want to know the truth.
  • John is an advisor to his startup, and he is truly an outstanding one.
  • He is an excellent advisor and is conscientious about followup.
Academic Director: Performance Review Phrases
  • Nevertheless, his academic achievement was still above the average.
  • What impresses him is that the approach is not just academic.
  • Without his help, this academic journey would have been much less insightful and enjoyable.
  • He knows how to get beyond the academic and arrive at insights that are actionable.
  • Besides picking up so many leadership roles, he has always done well academically.
Academic Skills: Performance Review Phrases
  • During the first class in the first course with him, he showed him leadership skill and strong academic abilities.
  • John showed great team skills, interpersonal skills, besides his excellent academic performance.
  • His excellent academic abilities and interpersonal skills allow him to stand out among his peers.
  • He would talk mostly about what we yearned for in our lives, he taught us not only academic skills but most importantly of our own selves.
  • Throughout our academic relationship he showed leadership and advanced organizational skills.
Accepting: Performance Review Phrases
  • He knows the things in and out for the training that he accepts.
  • He is someone who motivates others and himself to go beyond what would be acceptable to that which is remarkable.
  • He is willing to change and like to help others to accept changes that are necessary in business.
  • Never accepting less than the best, he was passionate about what he did and how he did it.
  • He does not take things for granted nor he does, he accept that things just happen.
Accommodating: Performance Review Phrases
  • He goes out of his way to listen to your needs and accommodate.
  • He always goes above and beyond to accommodate the customers.
  • He has checked in with us at various points where he didn't need too, and has always been accommodating.
  • He keeps at it until the job is done, is very accommodating and seems to have almost no ego.
  • John went way out of his way to accommodate our needs and know when and how to push back.
Account Assistant: Performance Review Phrases
  • John delivers a great commitment and passion to his accounts and always more than willing to assist with new ideas.
  • He makes sure his employees provide outstanding assistance and accountability to the public.
  • John and our company have done a wonderful job in assisting us with accounts recovery.
  • John can always be counted on to do what he says he will do, and is always there to assist others on the account team in achieving their overall goals.
  • He initially was an intern assisting him with new accounts, and customer analysis.
Account Director: Performance Review Phrases
  • John is the best in class account director you'll be glad to have instead of someone else.
  • John is an exceptional account director and an amazing person.
  • John is one of the most creative account directors with whom I have worked.
  • John was the account director for the contract to which I was assigned.
  • John always seems to know the who, what, where and how of accounts under his control.
Account Executive: Performance Review Phrases
  • He executes flawlessly on his collaborative efforts, while holding all accountable.
  • He then remotely conducted follow up sessions with the account executives.
  • John's account planning and execution have served him well in his role.
  • He knows the customer and will help the account executive qualify the deal.
  • As his account executive he was knowledgeable, honest, personable, and dedicated to the account.