Branding Industry Performance Review Phrases

Use these 60 performance review phrases as examples to evaluate the branding industry and complete your performance review form.

Branding Industry: Meets or Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  1. John knows that in every brand there is an inherent truth about that brand.
  2. He is the expert on branding and brand identity.
  3. I always know that the end result will be exactly what is right for the brand.
  4. And he'll take your brand there, before anyone else gets there.
  5. He is always focused on doing what is right for the brands.
  6. More so, he can help you brand your self for sellability.
  7. He clearly knows exactly how to re brand an individual.
  8. John is the go to guy for all things branding.
  9. Big brands, little, and all of those in between.
  10. John can help take your brand to the next level.

Branding Industry: Below Expectations Phrases

  1. He makes an effort to really know your brand.
  2. John is also very talented with branding.
  3. He is always striving to better his brand.
  4. John's knowledge of branding across industries is very impressive.
  5. John is one of the strongest brands in the accounting industry.
  6. I owe much of what I know about brands and branding to John.
  7. We are currently working on branding myself and getting the right message out to my industry.
  8. He will tell you that he has already made all the branding mistakes, so you don't have to.
  9. The three brands for my three different companies are all very different and unique.
  10. At least, he did the best anyone could as we changed the brand again and again.

Branding Industry: Needs Improvement Phrases

  1. He definitely knows what he's talking when it comes to marketing or branding.
  2. He constantly makes you think about your branding and how it can be better.
  3. He has an understanding of branding that goes well beyond the superficial.
  4. Reach out to him if you are in need of focusing and growing your brand.
  5. He understands his brand and knows how to take it to the next level.
  6. He has done so much with so little to promote and brand our school.
  7. John is his own brand which is both unique and unforgettable.
  8. John really understands the value of branding and marketing.
  9. He is really into any brand he is being representing to.
  10. He can do anything for branding and promotion of products.

Branding Industry: Positive Phrases

  1. John's knowledge of all things brand is second to none.
  2. He can help you discover your essence of your branding.
  3. Even better if he is consulting on your brands strategy.
  4. He is very resouceful and has extablished him brand.
  5. He went beyond him duties to help us grow our brand.
  6. Your brand and how you tell that story is important.
  7. John has contributed significantly to our brand.
  8. He understand the need for me to focus on my brand.
  9. His vision is very pragmatic and useful for brands.
  10. John knows the power of brand in the marketplace.

Branding Industry: Negative Phrases

  1. John truly is an inspiring branding sorceress.
  2. He touched so many brands and made it look easy.
  3. Talk to him and know how big your brand can grow.
  4. John's brand of marketing was very refreshing.
  5. John was so helpful with my branding process.
  6. He was an oustanding ambassador for the brand.
  7. John has been instrumental in growing my brand.
  8. He will brand you as the expert in your field.
  9. I trust and appreciate his brand endorsements.
  10. John is the quintessential brand storyteller.

Branding Industry: Self-evaluation Phrases

  1. Always focused on the customer and the brand.
  2. John is the brand champion of the opposite.
  3. John has taught me the importance of branding.
  4. John has him own special brand of magic.
  5. He understood the expectation of the brand.
  6. John is a genius when it comes to branding.
  7. He has been my inspiration to brand myself.
  8. Him knowledge about branding is exceptional.
  9. He truly understands the heart of branding.
  10. He is the expert in his field of branding.