Enthusiasm Performance Review Phrases

Use these 59 performance review phrases as examples to evaluate the enthusiasm and complete your performance review form.

Enthusiasm: Meets or Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  1. I love him enthusiasm and passion on everything that he does.
  2. John always did what he said he was going to do and did it with enthusiasm.
  3. All this done with never ending enthusiasm.
  4. John is second to none when it comes to enthusiasm and passion.
  5. With him enthusiasm he knows how to get the most out of him team.
  6. John has an enthusiasm in everything he does which is infectious.
  7. His enthusiasm for what he does has also not gone unnoticed.
  8. John's enthusiasm makes everyone around him enthusiastic.
  9. And he does it all with all the enthusiasm one can gather.
  10. John has an enthusiasm about him that is infectious.

Enthusiasm: Below Expectations Phrases

  1. What he lacks in looks, he makes up for in enthusiasm.
  2. His enthusiasm is second to none and it is contagious.
  3. John has an enthusiasm about him that is contagious.
  4. Just being around him, the enthusiasm was infectious.
  5. And him enthusiasm for what he does is next level.
  6. I think it's his enthusiasm that is so infectious.
  7. John' enthusiasm for what he does is infectious.
  8. John's enthusiasm for what he does is amazing.
  9. He can talk to them all with the same enthusiasm.
  10. He is well-known for his honesty and enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm: Needs Improvement Phrases

  1. He motivates all around him with his enthusiasm.
  2. Perhaps above all, him enthusiasm is infectious.
  3. I appreciate his enthusiasm in all that he does.
  4. He did this with enthusiasm and professionalism.
  5. John always seems to have endless enthusiasm.
  6. One cannot help but be drawn to him enthusiasm.
  7. John's enthusiasm is most certainly insipiring.
  8. John always strikes you with his enthusiasm.
  9. And he will do so with energy and enthusiasm.
  10. Great to see the enthusiasm he had in his job.

Enthusiasm: Positive Phrases

  1. He especially infected me with his enthusiasm.
  2. One might say that his enthusiasm is catching.
  3. I have never met someone with more enthusiasm.
  4. Everything is delivered with such enthusiasm.
  5. He does this all with such great enthusiasm.
  6. John's has an enthusiasm that is contagious.
  7. I cannot recommend him with more enthusiasm.
  8. I also appreciate his energy and enthusiasm.
  9. Your enthusiasm will take you to the stars.
  10. His enthusiasm for what we do is unmatched.

Enthusiasm: Negative Phrases

  1. John is the personification of enthusiasm.
  2. I appreciate his enthusiasm and experience.
  3. Grateful for his enthusiasm and dedication.
  4. They are only surpassed by his enthusiasm.
  5. He motivates and does it with enthusiasm.
  6. I found him enthusiasm to be contagious.
  7. And his enthusiasm about it is magnetic.
  8. Him enthusiasm is definitely contagious.
  9. John is the epitome of enthusiasm.
  10. He still has same energy and enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm: Self-evaluation Phrases

  1. His enthusiasm is never ending and he always knows just how to make people believe in themselves and their abilities.
  2. He will bring out the best in you and you will take away new found enthusiasm for your own pursuits.
  3. John's enthusiasm rubs off on everyone and because of this, it just makes you want to be involved.
  4. Everything he does is to help others succeed and he does it with enthusiasm and creativity.
  5. He can be counted on to get things done when they need to be - and with enthusiasm to boot.
  6. His enthusiasm to get things done is clearly evident in all of his accomplishments.
  7. His enthusiasm makes the course very interesting and makes us want to participate.
  8. He had such enthusiasm for the topic and always made himself available to help me.
  9. I really like his enthusiasm and the way it shines through in everything he does.