LinkedIn Recommendation Examples And Phrases To Write Testimonials In LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples And Sample Phrases

Agile coach LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John was my coach through the agile transformation journey in our company for the past year.
  • He provided the necessary guidance and coaching as and when required.
  • His coaching and teaching will help anyone who wants to truly transform.
  • John was one of the first agile transformation coaches, we worked with.
  • He has been my mentor, coach, and above all one of my best friends.
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Analytical skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Good analytical skills and proactivity often make his results better than it could be expected.
  • He comes with very strong analytical & logical skills and has always been very helpful.
  • I'd recommend him for any role which needs his managerial or analytical skills.
  • I was really impressed by his charisma, interpersonal and analytical skills.
  • His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent, as are his analytic skills.
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Business advisor LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I have been fortunate enough to have him as a business advisor who provides great business insight and guidance on a multitude of situations.
  • His business acumen, and insights made him a very trusted advisor on this initiative.
  • I see him not just as a supplier to my company, but a trusted business advisor.
  • He is entrepreneurial to his core and an excellent salesman, motivator and business advisor.
  • Most importantly, he became one of my trusted business and technology advisors.
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Business developer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Very business driven, he has always a solution or opportunity to do more business.
  • He actually does all the writing himself, unlike many others in the business.
  • He really listens to business needs and makes sure he understands-instead of throwing strategy of the business.
  • John will be an asset to any corporation, but is especially well suited to business to business situations.
  • John is an absolute asset to our business and indeed any business that is lucky enough to have him.
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Business development manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John did a great showing our business development group how to more effectively use linked in to develop, manage and nurture contacts.
  • With such, he got the continuous promotion and finally he won the position of business development manager.
  • John identifies the typical business development manager with an entrepreneurial point of view.
  • He helped me improve my business acumen as well develop long term business partnerships.
  • John is a very strong consultant/account manager and business developer in the wireless space.
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Business leader LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is a phenomenal business leader capable of running and the entire business unit.
  • He was an inspiring, energetic and positive leader and was much respected and liked by all throughout the business.
  • I have tremendous respect for what he has done for our business and have found him to be a great leader.
  • John is a business thought leader and you can always count on him to do what he says he is going to do.
  • He understands companies and business leaders as well as their challenges because he has been there.
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Business owner LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of business and is very driven to help business owners make the changes needed to give them the business they desire and can have.
  • He is a small business owner who has grown his business with energy and enthusiasm.
  • John is an enthusiastic and compelling business owner who is wise and confident in his business practices.
  • John introduced me to other business owners who had also been through the same procedures, all of whom help me greatly.
  • Working with him has been one of the best things that could've happened to me as a business owner.
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Business partner LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He makes it his business to know our business, which makes him a really valuable marketing partner.
  • John is a true business partner, continually looking for ways to increase business while always doing the right thing.
  • John is an ideal business partner as he is committed to identifying workable solutions to drive both his and his partners' businesses forward.
  • Now, he does not have to look for business, and many seek him out when looking for joint venture partners.
  • He partners well with others in the business, and you can count on him to be consistent, and thorough.
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Business skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John understands business on a global scale and is very skilled in making excellent business decisions.
  • John has an extensive range of skills, which we are looking forward to leveraging further to grow the business.
  • He genuinely wants to see the business succeed and use his skills and expertise to make this happen.
  • John is the best choice for any business environment where his skills can do magic around the place.
  • He has since gone on to apply his well earned entrepreneurial skills to other business ventures.
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Business support LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Without him dedicated works and supports, our business was not well deployed.
  • He was a good business partner who supported not only his functions, but other functions within the business.
  • Also, he supported me in creating vital business systems for my business to continue to grow.
  • John puts others before himself, and he is always looking to give support and encouragement to his business partners.
  • Without his help and support, a key new business venture would never have gotten off the ground.
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Career advisor LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I would recommend him to anybody who is looking to further their own career.
  • He's passionate about his career and an entrepreneur within in his career, always willing to take on new roles and responsibilities.
  • John introduced me a prospective career opportunity which later became my career.
  • He quickly became my best career advisor with honest, expert recommendations for me.
  • John was an amazing career advisor who truly understands each student's career goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
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Career coach LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John valuable coaching expertise to any who look for excellence in his career.
  • John was coaching me through my career path as well as within my our company assignments.
  • John worked very closely with me during my career transition, going above and beyond the average career coach.
  • I have a lot to thanks him since he coached my career from the very beginning.
  • In our one on one career coaching sessions, he has helped me modify my resume and rebuild my career opportunities.
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Client manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Interacts well with the clients and makes sure that everything from his side is done as per the obligations of the company to the client.
  • He has an intuitive understanding of what the client actually needs, not just what the client may be asked for.
  • He is great with clients, but also knows how to balance what is right for the client and the company.
  • His penchant for client satisfaction has provided us with some of the most satisfied clients.
  • He listens to client feedback, even when we all know, clients aren't, well, you know.
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Consulting skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is an experienced consultant with the highest interpersonal skills possible.
  • He is very diligent and he constantly updates his consulting and domain skills.
  • This was evident by his strong consulting skills that he used to help assess the needs of the organization.
  • His consulting skills are well complemented by his client facing and communication skills.
  • John is a skilled consultant, he demonstrated an excellent grasp of experience of recruitment consultancy.
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Cooperation with colleagues LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is a colleague who is willing to partner and help colleagues deliver.
  • John is good colleague - if you ask him, he will try his best to help you, not looking for excuses.
  • I am sure all his colleagues would say he is also their good friend and not just a colleague.
  • He is always looking for ways to not only better the company, but to better his colleagues.
  • The second thing you will come to know is how highly esteemed he is by his colleagues.
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Creative designer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I was always impressed with the way he would allow the designer to work without smothering his creativity.
  • John is very creative in his work and comes up with excellent designs and ideas.
  • He is creative, flexible and very knowledgeable about all aspects of design.
  • He has a tremendous creative eye and as such always had the respect of the creative.
  • John's creativity and yearning for design is inspiring to his colleagues and peers.
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Creative director LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • As a brand/marketing director, him vision and understanding of the target audience is key to getting the best out of a creative director.
  • He's driven by creative ideas, and he inspires those around him to think creatively, as well.
  • Let him be creative, and he will come up with ideas that you haven't thought about, which would be essential.
  • His creativity is just what you need when you are looking for the newest idea for your company.
  • He's enthusiastic, diligent, creative and wants to do really well in everything he does.
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Critical thinking LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Last but not least, he has strong logic and critical thinking ability.
  • His critical-thinking ability puts him far above others his own age.
  • John has the ability to effectively combine critical thinking with lateral thinking.
  • His critical way of thinking was an invaluable help for our team.
  • John has really gotten me to think outside the box and use my entrepreneurial thinking.
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Customer focus LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • His focus on customers' needs and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer delight was always appreciated.
  • John's ability to focus on our customer needs to allow us to increase our customer confidence and performance.
  • His focus has always been doing the right thing for his customers and his teams.
  • John's focus is firmly set on the customer and how best to engage with that customer using the online medium.
  • Moreover, he did all of this while simultaneously maintaining an unwavering focus on the needs of the customer.
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Customer satisfaction LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is all about customer satisfaction and will keep at something until you are happy with it.
  • John goes out of his way to ensure the satisfaction and success of his customers.
  • John always went above and beyond the customer's request to ensure satisfaction.
  • He knows his deliverable and goes beyond his reach for customer satisfaction.
  • He tries to understand the needs of his customers in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
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Delivery manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He managed expectations well and ensured satisfaction in delivery.
  • John is an extremely capable delivery manager who manages his tasks with efficiency and accuracy.
  • He understands the people he manages as well as the requirements for delivery.
  • Fulfils commitments' and will not promise what he cannot deliver.
  • John has impressed me with his ability to manage stakeholders from inception, through to delivery.
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Delivery skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John has these skills, along with a natural delivery, and passion for the subject matter.
  • He is delivery oriented, with very good analytical skills with strong communication skills.
  • His subject matter expertise is unquestionable and his delivery skills are very powerful.
  • He has excellent presentation skills and tailors his delivery to the specific audience.
  • He is skilled in the delivery of developmental feedback, and is passionate about helping others achieve their potential.
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Digital marketing LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • If you are getting an opportunity to have him in your digital marketing team, go for this.
  • John is the go to guy whenever you need qualified expert advice and knowledge about inbound marketing and anything to do with modern digital marketing.
  • His digital marketing knowledge has proven indispensable as he continues to teach and help me become a better marketer.
  • His appetite for innovation makes him one of my go-to collaborators on the latest digital and marketing trends.
  • In fact, he is on the cutting edge in terms of digital marketing innovations.
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Executive secretary LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is someone who takes an idea and transforms it into something really executable and realistic.
  • John understands what it takes to get things done and executes flawlessly, all while having fun.
  • John impressed me as an executive with his willingness to effectively take on new challenges.
  • His vision and relentless pursuit to execute has never been about himself or his own agenda.
  • I am glad to have known him as he has significant added value to my ideas and execution.
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Game developer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • His base assumption is that the developer wants to make a better game, regardless of any other factor.
  • John is now on the "other side of the camera" at one of the top game developers.
  • John's love for independent games is only outmatched by his passion for helping those games' developers become successful.
  • Combined with with this, attention to details and true passion for games he is a natural game developer.
  • He thoroughly understands the game development pipeline, what makes a game successful, and how to implement it.
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Human resources manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is professional in all aspects of human resources management with expertise in building and leading human resource departments.
  • John was always willing to listen to our needs and manage his resources to accomplish our goals.
  • John displayed strength in human resources management and building teamwork in the organization.
  • He managed his resources very well to deliver the best value possible, regardless any other contributing constraints.
  • He understands the problem thoroughly and then manages the situation and his resources almost flawlessly.
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Integrity LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He wants to be the best and his integrity is unquestioned.
  • His integrity would not allow him to do it any other way.
  • He has integrity and is always willing to help others.
  • He associates himself with those only of integrity.
  • He is always there to help and has high integrity.
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Interpersonal skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He has a rare combination of very strong interpersonal skills and very good analytical/engineering skills.
  • This strong array of skill sets along with his strong interpersonal skills defines him.
  • In addition, his interpersonal skills come through even in the most difficult circumstances.
  • His exceptional one-on-one and interpersonal skills allow him to connect with anyone.
  • His interpersonal skills are second to none, and contribute largely to his success.
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Job coach LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John, does his best to get the job done, he will help you in any way he can.
  • First time around, we hired him to help us coach our franchises and he did an excellent job.
  • I would highly recommend him to anyone who not only wants to get the job done but have the job done right.
  • John was so dedicated to his job that he always did whatever was required to get the job done.
  • John, at this job and other jobs thereafter, proved himself to be an expert on valuations.
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Job knowledge LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • His thorough knowledge of him job, willingness to help and quick responses made my job much easier.
  • He has the knowledge to get the job done even in the most stressful situations.
  • He is dedicated to his job, is knowledgeable and can really get along with people.
  • He is respectful, knowledgeable, and always willing to do what is necessary to get any job done that is asked of him.
  • He is knowledgeable and was always willing to explain concepts during my first months on the job.
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Key account manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • His know how makes him a partner to the companies he is serving as a key account manager.
  • His management of key accounts delivered great success for the organization year after year.
  • He was instrumental in getting certain key accounts for the organization which otherwise would have been impossible.
  • John is excellent in managing key accounts and gathering relevant information.
  • John is a full rounded manager with a solid and complete experience in managing key accounts.
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Leadership LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I can think of no better example of just how affecting his leadership is.
  • The transformation was unbelievable and entirely down to his leadership.
  • I truly miss him and will be honored to be under his leadership again.
  • He has been acknowledged as an example of what leadership should be.
  • I am grateful for his help and leadership during this last creation.
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Learning skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is always learning, trying new things, and passing him learning on to others.
  • John takes pride in everything that he does and is always willing to take on new opportunities and learn new skills.
  • What has always impressed me most about him, is his excitement to learn new skills and techniques.
  • He loves learning new, challenging skills and is always looking to help out whenever he can.
  • John skills we does not have, he quickly learns because he is not afraid to ask for help.
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Listening skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He also possesses the skill to listen so that he allows others to participate and contribute.
  • His formidable listening skills enable him to make the most out of every situation.
  • His intuitive skills of listening and understanding your needs are exceptional.
  • Far and away his most admirable skill was his ability to listen to our needs.
  • His listening skills are world class which allows him to get it right the first time.
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Management skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John brings to the table a unique blend of management skills and our company skills.
  • His management skills and tracking skills helped us achieve our goals on time.
  • His managing skills not only helped us understand our strength, but also helped us strengthen our skill in other areas.
  • His management and expense management skills have allowed me to learn from him at every turn.
  • He is also an engaged manager with a skill for managing across cultural and geographic boundaries.
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Management style LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I would have to say that his management style was more on the affiliate side.
  • Besides that he is able to handle different kind of management styles which not every manager is having.
  • John's management style is very hands on - he doesn't ask someone to do something that he is not willing to do himself.
  • As a manager, his style is that of an open door, but hands off type manager, there when you need him but not micro managing.
  • His managing style is hands off, but is there when you need help and guidance.
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Marketing manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John has always shown respect and sensitivity for each of the markets he managed in his position.
  • John is a more than a capable marketing manager and has the capacity to think outside the box.
  • He has initiated, built, or managed most of the marketing endeavors for the company.
  • As a marketing manager, he always put his heart into everything that he does.
  • By far his most admirable trait, was his ability to nurture and manage my progression into a marketing manager.
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Marketing professional LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is cordial, professional and above all brilliant in marketing his authors far and wide.
  • His approach was very professional, reassuring and he obtained an under market price.
  • He was always very professional, on time, good at marketing and fun to be around.
  • John is a strategic marketing professional whose leadership made a huge impact on elevating the market share of the five vertical markets that he covered.
  • He is honest and his leads were one of the best in the market because he is very professional.
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Negotiation skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • His problem solving skills, negotiating skills & mitigating the given risk is amazing.
  • He has great negotiating skills, great communication skills and is trustworthy.
  • John has good skills in influencing, negotiation and following through on tasks.
  • His interpersonal and negotiation skills are complemented by his ability to ask the right questions.
  • He had just the right blend of strong negotiating skills, responsiveness and leadership.
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Networking skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I have known him for more than a year now and his skills as a Networker are extraordinary.
  • Using his skills, networks and ideas he has added value to the exhibition in many ways.
  • He is extremely well-connected and his networking skills are absolutely the best.
  • He is good at interpersonal skills and has great networking within and beyond.
  • He is a tireless volunteer as well as an inspiring Networker but, more than that, he uses his networking skills to benefit others rather than to only be self-serving.
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Personal assistant LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Along with great professional he is an extremely fantastic personality as a person.
  • He is an extremely knowledgeable, personable, hardworking and passionate person who would never ask anyone for anything he didn't believe in or wouldn't do himself.
  • John is the kind of person who all get along with, and is a pleasant personality to work with in any situation.
  • John's personality and work manner are as unique and inspiring and as his personal style.
  • He is very down to earth kind of person and is a wonderful person to work with.
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Personal branding LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • On a personal note he was very friendly in nature and has an outgoing personality.
  • Not only is a wonderful person to talk to, his insights and tips have helped me grow my personal brand.
  • He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and is often the first person in and the last person to out.
  • He is truly an expert in personal branding and does so in a professional and extremely personable way.
  • If you are looking for someone who can help launch or relaunch your company and personal brand he is the only right choice.
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Personal goals LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is goal oriented and focused person who will take any hardship to meet his goal.
  • John is a very focused person with exactly knowing his goals, whether they are his personal or professional.
  • He is one of those women that knows just what needs to be said to a person to help them reach their goals.
  • John is a very persevering person, who always knows how to come to the goal point.
  • He is a person who will never give up come what may and always achieves his goals.
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Personal relationships LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I personally enjoy and appreciate the creative insight and wonderful personality, he brings to our relationships.
  • He has an admirable ability to establish personalized relationships with each individual personality on his team.
  • John has always gone above and beyond and is very detailed person with an awesome personality.
  • John is a very loyal person and is the type of person that you want to maintain a lasting relationship with.
  • John is the kind of person you want to spend time with on both a personal and working relationship.
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Practice manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He will take any concept and break it down to make it more practical.
  • His concepts have not only been practical but also very out the box.
  • I always found him to be practical and insightful in what he did.
  • He is extremely practical and he gets along well with everyone.
  • He's conceptual yet practical and gets things done efficiently.
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Presentation skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He makes you think and recognize your skills and accomplishments and how you are presented in the marketplace.
  • John is brilliant at getting his ideas across and his presentation skills are exceptional.
  • His presentation skills are outstanding and it doesn't feel like he is trying to sell.
  • John's refined presentation and closing proficiencies are only two of many skills.
  • Incredibly enthusiastic and encapsulates his audience with him presenting skills.
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Problem solving LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He knows how to solve problems and he always solves them in the most efficient way.
  • John's best attribute is that he was always available to help solve problems.
  • He comes up with solutions others have never come up with to solve problems.
  • I especially love how clever he is using next to nothing- or things that you'd never think to use in solving problems.
  • He always approaches every problem as something he can solve, and he will look at every angle to solve it.
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Product designer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I was impressed with his deep knowledge of all aspects of product design.
  • I worked with him for various product designs and every time found him exceeding the mark.
  • John looks at product requirements in depth and on more than one occasion brought up valid points to the product and design teams.
  • His product designs, requirements, and user stories were always well thought out and insightful.
  • I have very much enjoyed working with him in designing product launches that have been great winners.
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Product knowledge LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He has consistently delivered the best products and knowledge at the best prices.
  • His product knowledge and desire to provide the right product at the right time is some of his key traits.
  • John is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to selling the right product for your company.
  • Him drive as a product owner was well respected due to the deep knowledge of his products.
  • His knowledge and input have always been very beneficial for new features as they made their way through the product lifecycle.
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Professional engineer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John, was always an outspoken professional who had something right to say at the right time.
  • He can be counted on to do what he says he'll do, with competence and professionalism.
  • John was professional and available at all times and nothing was too much trouble.
  • John is extremely professional and has an amazing approach to people - very professional and friendly.
  • I always recalled his advice to me about how to become a successful professional - be adaptive to changes and be professional under pressure.
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Programming skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John has superior interpersonal skills and displays good leadership skills when involved in group programs.
  • His unmatched programming skill always provided the best solutions to our assignments in the course.
  • Under his leadership this program has become a model for such other programs throughout the country.
  • He takes the leadership role seriously and applies his skills to get the program done.
  • He is passionate about learning and expanding his skill set both inside and outside of the program.
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Project management LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He always had several projects that he had initiated and managed and always with stellar results.
  • He goes above and beyond to ensure projects are thought through and managed efficiently.
  • He manages to get his ideas across and makes sure to complete the projects he starts.
  • I would recommend him to anyone looking for an energetic and dedicated project manager.
  • He can manage several projects concurrently and see them to successful completion.
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Project manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John understands how to break down a project into manageable pieces so that the project can be completed timely.
  • John is talented in managing projects and is very collaborative in his approach when tackling a project.
  • He has a very strategic approach to project management, which results in the success of all projects.
  • John is proficient at simultaneously managing the people and project evenly to navigate project success.
  • John is well organized, detail oriented in the project management of a global project.
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Public speaking LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He has the good fortune to enjoy speaking in public and this is evident every time he speaks.
  • John is very sensitive to the needs of the public and will speak plainly and clearly about how to address those needs.
  • This is what's so mesmerizing about his public speaking, because you can't fake that type of emotion.
  • He has given me the confidence to speak in public without having to “hide behind a podium”.
  • We have seen him share in public speaking and he connects to the audience effortlessly.
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Quality manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John assignment that he took up, he made sure that there is certain quality and thoroughness about the way it was delivered.
  • When he says he's going to do something, he always follows through - a quality to be prized in any endeavor.
  • There are very few who always stand out for their greater qualities and he is definitely one among them.
  • John also has that quality you always want, but don't always get - everyone just plain likes him.
  • I really do like this quality in him, it shows that he is really passionate about what he does.
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Relationship building LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John's superpower is his ability to build relationships regardless of circumstances.
  • He can do this while building excellent relationships on both sides of the fence.
  • John is fantastic at building and maintaining relationships with people, then using those relationships to achieve results.
  • He builds immediate rapport with his customers, and builds lasting relationships.
  • He is impressive at building relationships across the organization that help him to get things done.
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Relationship manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I would look forward to have him on board where relationships matter.
  • His expertise in managing international relationships was invaluable in salvaging strained relationships.
  • He was second to none in creating and cultivating relationships and managing tricky relationships with care.
  • He will go out of his way to help you and truly understands the power of relationships.
  • John line managed me directly and we had a great relationship.
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Sales person LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He was able to bring the best of every sales person's strengths to land sales and of course increase revenues.
  • And as he is really business oriented, he even does not need any sales person to make the sale move forward.
  • Further, he is the person to go to, when you need things done the best possible way and “yesterday”.
  • He was one of those people that wouldn't ask you to do nothing that he would not do himself.
  • He is beyond personable and is always available to help you in any way that you may need.
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Sales skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He has an incredible mix of skills that allow him to be successful in enterprise sales.
  • John has always had the skills, drive and determination to succeed in the sales arena.
  • John is also skilled in the area of sales, which makes him extremely unique and rare.
  • He has very good sales skills and uses his skill and personality to influence people.
  • Over the years he became strongly skilled in hard and soft skills required to be a very successful sales individual.
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Social media manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is an influencer in social media and when he has put his mind to something, he can make anything happen.
  • With his connections in social media and broadcasting, he will get you exposure immediately.
  • His understanding of all things interactive and social media is impressive to say the least.
  • I recently engaged him to re-purpose some of our blogs into social media infographics.
  • John has completely re-invented our social media campaign and has made it come alive.
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Social skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • His social skills also help in getting the most out of user requirements and preferences.
  • He also has incredible social and teamwork skills, which will take him far in his career.
  • Him abilities and social skills should allow him to be successful in many employment roles.
  • What distinguish him from others are his social skills- he talks with anyone, anywhere and he is a great listener.
  • This not only reinforces his social skills but shows his eager willingness to help others.
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Solution architect LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He has architected solutions to the most complex problems that have been thrown up in the code.
  • He is an expert and architect in procurement and logistics solutions.
  • Not only is he an excellent solutions architect, but also extremely good at interpersonal connections.
  • He understands enterprise selling and his role as a solution architect.
  • If he does not know an answer straight away, he would come back to you as soon as he's got the solution.
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Talent director LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He uses his talents to make others shine and truly gets along with everyone.
  • John is very talented and does know how to get things done with his no-nonsense attitude.
  • He is well connected and knows how to spot and talent and find the right place for that talent to thrive.
  • John also has an incredible gift for identifying talent and fostering new talent through mentorship.
  • In addition to his own talents, he has an ability to identify and grow the talents of others.
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Team assistant LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Everyone on the team could depend on him and he was an exceptional team player.
  • I appreciate, that he is there for the team and always willing to help in any possible ways.
  • John, thanks for all that you did to help me, you and your team are truly remarkable.
  • We will miss not having him on our team and wish him all the best in his endeavors.
  • John also makes sure his team knows what he is doing and what it might affect.
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Team coordinator LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He has high capabilities in team coordination and taking greater responsibilities.
  • John never let me down, and instinctively knows how to keep his team motivated.
  • He expertly coordinated the team in which we were working, and the end result was exceptional.
  • He can motivate his team and the team loves to be with him while they know that there would be no relaxation in what is expected of them.
  • Always motivates the team and gives ample freedom to his team with sufficient checkpoints.
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Team lead LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John truly leads the team from the front and ready to help the team for any challenges they are facing.
  • John leads from the front of his team, never shying away from doing what he has asked his team to do.
  • He was leading many teams across the globe was able to set up great teams in short time.
  • He knows how to lead his team and be there if they need anything personally.
  • He always gets the best of his team, in his natural way of leading by example, as well as empowering people.
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Team leader LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is curious, takes initiative, and he is an exceptional leader of teams.
  • John takes on a leader is measured in three things, results, team and is the leader still talked about ten years later.
  • In every situation he brings out the best in his team and makes sure his team is set up for success.
  • John was invaluable to the team and will be an asset to any team in any organization.
  • As a team leader, he is very focused and does whatever is necessary to ensure the team's success in the short and long term.
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Team manager LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John was my hiring manager right off college, and he was a great manager for his team.
  • As a manager, he brought out the best in his team and is himself a joy to manage.
  • John is an amazing team manager which clearly shows during interaction with each of his team members.
  • He has shown maturity beyond his years while managing his team, which went on to become one of the most sought after teams in the org.
  • John's management style is that of empowering the team and creating an environment where the team can succeed.
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Team member LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • Aleks also has the passion to do the right thing which made him very valuable member of my team.
  • He not only looks after the team members, but also gives them opportunities for advancement.
  • He is also very easy to get along, and goes out of his to help colleagues and team members.
  • If all members of the team were like him, you could sell everything you want to anybody.
  • Not only myself, but all the members of my team appreciate and value his input and help.
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Technical lead LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John has a rare gift: he can lead while making you feel that you are the one leading.
  • He has great technical competencies and can lead to several kinds of people.
  • He's as technical as they come, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and brings excitement to those he leads.
  • He provided the technical vision that leads to many enterprise deals that grew the company.
  • He can get anyone placed or get you the lead you are looking for, but it's up to you to grow from there.
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Technical recruiter LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is the type of recruiter you would give the most important recruitment assignment too.
  • John is an excellent recruiter, combining his strong technical background with his interpersonal expertise.
  • John is impeccable at recruiting all types of roles including niche technical roles.
  • John took the time to get to know all of his recruiters and was always available if needed.
  • John is a very successful recruiter and is very happy to share his expertise with any recruiter who needs advice.
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Technical skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is versatile, always available when you need him and technically skilled at any challenge you give him.
  • What is admirable is that in addition to his technical skills, he also bonds very well with his colleagues.
  • His technical skills along with his ability to see far beyond what is visible is his great strength.
  • John has very strong technical skills, which he combines with an ability to think out of the box.
  • John's technical skills are outstanding and he is always looking for new ways to apply ideas.
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Technology skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is among those few guys who excel in technology and management skills at the same time.
  • John has a very good balance of technology skills, people skills, and a very broad mindset.
  • The combination of his mastery of technology and people skills makes him unique.
  • I would certainly recommend him for the similar position, where he can use his skills and technological expertise to advantage.
  • He is very skilled in gathering requirements and determining what technologies can satisfy those requirements.
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Time management LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He managed his stakeholders graciously and managed his own time very efficiently.
  • He is willing to take the time and explain things so we can get them done right the first time.
  • He not only gets things done, he gets them done perfectly and every time, on time.
  • He would always do his best to make time for any request from anyone at any time.
  • He managed time frugally and always completed assignments given to him on time.
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Training skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • He is always willing to help, with great presentation, training, and leadership skills.
  • He displays great training skills and patient during his training and he was well received by the people that he had trained.
  • I have had the pleasure to be trained by him on several topics that have enhanced my leadership skills.
  • He provides easy to understand training and his troubleshooting skills are remarkable.
  • His training skills are exceptional and can reach every participant convincingly.
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Visual designer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John also designed our new website which provided engaging visual designs as well as clearer navigation and user journey.
  • John is a fantastic designer in both the interactive and visual space.
  • He likes to design solutions to hard problems and deliver on those designs.
  • He was awesome at explaining what needed to be done both in visuals and in terms of what design needed.
  • He is an astute and tasteful visual designer and a great storyteller.
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Web designer LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John got me into the world of web design by hiring and then mentoring me.
  • John also gets some amazing results for his web design and web marketing clients.
  • This has carried onto his (very successful) web design career.
  • John is an experienced multi-platforms (web & mobile) designer.
  • John designed my first web site and kept all of my computers in immaculate condition.
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Work attitude LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I love working with him because he keeps a positive attitude towards his work and he is always willing to help.
  • Through his passion for his work and positive attitude, he makes you want to work just as hard as he does.
  • He was a joy to work with and his upbeat attitude always made me look forward to working with him.
  • I worked with him in a number of capacities and was always impressed by his work and his attitude.
  • John brings an uplifting attitude to his work that rubs off on those working with or around him.
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Work experience LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • I've worked for him in three different organizations, and would work for him again if given the chance.
  • I have had him do work for me and he's very truthful and his work is reasonably priced.
  • Those who have worked with and learned from him are all better for having had the experience.
  • Working with him on this book was a great experience and you can see how others want to work with him and stay working with him.
  • John has many types of work experience in his background that will serve him well in just about any type of work setting.
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Work skills LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John is skilled, easy to work with and always open to trying new things to get the best possible shots.
  • His leadership skills are exemplary and an example that is followed by all that work with him.
  • I have enjoyed working with him and found him to be appropriately compulsive and very skilled.
  • His interpersonal skills are extraordinary when he is working with his clients/customers.
  • He is very confident in the work that he does, which dictates his mastery at his skills.
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Working together LinkedIn recommendation phrases
  • John and the team under his leadership worked well together to bring us their best work.
  • He works to high standards across all aspects of his work and is a delight to work with.
  • He was very helpful and attentive to his colleagues and friendly both at work and off-work hours.
  • He would make sure that people working under him are getting right opportunities as well as credit for their work.
  • John is very confident in his work and went out of his way to work on our project.
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