LinkedIn Recommendation Examples And Phrases To Write Testimonials In LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples And Sample Phrases

Account Executive: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • His contributions at our company were very well conceived and he helped execute them with many key account teams.
  • His aggressive execution resulted in almost immediate account engagements and new sales.
  • John balances empowerment with accountability, providing greater clarity of direction and the freedom to execute.
  • Candor and accountability are two of his extraordinary attributes as a top recruiting executive.
  • His work ethic as a result driven account executive is beyond reproach.
Account Manager: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • John served on his account and provided brilliant account strategy, planning and relationship management.
  • John does an excellent job with managing each account manager as an individual and really focuses on our talents.
  • John is a very trustworthy, solutions-focused account manager.
  • Him supportive management style encouraged us, yet kept us accountable.
  • He managed accounts well and grew, accounts with his knowledge of licensing and product.
Account Representative: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • He gives it to you straight and holds you accountable for the choices you make.
  • He not only provides excellent and timely feedback, he holds him accountable.
  • However, the end result clearly takes into account the interests he defended.
  • He focuses on results and accountability, rather than mistakes and the past.
  • Crucially, he listens to and understands him account's specific challenges.
Accounting Manager: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • He managed our global training account with uncommon expertise.
  • Nobody beats him when comes to account management and putting him customer first and at the centre of what he does.
  • When territories were being shuffled every single customer he managed begged to keep him on the account.
  • He has an aptitude for relationship management and is always strategic in how he grows an account.
  • His follow-up is superb and his management of the account relationship extremely proactive.
Adaptability: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • John is someone who, when he says he will do something, you can be certain that it will be done.
  • And if it is something that he has never done before, knows nothing about, that's not an issue.
  • He seems to just know everything that is going on around him and provides value at every turn.
  • He won't tell others what to do that he hasn't done or won't be willing to take on himself.
  • Thank you so much for everything you have done for him over the past two and the half years.
Administrative Professional: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • John, during the course and always has exhibited himself as astute professional.
  • Not only because of his professionality, but also because he is good colleague.
  • During the past few months, he has always impressed him by his professionalism.
  • Moreover, he is also respectable and well-known among his professional circle.
  • He's very professional, very discreet, and follows up when he says he will.
Advertising Manager: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • John is an excellent manager with principle grounded in management philosophy.
  • His advice and views were often sought by management and managers alike.
  • He then became his manager and eventually skip manager as his org grew.
  • His self-starting, self-managed character is a joy for any manager.
  • John is a manager who manages a tough situation with equanimity.
Advertising Sales: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • He is someone they want to talk to, which says a lot in sales.
  • If that's what you need in your sales organization, then he's your guy.
  • It has really given him some useful points about how to approach aspects of the sale.
  • He has always provided a different perspective to all the pre-sales he did.
  • He recognizes that the sale doesn't really start until someone says, no.
Advertising Sales Executive: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • John possesses all the key attributes of a great sales executive.
  • He always made you feel that each and every sale was important regardless of the sale amount or size of the deal.
  • John provided excellent advice, preparation and execution during the sale of his home.
  • John also has the ability to close a sale, something that can often be a challenge in the sales lifecycle.
  • John consistently won sales awards, and pushed the envelope on sales initiatives.
Advertising Sales Manager: LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases
  • As his manager, he taught him to believe in himself and gave him the tools necessary to succeed in sales.
  • He expertly manages his sales funnel from prospecting through closing deals.
  • He has managed some of the top sales people in our organization, and each of them will tell you, he made them even better.
  • His cultivated sales acumen positively impacted his sales cycles, resulting in large enterprise-wide sales.
  • John understands well the needs and wants from the perspective of advertisers and agencies.