Account Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His insights were outstanding, and inspired him to improve as a fellow account executive.
John would think outside the box visually, but always took into account the budget and what it would look like for the stores to execute.
When he worked for him, he was accountable for the national strategy and execute against the plan
Him accounts respecting him for solution building ideas and ability to execute.
John's personality is what separates him from the rest of the account executives at our company.
He took accountability for everything he did and he produced results.
Everything is accounted for and he will always produce results.
He will let his teams execute with complete liberty holding them accountable for the ultimate deliverable.
His commitment to execution and his knack for holding teams accountable is unrivaled in his experience.
A complete sense of belonging & accountability for all actions executed by his team mates.
His contributions at our company were very well conceived and he helped execute them with many key account teams.
John has been at our company account executive assigned to his team and him for several years.
However, he also understands how to be a goal driven and accountable corporate executive.
His aggressive execution resulted in almost immediate account engagements and new sales.
Recently he stepped in when we were between account executives and helped us get critical meetings established with key folks.
From his perspective, he represented his organizations well, and his approach as an account executive was appreciated.
John balances empowerment with accountability, providing greater clarity of direction and the freedom to execute.
His drive for excellence in execution, right mix of empowering and holding sellers accountable is very impactful.
John is always able to execute a plan, and keep all parties engaged, focused, and accountable.
Candor and accountability are two of his extraordinary attributes as a top recruiting executive.
John's ability to quickly build trust & confidence emphasizes accountability and execution.
From our time together in grad school, he has grown into a great account executive.
His work ethic as a result driven account executive is beyond reproach.
John with him first year with our company quickly became known as one of the hardest working account executives in the company.