Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He does the complete job from prospecting to account management.
He worked for him managing several different accounts with great success.
He manages and grows his accounts while always acting with integrity.
He can manage large accounts with ease and also mentor individuals.
John managed our account with earnestness, integrity and passion.
John worked tirelessly during his tenure as an account manager.
His all round knowledge across account management is top draw.
Every account manager can put into practice what he presents.
Under his management, the our company group was always accountable for their work.
John believes in his work, he brings on accounts that will be and are successful and he trusts the people managing his accounts.
John served on his account and provided brilliant account strategy, planning and relationship management.
John is an exceptional person in his role of account management, and he does an exceptional job with his accounts.
A go to person for not only his peers but for management of other accounts.
John does an excellent job with managing each account manager as an individual and really focuses on our talents.
As part of his job he managed relationship with various companies and account managers.
He made him look good to both his external accounts and internal management.
John is a very trustworthy, solutions-focused account manager.
Lastly, he provided mentorship to many of his peers and teamed with the account managers.
He worked closely with him and mentored him, especially in the management of his accounts.
Him supportive management style encouraged us, yet kept us accountable.
His account management and support was critical to our success.
He specializes in leadership, performance management, training, and account management.
He managed accounts well and grew, accounts with his knowledge of licensing and product.
More recently, he has owned the responsibility for managing an account that took up half of the company's income.
He is very thorough and detail oriented; has all the good characteristics of an accounting manager.
John helped him hire a new account manager recently and the experience was excellent.
As a manager, he held him reps accountable to his expectations and those of the company.
Oletta's experience makes him a strong candidate for any account management position.
The John company would be lucky to have his account managing expertise, plain and simple.
These are all critical attributes to a successful account manager in his book.
In a few words he is the account manager companies dream to get assigned.
As a manager, his standards for accountability and performance are high.
He single-handily managed one of the company's biggest accounts: our company.
Tripathi was managing a delivery team for one of his accounts.
He successfully managed both small and large account and was always successful in driving the desired performance from these accounts.
When he took over his own book of clients, he went above and beyond to ensure success for all of the accounts he managed.
He is new to this type of role, but his clients would never know based on how he manages his accounts.
He will always do what is in the best interest of our customers, backed with key account management.
John always showed great empathy with the needs of the clients whose accounts he was managing.
He would be an asset to any organisation which has demanded customers as an account manager.
Him account management is also excellent, he really lived up to our clients' expectations.
John's approach to management is one that focused on fun, creativity, and accountability.
John managed many of our top accounts and did so with amazing feedback from his clients.
John manages his accounts diligently with an eye on both the customer and the company.
He managed accounts very efficiently and was liked by all clients that he dealt with.
John is exactly what you are looking for in account management and customer service.
He used to manage him while we were transitioning the accounts for a new client win.
He is very customer-centric and balances his time well in managing him accounts.
The account management and creative deliverables always exceed his expectations.
Every day he effectively managed clients' accounts and their expectations.
All this while managing significant client accounts of his own, mind you.
He managed the account well and gain trust and respect from clients.
His partnership with him in managing client accounts was top notch.
He knows how to get out of the way and let the account manager and support staff manage the account once it is sold, but he doesn't mind one bit jumping back in if he is asked.
He manages accounts very well and everyone loves him enthusiastic personality.
It was exciting to have him begin working as an account manager at e-commerce
In the accounts that he managed he quickly became their trusted advisor.
His vivacious personality was very conducive for account management.
The combination of the above made him a great account management person.
John directly reported to him and managed one staff accountant.
John spans the gap between channel management and direct touch account management, and does both with excellent results.
His grasp of paid social, campaign management and great account management is incredible.
His management style was a good mix of managing deadlines, ensuring accountability for process management and having some fun.
Never did he accept second best, and as a consequence, neither did the account managers on his team.
John is a great manager by all accounts as he was very dynamic and brought out the best in the team.
He managed his team to make commitments and stand up to them in the same way he held us to account.
His insights into leadership and accountability have done much to energize our management team.
He can manage any new account quite easily and is very good at picking the right resources.
John's resourcefulness, dedication, and expertise make him an exceptional account manager.
His delegation and accountability allow him to successfully manage teams of various sizes.
We were sad to see him go; he was definitely an asset to the team as an account manager.
He essentially managed his time effectively as a resource to be used in his accounts.
He managed his accounts well and always solicited him as a resource when needed.
John is the programme manager accountable for all aspects of the migration.
John wasn't afraid to jump in the trenches with the account management team.
John's management of our account resulted in significant cost savings.
John's account management style is acting as an extension of his team.
He maintains good balance between the account managers and resources.
He manages by tasks, and holds his team accountable for their actions.
He demands accountability from his team, yet is not a micro-manager.
As a manager, he kept the team focused, accountable and efficient.
He would be a fantastic addition to any account management team.
He managed his team really well and ensured accounting ran well at our company.
John's position was account manager, but he really played the role of a project manager.
As an account manager, his relationship with clients was exceptional.
During that time him progression has been fast from account executive, account manager, through to account director, and very well deserved.
John always went above and beyond as his account manager to deliver the best results for the business.
His particular expertise is new business but he is also an effective account manager.
Not only did he know how to manage his accounts- he ran them like a business.
John really went the extra mile when managing his business' account.
He managed a technical account management team, as well as strategic vendor management.
Not long after, he became the technical manager for one of the largest accounts.
John is the go-to-guy on any technical issues within the accounts he managed.
Apart from just managing the accounts, his technical prowess is beyond doubt.
John is a hard-working, results-driven account manager who manages the accounts he is assigned with care and consideration.
He gets everyone working together, he keeps everyone accountable, and he manages to success in a way that is also enjoyable.
He managed several of the largest accounts, most of which were in the red before he turned them into profitable campaigns.
He gives sufficient freedom to his managers to get work done, and also keeps them accountable for their deliverance
He went above and beyond account management and was a valuable contributor to our campaigns and discussions.
Being our account manager, he has always been responsible and helpful with the campaigns we launched together.
John has been an inspirational manager and brought enthusiasm and precision to all accounts he directed.
He knows account management in and out, which becomes evident as soon as you start to work with him.
Unlike most account managers he is present and committed all year round, not just at renewal time.
His knowledge of the space would qualify him for many roles, not just as an account manager.
As a manager, he is decisive, and yet able to take into account the opinions of his peers.
He gives everything into his work and has truly excelled into an excellent account manager.
Him high level of integrity and accountability is an extraordinary value to any manager.
His articulate style lends himself to both acquisition and retention account management
He manages with the utmost integrity and accountability, settling for nothing less.
He works true magic in account management by doing nothing more than being himself.
He knows exactly how to manage accounts by still allowing recruiters autonomy.
He knows very well, how to balance the recruiting and account management tasks.
John knows what he talks about and is accurate with his work as an account manager
All of his partner accounts were managed with incredible professionalism.
When first joining the company he worked in an account management role.
John is a great mentor and a wonderful manager by all accounts.
Sangeeta worked as a bid manager from offshore in his account.
Being responsible for our company as an account manager we have been working together already for many years.
John worked as our account manager and sales/technology liaison at our company.
Most recently he has managed the contract accounting and revenue recognition.
John is not intimidated by managing a large corporate account.
John came to be his manager through the acquisition of his company, he was placed in the role of manager to an already established and the intact accounting team
Not only does he manage well, he provides guidance and coaching to set the stage for future account managers.
John is brought in to support our account and he provided leadership, expertise and account management at the level that was required during that time.
Project managers, account people and clients can all see this commitment and appreciate this about him.
During our company he has demonstrated outstanding talents in both managing himself and his accounts.
Him peers respect him and customers are very happy with him account management.
He is generous with his time as he mentored him in account management.
John provided key account management on our mobile telephony estate.
He reviewed, analyzed and improved our account management process.
Johns account has grown each year, under his management, and grows, thru innovative solutions.
He never places, tactics above strategy and is vigilant in proactively managing his accounts.
He shared strategy and his experience to help him successfully manage some wayward accounts.
He does an excellent job managing account and always steps up and delivers results.
He exhibited his leadership in managing the distribution, key accounts for growth.
When we needed account management and retention strategies he created them.
John moved internally to manage the delivery side of the account.
John provided our team with superior leadership and management of our accounting department.
Inevitably, he became a natural member of our team rather than just an account manager.
John managed deadlines by holding each team member accountable.
John is a great manager, not only did he manage him, he mentored him and showed be what an account handler should be.
As an account manager for education, he is very driven and enthusiastic and would go the extra mile in covering him accounts.
John is his account manager for his residential solar program.
He's one of the few account managers we work with who really "gets" direct response.
He managed his accounts very well, providing great follow up and support.
He is an exceptional account manager and recruiter as well as mentor.
He manages his assigned account well and often received compliments from his customers.
John's strategies in account management have led directly to his client's successes.
While he is able to get into the detail when necessary, he does not micromanage, instead he encourages accountability for deliverables.
John tries to understand the details behind the issues, going far beyond the what is normally considered the role of an account manager.