Account Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Account Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's a pleasure to work with and have represent your company's account.
He holds himself and others accountable and is consistent in his style and actions.
John broke into numerous accounts and was always willing to share his expertise.
When a see is taking care of an account he always has our company interest at heart.
He is focused on his questions and consistent in the accountability he provided.
In his opinion, his strongest attribute is his follow through and accountability.
He could also be counted up to follow up on agreed actions and accountabilities.
If you want an account guy who just does or just thinks, then he is not your guy.
The account he had responsibility for was challenging and demanding of his time.
John sets clear expectations and keeps everyone, including himself, accountable.
He gives it to you straight and holds you accountable for the choices you make.
John always made time for all his accounts, no matter the size of the issue.
He reinforces an accountability and growth mindset wherever he goes by example.
He not only provides excellent and timely feedback, he holds him accountable.
He has to handle many problem accounts and he does that with respect and tact.
He has proved to him numerous times that he can be flexible on all accounts.
However, the end result clearly takes into account the interests he defended.
John held him accountable for his forecast and at the same time had his back.
We have got off to quick starts in many accounts with his diligent attitude.
He focuses on results and accountability, rather than mistakes and the past.
John is responsible for selling into both new and existing player accounts.
From there he closed many new account opportunities in his first full year.
Crucially, he listens to and understands him account's specific challenges.
He taught him accountability and tapped into his strengths like no one before.
He listens to feedback and feels very accountable for everything he does.
He knows to take into account others' opinions to make difficult decisions.
John took over our account and focused on making the transition painless.
John taught him how to truly prepare for selling and expanding into accounts.
He made enough deposits into his emotional back account to last a lifetime.
At that time he was a fast learner on one of our most challenging accounts.
John maintained consistency and accountability within his leadership style.
John never asked questions which allowed him to be shut out of an account.
He is driven by results and holds himself accountable first and foremost.
He takes ownership, accountability, and is always positive and confident.
His commitment to results and unflinching accountability are unsurpassed.
By default he has a complete understanding of accounting and consolidation.
He went out of his way to help him fix a problem on his linked in account.
John's background brings many strengths that were vital to the account.
He says on top of our account and always follows up in a timely manner.
He is persistent yet polite when he needed an answer for his accounts.
He offers suggestions, listens well and is responsible and accountable.
He's an excellent accountant, and contributed enormously to our growth.
During our company the account faced several challenges and escalations.
His timely contribution to this account far exceeded his expectations.
With his guidance we saw significant growth in spending for our account.
He's not afraid to ask the tough questions or to hold him accountable.
His ability to sell into new accounts is one of his strongest points.
His cooperation and handling of our account was refreshingly smooth.
He cared about his account and was available after hours and weekends.
His collaborative style is inclusive yet accountability is expected.
He is also great at holding him accountable to complete commitments.
His style was driven by inclusiveness, fairness and accountability.
He emphasises values and behaviours, accountability and discipline.
He's dedicated, flexible, articulate, and completely accountable.
His leadership style is founded on empowerment and accountability.
He completely turned around accounts that were thought to be lost.
He's accountable and takes on new challenges with complete ease.
He goes after big accounts and gets even bigger results for them.
He instills confidence among us by giving us full accountability.
He handled strategic accounts through some very trying ordeals.
He demystifies accountancy making the understanding accessible.
John is detail oriented, and is accountable for what he promises.
Him responsiveness and accurate resolutions saved many accounts.
John is empathic, sensitive, very intelligent and accountable.
John is also proactive on accounts that needed deeper analysis.
Equally as impressive is his ability to sell to major accounts.
Under his leadership on our account, we achieved great results.
As an individual, he is highly accountable and results-driven.
John possesses and delivers measurable results on all accounts.
John's greatest strength is his total sense of accountability.
He is always on-top of his accounts and very detail oriented.
He inspired each of them to use our company and those two didn't have an account soon set one up.
It gave him another perspective on how to improve his our company account.
He is diligent within his our company account with exceptional results.
Our company was one of John's accounts during his time at our company.
He also took the tough assignments - opening critical new accounts, and troubleshooting at risk problem accounts.
Also, his no-nonsense approach to accounting makes you feel safe putting your accounts in his company's hands.
He fought distressed accounts and showed his value to win the hard to win accounts over.
He took over an account, which was in decline and with no established relationships.
John is very well respected and has excellent relationships with him accounts.
His relationships with the accounts and channels were even more impressive.
John, accountability and authenticity are never in short supply.
He has been involved in several telecom accounts at our company.
Asian always gets the job done and takes the stress out of his accounts.
John started his position as an account representative and showed a keen interest in broadcast.