Accounting Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Accounting Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John helped him in many areas including managing his accounts.
John managed to keep him vendors accountable, but in a professional manner.
He understands how to truly provide a service as an account manager.
He sold & managed these accounts for our company from the transportation perspective.
His account management skills, knowledge and understanding of his account needs was second to none.
John worked within his organization as a key account manager and regional manager.
This was both managing his region & team as well as the key accounts he held.
John's relationship management with him accounts is always of the highest quality.
He as account manager arranges trainings in different formats for him and his colleagues.
John successfully organized training for account managers, and other groups.
He managed our global training account with uncommon expertise.
As an account manager is incumbent upon him to both participate in the pursuit activity and subsequently manage the implementation.
John is a talented account manager capability of managing multiple clients concurrently.
Nobody beats him when comes to account management and putting him customer first and at the centre of what he does.
As an account manager, he is no-nonsense and doesn't let 'red tape' get in the way of getting customer needs met.
His dedication to the customer should be the standard by which all successful account managers are measured.
When territories were being shuffled every single customer he managed begged to keep him on the account.
John knew how to deal with customer contacts and always managed to keep his accounts more than happy.
Always willing to help, him diligent and customer-centric approach to account management was inspiring.
He has an aptitude for relationship management and is always strategic in how he grows an account.
As a manager of our account he was always available when we needed to communicate with his company.
John's talent and proficiency managing accounts are matched only by his cheery disposition.
His follow-up is superb and his management of the account relationship extremely proactive.
John epitomizes what a good account manager should be in serving their customers.
As an account manager, he goes the extra mile and we've benefited tenfold
John knows how to manage to a budget and holds people accountable for their results.
He always managed to strike a balance between managing the significant workload, and taking his employees' needs into account while still meeting deadlines.
It was through him key executive relationships and reputation within him accounts that made him the success he was in the account manager role.
He managed many high profile accounts from post implementation all the way through their renewal.
Above and beyond that, he proactively managed the account anticipating future issues as well.
He brings the discipline of account management and the innovation of a strategist.
As a good manager, he also understands delegation and accountability quite well.
And he has the uncommon ability for a hunter to also manage his accounts well.
He is a very resourceful, responsible, reliable and trusted account manager.
His team managed onboarding of new accounts and new services.
John's management accounting background proved hugely useful in our our company implementation.
He even volunteered himself to be a presales resource for our our company account managers.
He is very talented in anything he manages, but especially in the account management and marketing field.
He knows how to manage his accounts and drive sales to the best of his abilities.
He not only was able to manage these accounts very well and stabilize the project, but also to up-sell to these clients and attract several new accounts.
He managed very large accounts extremely well and is very good at building relationships, managing and of course at selling.
His wealth of knowledge makes him a valuable asset to an account manager.
John has become much more than an account manager for our institution, he has become a valued asset and partner.
John reported directly to him while managing two of our company's largest, most complex and demanding accounts.
John pays close attention to detail in all of his presentations as well as in him account management.
He is an energetic, professional and is one of the best account managers among our affiliate partners.
John has been an excellent manager - he sets clear expectations and holds people to account.
As a manager, he was a very caring and always taking into account the needs of his reports.
He always impressed him with his approach to servicing our accounts and managing his hotels.
A successful account record garnered him a well-deserved management position.
His expertise in special markets and account management was unmatched.
John is our original account manager when he was with our company and always provided an excellent service.
Our company, we made the blueprint of strategic account management for our company Netherlands.