Advertising Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Advertising Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His management lessons will resonate as clearly today as they did when he first managed him.
He goes non-stop, managing multiple tasks and manages to get everything done on time
John has an excellent ability to manage down, laterally and up the management chain.
Under his management, we also experienced much higher visibility to upper management.
And he manages to do this without micro-managing or slowing the pace of progress.
Safety management was perfect (always properly managed without being obtrusive).
As a manager, he was a thoughtful and thorough manager who truly led by example.
As a new manager, he made his life easier in that he needed little management.
Thankful for his insights into e-commerce, management and stakeholder management.
As a manager, he provides the right balance of guidance without micro-managing.
John is an excellent manager with principle grounded in management philosophy.
His strong point was managing candidates that weren't always easy to manage.
The manner in which he manages top management placements is truly inspiring.
His advice and views were often sought by management and managers alike.
John's management abilities would translate to any management structure.
He skillfully managed difficult stakeholders and managed to deadlines.
He then became his manager and eventually skip manager as his org grew.
He is an excellent man manager with the ability to manage up and down.
His role was created to manage the myriad of management challenges.
His self-starting, self-managed character is a joy for any manager.
He lets his managers manage and make decisions which he stands by.
He also a good manager who can manage both boss and subordinates.
John is a manager who manages a tough situation with equanimity.
John managed a wealth management act for him where he excelled.
Small wonder why he got them to create some of the best advertising in this country.
The only difference between him and Wikipedia is, that he does advertising.
Fortunately for you, he chose advertising, and we are all better for it.
He knows how to get the best advertising results for any business
His skillset is very broad and well beyond those he advertises.
John is such a man, which already doesn't need an advertising.
This gentleman, and he is just that, was born for advertising.
As a creative manager, he is thorough and well-respected by everyone he manages.
John is perfectionist in everything he is doing - and demands the same from others - even from his managers.
Furthermore, he has the management attitude of not asking you to do something that he himself would not do.
John currently manages our two websites and is always available when we need to make changes or additions.
If he's going to do it, he will be the first one there, and will insist that every manager is there too.
He is one of those managers that wants you to succeed and will do anything he can to make that happen.
John knows his stuff when it comes to managing others and getting them to see the best in themselves.
He has to make changes, and occasionally changes were not welcome, but he managed to get it all done.
John always manages to make his way over, under, or around any and all the obstacles he encounters.
John needs very little management oversight; he knows what needs to be done and he gets it done.
Sometimes, he manages to do everything by himself to ameliorate things which are not acceptable.
He always managed to see the best in whatever situation and how to get there from where we were.
John knows how to leverage and get the very best out of the teams/individuals he manages.
He seems to somehow know exactly how to manage any situations for the best possible outcomes.
John managed these changes with ease, and was always willing to take on the next challenge.
He made him management, better because of his own commitment to being the best he could be.
Some of the things he managed were quite amazing, even when others said it couldn't be done.
Without exception, they have shared with him how much they like having him for their manager.
When he says he'll do something, he gets it done, whilst managing all the players involved.
He certainly manages to get the best out of him and inspires him to always do his very best.
It went without saying that one could always expect that of him and the group he managed.
Getting help him explore new things was one of his favorite things after as his manager.
In this way, he managed to bring out the best not only in himself, but in those around him.
He'll keep any manager on their toes, but really, that's probably what you're looking for.
John treats everyone the same and he knows well enough to manage each one as individuals.
He will cause you pain, and he might as well end up being the best manager you ever had.
He gets things done - either directly himself or through effective management of others.
Have seen him having ideas about how things should be managed and being right about it.
He provided him the opportunity to self manage himself, but was always there when needed.
John manages himself, and when he comes to you it is because he needs to strategize.
He managed this while also being very understanding of the needs of his subordinates.
He can always be relied upon to get things done without having to be managed closely.
He is not like a manager that is commanding others and others have to do what he wants.
Delegates and management respond well to him and really look forward to the sessions.
He always knows when to deal with things himself versus when to bring in his manager.
How he manages to do this while always being amicable is beyond him, but he does it.
Full of passion for what he is doing and willing to help colleagues and management.
John goes out of his way to help him colleagues while still managing expectations.
He is thorough and very well organized in managing the many changes they required.
John manages by showing it can be done because he's been there and done it before.
Usually he manages to do several tasks at once and somehow make it all look easy.
John not only managed to do this, but he was also available, helpful and driven.
The best thing about him is that, he is very well organized and approachable manager.
He took over as manager on several occasions and everything went like clockwork.
He knows how to manage expectations and makes sure everybody is on the same page.
He manages to take his profession very seriously and himself, not so seriously.
John got along well with his manager and everyone that came in touch with him.
Sangeeta was an inspiration to him because of how much he managed to accomplish.
John always managed to get things done while still being friendly and helpful.
John has managed several teleconferences for us and he has always been flawless.
He managed to get the things back by asking the right questions and dedication.
He is one of the few managers you can look back on with respect and admiration.
He handled these challenges very well, and was one of our best liked managers.
He always managed to go above and beyond to truly understand each opportunity.
He's always willing to help out, despite already managing multiple priorities.
Continuously managed his expectations and followed through on all deliverables.
John is not just that kind of manager, he does that for everyone he knows.
He took what could have been an unmanageable situation and made it manageable.
He is admired and liked by everyone he managed and everyone in the company.
John's commitment to being the best truly separated him from other managers.
You can go to him for any problem, whether or not he is managing you directly.
What makes him different than other managers is him honesty and him opens
Detailed recommendation from him as his manager can be provided upon request.
He manages to bend over backwards to make sure everything comes out correct.
His manager was like all of them, had to be in charge and him way or no way.
Competent enough to manage the tasks on his own or with little supervision.
While juggling many things at once, he always manages to get things right.
He never micro-manages you but will always be there when you need guidance.
John always seem the manager that everyone went to when they had a problem.
He involves them and by doing that he manages to get the best out of them.
He excelled above and beyond others in our organization, even management.
How he manages both may very well be the reason he's where he is today.
Apart from that, he is one of those managers who is more action than talk.
You know that you can always count on him to help you manage any problem.
Besides this he uses to manage changes/modifications also which were many.
He made himself readily available for management and always followed up.
Underperforms thrive under his management, often to their own surprise.
They also did not know that it was one of his best decisions as a manager.
He went above and beyond to be sure the partnership was managed properly.
Because everything will be great and almost perfect under his management.
Rarely do you see someone who is admired as much by those he/he manages.
He manages himself and others through his experience and by his example.
As far as managing him, all you have to do is wind him up and let him go.
John is one of those employees that managers wish they could multiply.
He knows how to manage various stakeholders to get the most of everyone.
And managers know that things will get done when they put him in charge.
He's very organized, which lets him manage many things simultaneously.
If he can't do it, he'll manage expectations by saying so right up front
He is responsible for many things, but he managed them very efficiently.
During all those changes he always managed to deliver on his commitment.
He always provided the vision and management necessary to be successful.
You will soon know that should you be lucky enough to be managed by him.
We all respect him and know he will do well in any management position.
This permeates though out all of the organizations that he has managed.
This was also just one of several deals he was managing simultaneously.
Directed him towards the best opportunities and managed them end to end.
Although it's not easy for him, but he seems to be managed that quite good.
John knows when he can be your friend and when he needs to be a manager.
He also manages those around him with his initiative and dependability.
He always seems to manage it even in the most difficult circumstances.
Although, he's managing many geographies, he is always available to help.
This is always challenging, but he managed to keep everything balanced.
He won't need micro-managed, he will just let you know when it's done.
He really knows his employees and also how to manage each one of them.
He is outstanding at what he does, and is also an excellent manager.
He can manage up and down extremely well and gets along with everyone.
John is always willing to take tasks on and manage them successfully.
He led by example and was managing from within and not from above us.
As your manager, you always know where you stand and what he expects.
John gets along with everybody, from colleagues to hiring managers.
John knows better than most how to balance management and leadership.
But never micro managed while he made everyone want to make our company.
He's often willing to help manage expectations, on or off the clock.
He is one of those managers who is very approachable & understanding.
Working under his management or near him was an enriching experience.
Not only did he notice this, he managed it the way it should be done.
After that, he follows up and manages that we get the answer we need.
Professionals like him, rare as they are, make the manager look good.
Somehow he always manages to get the balance of the two just right.