Advertising Sales LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Advertising Sales Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's sales are not the only thing that makes him so successful.
He made everyone else better, especially the sales organization.
A perfect gentleman, his acumen in sales and pre-sales is commendable.
After the sale, he follows through to ensure everything goes smoothly.
And he's constantly asking what more can be done to encourage sales.
Even after the sale he still checks in and makes himself available.
This is one of the reasons why he can be so successful in sales.
John if anybody can bring out the best in sales professionals.
John is someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about sales.
John is an inspiration to all who are in the sales profession.
He is someone they want to talk to, which says a lot in sales.
John is amazing at getting the most out of your sales ability.
He is just the very best, if sales are of any interest to you.
If that's what you need in your sales organization, then he's your guy.
John can get more out of every sales organization he touches.
He's always first one on the sales floor and the last one out the door.
It has really given him some useful points about how to approach aspects of the sale.
He also has an accurate sales profile and is always available and helpful.
He stays in touch after the sale and is always there to help if requested.
He has always provided a different perspective to all the pre-sales he did.
Add to this his sales expertise, and you have someone who's a potent ally.
He not only spread this among his sales organisation, but well beyond it.
He recognizes that the sale doesn't really start until someone says, no.
John increased our sales markedly from before he came, to after he left.
John didn't know that and simply followed his natural sales instincts.
Programs are means to an end (higher sales), not an end of themselves.
He accomplishes this always with an enhancement to sales and profits.
He doesn't over the sale or over promise, but exceeds your expectations.
It seems to him to be the sales philosophy of an age of enlightenment.
With his abilities he would be successful in any sales environment.
If you need an aggressive, go-getting sale samurai, he's your man.
Consistent in sales, as he always exceeded his own monthly targets.
John is always very helpful with any sales issues that came up.
Meet with him, hire him and watch your sales go through the roof.
He focused on our needs rather than simply trying to make a sale.
John will go the extra mile to help you with your sales needs.
John also helped those around him to elevate their sales ability.
John would strive in any sales environment and be successful.
His persistence is just the right ingredient for any short sale.
He does whatever it takes to get his sales numbers on the board.
And, he helped him get back to the basics of sales fundamentals.
There were no sales from him, just a genuine desire to help us.
He always ranked at the top of monthly/quarterly/yearly sales.
He is extremely smart, yet he doesn't over complicate the sale.
He is so good that we are glad he is coming over to do sales.
John would be an excellent addition to any sales organization.
There he was very efficient in both sales and technical issues.
He more than paid for himself in just the sales numbers alone.
He always exceeds expectations when he is given sales targets.
John is everything sales, but always takes it one step further.
Not very surprising, he is one of the best sales guys around.
He is proactive in his approach to sales, but not overbearing.
John`s experience, with trustee sales, and lender approved short sales.
His methodologies and sales tools have become the standard for the entire sales organization.
He knows that some sales take longer than others and is not rushed or demanding.
By following his philosophy, sales will become easier for any organization.
The John sales organization would be lucky to have him in any capacity.
His systematic sales approach ensures every sales opportunity deserves and gets the attention it requires.
He takes a systematic approach, looking beyond the sales symptoms to the root cause of sluggish sales.
His sales methodology is robust and he has delivered month after month of challenging sales targets.