Advertising Sales Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Advertising Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He would never ask his sales people to do anything that he wouldn't do himself.
And if you think sales isn't your thing, then you have to speak to him.
At the end of all of this, he happens to exceed him sales goals.
There is nothing he wouldn't do to accomplish his sales goals.
John knows sales, but even more importantly, he knows people.
As a sales manager, he has the incredible knack of getting the most out of his people.
As a sales manager, he knows how to close deals and teach others to do the same.
John did a great job at our company, both in sales and in management.
He also isn't just a bean counter like so many sales managers are.
His numbers and sales management history speak for themselves.
As his manager, he taught him to believe in himself and gave him the tools necessary to succeed in sales.
From sales pipeline management to deal closing, he always had the visibility and the insight.
John manages to gain all of his sales with laser precision and maximum efficiency.
He expertly manages his sales funnel from prospecting through closing deals.
His sales experience is also second to none and he knows every angle on every kind of sales, deal that can be done anywhere in the world.
John met and exceeded his sales quotas while meeting all his sales budgets.
He has managed some of the top sales people in our organization, and each of them will tell you, he made them even better.
His ability to motivate managers, sales people and others are amazing.
John's energy alone will make you want to go out and sale immediately.
His cultivated sales acumen positively impacted his sales cycles, resulting in large enterprise-wide sales.
He engages in 'sales' in the best way possible - with no expectations or pressure.
Additionally, his demeanor is something that should be sought after more within the advertising space.
John understands well the needs and wants from the perspective of advertisers and agencies.
Throughout that period, he has always searched for the best value for our advertising needs.
Marketing and advertising come naturally to him, and he excels at anything he initiates.
Some of the advertisements created by him were very unique and catchy.
John solicited advertisers as well as contributors to the newsletter.
It has opened his eyes to many different aspects of advertising.
John is one of the great hopes for the future of advertising.
However, when we moved him into the position of sales manager, he immediately proved that we had made the right decision.
He bonds with his sales force as well as his managers, and motivates them to give their best.
For decades he managed and motivated one of the best sales divisions in the entire company.
He managed to help him to drive sales and brought him offers that made dollars and sense.
John will be successful in any area of sales and/or management challenges he faces.
John's enthusiasm and demand for excellence make him a perfect sales manager.
As a sales manager, he was universally admired for his approach and attitude.
He truly understands how to initiate, manage and close complex sales cycles.
He delivered incremental sales while also managing the cost effectively.
John excels at client retention and managing his sales pipeline.
John's non sales, sales approach is what makes people gravitate and sign up for whatever he is talking to them about.
He's comfortable with pre-sales and post-sales engagements as well.
He delivered what he said and more with the result that our sales are higher than ever and our advertising costs lower.
As a sales rep, he motivated his peers, as a manager, he is able to get the best out of everyone he manages.
His enthusiasm and sales proficiency was a tremendous asset to have in our sales division.
He exhibits all of the desired qualities necessary to succeed in advertising sales, whether as a sales person or manager.
This was even more impressive to him since he had very little advertising sales background prior to working for him.
John's approach to advertising and sales is one driven from integrity and focused on results.
John enjoys extensive knowledge of the entire advertising sales spectrum.
He truly wants you to succeed and goes over and above to help you realize your sales goals.
He is someone who knows what he's talking about when it comes to helping people in sales.
Relationships are the key to sales success and this was also his strength.
He always exceeded his sales goals because he knows what so many don't.
John will be successful in any sales position going toward any goal.
John went above and beyond to help him with achieving a sales goal.
It is no wonder that he has doubled his sales goal this year.
John helped him go above and beyond his sales goals each month.
John provides just the right environment for his sales people succeed, without micro-managing them.
His management of complex sales situations and difficult negotiations is excellent.
His experience and talent in management and sales is second to none.
John is very self motivated and organized in him sales efforts.