Agile Coach LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Agile Coach Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His group coaching course and advanced coaching course were the best value for money.

He has strong expertise in agile delivery and agile coaching.

John is an agile coach with powerful insight and recommendations.

John is an outstanding enterprise transformation and agile coach.

John is an effective coach and mentor to others and willingly provides feedback and coaching.

John is the ideal agile coach for any startup, or any enterprise looking for leadership to move to agile.

John's writing and coaching, are in my beliefs, right on point for what's needed for parents and coaches.

He is of substantial help for our company's transformation as well as on my own journey to agile coaching.

His enthusiasm is contagious and his presence as agile coach is second to none.

John is an agile coach that pays close attention to individualism.

John was my coach through the agile transformation journey in our company for the past year.

He was always there to help and took it upon himself to coach the reps to help make them successful.

He motivates you and you are self confident as never you were after his coaching.

He provided the necessary guidance and coaching as and when required.

John is the most down to earth, seasoned agile coach you could hope to engage.

He understands the complexities of coaching internationally, having coached and mentored across the globe.

His coaching and teaching will help anyone who wants to truly transform.

Straight away he inspired me with his way of teaching & coaching.

He knows what it means to be truly agile and how to coach people towards their goals.

John was one of the first agile transformation coaches, we worked with.

I greatly benefitted from his coaching and recommended several of my colleagues to be coached by him.

Most recently, he has helped me with one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

He has been my mentor, coach, and above all one of my best friends.

He is like the coach or mentor that you would never disappoint.

Him agile and thoughtful coaching style can help anyone reach their goals.

He hasn't only coached our teams, but taught them agile principles.

He has taught me the ability to self coach and with time, to also be a more effective coach for those around me.

He helped me at every step of the way from starting up as a coach to becoming a competent coach.

I've seen the results of his coaching as those agile transformations that he has led flourish and grow.

John adds value not only as an agile leader, but also as a coach.

He also took the time out to come and provide me with some one-on-one coaching.

John is passionate about coaching and will always make time to help in this capacity.

Him guidance sets me up for success and he always made himself available for coaching.

John consistently provided guidance and coaching that were invaluable.

John was absolutely the best coach for me during my time of need.

He is the first to jump in and help or to offer his time coaching.

This trait is highlighted best when it came to coaching him reps.

I found him to be a coach and cheerleader all at the same time.

He always has time to inspire others and coach them to success.

At all times, his intent was to help me become a better coach.

He is agile and versatile, but above all, he is very friendly.

He leveraged his experience as an agile coach to come to very impressive results.

I am inspired by the work he does with others and myself and how he goes about his coaching.

One would be fortunate to work with him and to have him as one's coach.

He also coached me on my work: he was always willing to help me.

He is an expert coach and powerful mentor on agile methodology.

Searching for other coaches is useless since he belongs to a limited group of the best coaches around the globe.

John is a very determined coach, actively participating in the coaching conversation and beyond.

The companies that he coaches find his coaching extremely valuable and his advise spot on.

His unique coaching methods and tools have made my coaching sessions extremely effective.

If you are willing to surrender to his coaching and take everything he has to teach you, you will go far.

I really appreciate his willingness to teach and coach everyone around him to be better at what they do.

Every day he pushed me to be better, teaching and coaching me on how to be more effective.

He knows him "stuff" and even better, he knows how to teach and coach others.

His dedication to the sport allows him to be the best coach around.

He was always looking for the opportunity to coach me as a partner.

When he coaches, he teaches you how to answer your own concerns.

He's an agile wizard by nature - and is extremely strong at coaching others to use agile methodologies as well.

I consider him to be a mentor, coach and example for me, both in the past and in the future.

But what you'd need someone else to tell you is what an incredible coach and mentor he is.