Analytical Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Analytical Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is a skilled listener, has excellent analytical skills, and commits himself fully in every undertaking.

He has great analytical skills, good oratorical skills and ability to defend his mind.

He is an asset to any analytics organization, both for his analytical skills and his attitude.

The things that struck me the most about him were his analytical and negotiation skills.

He always keeps his cool regardless of the magnitude of the situation and has thorough analytical skills.

He has very strong analytical skills and he's always on the spot with his reports/projections/analysis.

He has got brilliant analytical skills and always seem to be at least one step ahead of everyone else.

John will do very well in situations where he can leverage his analytical and his teamwork skills.

Anyone can see the great analytical skills which he has & the way he use it to solve any problem.

His analytical skills are thorough and his ability to think outside the box is quite remarkable.

Good analytical skills and proactivity often make his results better than it could be expected.

His analytical skills are very helpful and he is always taking on new challenges for himself.

John is always ready to take an initiative and is having very good analytical skills.

He comes with very strong analytical & logical skills and has always been very helpful.

I had always wondered at his analytical skills and wish him success in every endeavor.

John has exceptional analytical skills and can see to the very bottom of the problem.

I'd recommend him for any role which needs his managerial or analytical skills.

He also has great analytical skills and is passionate about the things he do.

His exceptional analytical skills are well recognized amongst his colleagues.

I was really impressed by his charisma, interpersonal and analytical skills.

His analytical skill is second to none and is very good for our company excel.

He has a unique combination of excellent writing skills and advanced analytical skills.

His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent, as are his analytic skills.

He has very strong analytical skills coupled with excellent communication skills.

His strongest skills are great leadership, communication and analytical skills.

He is thorough and organized and his analytical troubleshooting skill is excellent.

He's very approachable and his attitude and analytical skills are second to none.

John always impressed me with his strong intellect and analytical skills combined with very strong people skills.

He has intense entrepreneurial skills, strong analytical and consensus building skills.

John is a keen learner with exceptional analytical and reasoning skills along with strong interpersonal skills.

His analytical skills were excellent and him innovation and adaptation in his application of those skills was exceptional.

Coupled with this, he adds his 'analytical skills' to get the best out of any job that he undertakes.

He has tremendous analytical skills which help him in taking the right people at the right place.

He is willing to help out in any way he can, and brings good analytic and presentation skills.

John is one of those people who boggles you with their intellectual and analytical skills.

I am impressed with him organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills.

John combines very well analytical and detail-oriented skills with people-oriented skills.

John's analytical skills, then help make the connections to identify the best course of corrective action.

He's focused, disciplined and rigorous in all that he does and him analytical skills are first rate.

John has great analytical skills and follows through until he gets the desired aggressive results.

I was most impressed with his analytical skill and perseverance in getting the assignment done right.

John has the capability of getting into the depth of the subject with great analytical skills.

His way of framing and defining issues was of great help to me, as were his analytical skills.

He's methodical, has excellent interpersonal and uses his analytical skills very effectively.

His thought leadership and analytical skills became an immediate value add to the organization.

John has natural analytical skills which provide him with the ability to find resolutions.

I found his skills in identifying insight through complicated analytics to be invaluable.

Over the course of knowing him, he clearly brings sharp analytical skills to every role.

His analytical skills for sure will become of great value for solving of complex issues.

He has proven his analytic skills by winning and participating various competitions.

John was able to solve every challenge we were using his strong analytic skills.

John consistently displays efficiency, and he has outstanding analytical skills.

John has strong interpersonal skills as well as an analytical & enquiring mind.

John has the analytical skills and instinct for finding profitable opportunities.

He is an amazing individual with rare skills that are often lacking in analytics.

His analytical skills and his intuition to identify opportunities are exceptional.

With his tenacity and analytical skills, any problem can be resolved efficiently.

John has a thorough understanding of the domain & excellent analytical skills.

John excels in analytic skills and truly anything that he puts his mind towards.

His commitment coupled with his analytical skills has surely taken him skywards.