Assistant Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Assistant Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He allowed him to handle the projects himself and did not micro-manage, but when his assistance was needed he always stepped in.
He also makes himself available to other team members when they need assistance on projects.
The project managers who got trained from him came out to be one of the excellent project managers in the account.
His attention to detail was valuable assisting him manage a large project.
At times he even managed to step into a project management role to assist in on time implementations.
He is effective, reliable and he often went above and beyond, not just to complete his own projects but in assisting others.
John helped with numerous volunteer projects and went out of his way to assist others when they were in need.
He knows when to stop and reach out for assistance or approval of the projects that he is engaged.
He willingly lends whatever assistance necessary to keep a project on track.
John's management and organizing capabilities, assisted greatly to successful accomplishment of projects under his responsibility.
John assisted him in managing a large-scale oncology strategy project.
John provided overall project management in addition to assisting in the data conversion efforts.
He goes out of his way to help and is always the first to offer assistance with projects or any work to be done.
Thank you for your work on his site and hope you can assist him with further projects.
He even offered assistance to help on projects outside of the work environment.
Easily referred to as someone who can get the job done, he has assisted him in getting projects through submission on the first pass.
Furthermore, he always gave challenging projects and he is willing to provide all of his colleagues to help and assistance.
He did not hesitate to take on a challenge or assist with various department projects.
Not only is he well organized, but added value to the project by assisting us with our implementation.
In addition, he assisted him on many daily reports and projects.
John has also assisted us in other hotel projects even it did not involve his department.
He will make sure that all the projects assigned to him are completed as quickly as needed and is always willing to assist anyone else with any of their assignments.
Despite our being on different continents, he's always been helpful and responsive, and his assistance has been vital to the success of our projects.
He is very proactive and dedicated to the projects he is involved with and also always open to assisting in any capacity.
John's most admirable attribute is his willingness to assist his colleagues with projects without hesitation.
His ability and willingness to assist always largely contributed to the success of those projects.
His background also made it easy for him to jump right into any project we needed assistance with.
He never hesitates to pitch in and offer his assistance, even while juggling multiple projects.
His willingness to assist in any and all projects made him an invaluable asset to the company.
He exhibits strong dedication to project success and is always willing to assist others.
He also assisted at "brainstorming" sessions and added to the momentum of the project.
John also is very dedicated to assisting a teammate to ensure success of the project.
John entities and projects seeking financial assistance should reach out to him.
He likes to assist to solve problems hindering the project realization.
Over the course of all of his projects he has worked equally well with both the project teams and the management team assigned as the project sponsors.
Throughout the project, he was always around to assist and support others without limitation.
Regardless of whether he was managing the project or assisting us with one of ours, he was always helpful, responsive and attentive - him attention to detail is invaluable.
His help and assistance was very important for him to start working on this project.
He assisted many project managers and worked with them to identify common problems and solutions.
He kept a positive attitude, was always willing to assist and collaborated well with project stakeholders.
He also allowed him to take charge of big projects while also reassuring him that he can assist if needed.
John is a go getter, he will do whatever it takes to assist employees with project needs.
Thanks to his assistance we completed our course revision project on time and under budget.
His drive to succeed assisted him to deliver the most challenging projects successfully.
He provided clear direction and leadership to assist projects to completion.
John assisted him with all aspects of client engagement: sales, project planning, project scoping, project management, resource management and project delivery.
These are only a few of the projects he works on, but he always makes himself available to pitch in where assistance is needed.
Our company seemed to be very happy with his work and that he was available at short notice to assist them with this project.
He would go above and beyond helping out on projects he wasn't even assigned to in order to assist with progress.
Has worked with him for years and has always assisted him in finding projects and he has been very helpful.
He assisted us from commencement of the project, working in both an on and off site capacity.
He allowed him to take on many projects in order to assist with his growth with the company.
He worked with him on a challenging project, and was always willing to offer his assistance.
If there is a project which can benefit from his expertise, he is the first to volunteer his assistance.
We share this vision on all his past successful projects & always ready to assist & support in his future projects.
John strived to keep the project moving forward while also offering assistance to his peers in their endeavors.
John and his team's assistance on projects has been an invaluable asset.
John provided invaluable assistance in preparing the several of his capital projects for review and approval.
He provided guidance and assistance when needed to complete a task or project.
Nothing was too much trouble for him even when he was bombarded by multiple requests for assistance, by different feature streams of the project.