Automotive Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Automotive Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His presentations cover the pulse of the automotive industry.
John truly stands out and there is no one like him in the industry.
Seems like there is no one in him industry who doesn't know him yet.
He gets along with everyone and is well regarded in the industry.
Great to see him still in the same industry, we are all warriors.
This is what has set him apart from others within his industry.
There aren't too many like him in our industry (unfortunately).
When it comes to the industry, he really is ahead of his time.
He'll back them up with not just industry findings, but his own from the trenches.
As always, his grasp of the industry as it is, and where it's going is insightful.
His contributions are well known throughout the industry and are unquestionable.
He knows his industry inside and out and is always looking for new ways to grow.
We have not been to an industrial tribunal so he must be doing something right.
John really understands the industry and comes through when no one else can.
He's also genuinely very nice, which is something in itself in this industry.
It's just too bad he knows almost everyone in the industry that's worthwhile.
He is you can go to with industry questions and he always knows the answer.
He knows what is happening in his space and what is going on in the industry.
Above all else, however, his passion for the industry is almost unparalleled.
He's always in the industry conversations and always has something to add.
Because of this he is admired and respected by everyone in the industry.
Quick learner that makes sure everyone in the industry knows who he is.
John's one of the best industry players we've come across for certain.
What, and who, he doesn't know in this industry, is not worth knowing.
Somehow he knows what's happening in many industries across the world.
With his well rounded ability, he will do very well in in any industry.
He follows through and is up to date on his industry and competitors.
He really knows the industry and can truly connect with an audience.
So much so it's even got him, considering entering the industry himself.
That is why he is an icon in the industry who needs no introduction.
He knows how to keep confidences and he has the ear of the industry.
You can tell immediately that he knows this industry inside and out.
He is industrious and follows through with what he has agreed to do.
John keeps himself current on new ideas being used in the industry.
And, of course, he is passionate about his industry and his medium.
He really does stand out for all the right reasons in his industry.
He pushes him to think beyond what others in his industry are doing.
Moreover, he is always up-to-date with the latest in the industry.
John, for him, is clearly in a different league for this industry.
John is an unusual hire for him in that he was out of the industry.
Thanks to him for all he gave and he is given to our industry.
His know, how about renewable industry is something to look upon.
Last but not least, he followed the industry trend very closely.
He's always looking to make his company and the industry better.
As luck would have it, he was already familiar with his industry.
John gets results in an industry where that's not always easy.
John is well regarded as being an industrious and above reproach.
John knows more about pop culture than anyone in the industry.
He knows the industry, and seemingly just about everyone in it.
And he achieved this despite the downtrend in the industry.
His passion for our industry and what we do - is inspirational.
And, he does this well across industries, cultures, and layers.
Always upgrading himself keeps him in touch with the industry.
His love for the industry comes through in all of his efforts.
He is industrious and expects the same from those around him.
He's connected and up on everything happening in our industry.
John is an industry veteran who knows how to get things done.
His insight into this arena is second to none in the industry.
In fact, he went well beyond what is typical, in the industry.
Johns contacts within the industry are also invaluable, .
John offers unparalleled insight into the automotive aftermarket industry.