Brand Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Brand Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

We talk a lot about brands, two brands - and sometimes people like him get to talk on behalf of the brands.

The three brands for his three different companies are all very different and unique.

Relationship between himself/his brand and opportunities/career.

He always was looking for opportunities for the brand and open to new ideas.

To say that he created his own brand of magic would be an understatement.

What's better is that he's been on both the agency side, and brand side.

He has such a large and strong following that he is nearly his own brand.

He quickly got to grips with what our brand is and what it needs to grow.

His understanding of how brands are made and kept relevant is invaluable.

His understanding of branding, and its implications, are without equal.

John's understanding of, and commitment to, the brand was exceptional.

He understands his brand and knows how to take it to the next level.

John immerses himself in the brand, the challenge and the journey.

But, what really captures the listener is him command of the brand.

He has the ability to make things happen, to the brand he handles.

He's also very in tune with keeping everything in brand alignment.

The John company would be privileged to have him handling their brand.

He is very dedicated to the brand and passionate in what he did.

He will definitely help take your brand story to the next level.

John's passion for the brand and for leadership was infectious.

Professionalism is his style, connecting with impact him brand.

He is vivacious and consistently looking to elevate his brand.

His groundwork was the foundation for the growth of the brands.

He gets the whole brand picture and can make magic with them.

He single handedly taught him how to evolve from an old brand and create the new brand standard.

John understands branding, has built a strong brand and is helping other do that, too.

His ability large brand extension deals for major brands is without parallel.

John tells stories for brands that will make you feel good and make the brand look good.

John's understanding of brands and ability to uncover brand strengths has helped us align and bring clarity to our brand positioning.

He let him deliver to the brief his way and provided him just enough guidance to make sure the ideas are on brand.

It was consistent with his original brand and yet went beyond that and made it become more alive.

Tactically and strategically he will add value to your brand.

John deeply understands brands and the monetary value of a powerful, clearly articulated brand.

More importantly, he lives the brand motto inside and out, a true brand champion.

John's class in brand strategy was an excellent study of the craft of branding.

He likes to think strategically about the brand and we were embarking on redefining our branding message.

Through different channels he will get your name and company established brands.

He always provided unique solutions in the best interest of the brand.

He is one of the best brand builders in this country yet he's humble.