Branding Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Branding Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is a branding expert, he built our brand from inception to our current industry leadership.
His knowledge of the industry and how to re-brand yourself is out of this world.
John represents his brand better than anyone in the industry.
His brand of friendly professionalism should be an example for others in this industry.
His knowledge of the branding industry is well rounded as well as his humor.
His knowledge and enthusiasm of brands and the industry is startling.
He's always at the top of his game and knows his brand and industry better than anyone.
John's insight into his brand and industry was key to the success of the relaunch.
His belief in our vision of branded podcasts got us off the ground and kick-started an entire branded podcast industry.
The depth of his brand knowledge both inside and outside of the footwear industry is extraordinary.
John oversaw the migration to a new brand and website, as well as the creation of several new industry forums.
Him outstanding commitment to the fashion industry and him brand, are the reason he is so successful.
He stays on top of trends in the industry and creates resumes that are branded and successful.
John is a brand leader in an industry that has too few of them.
He understands the industry and has represented recognized brands.
His work across big brands was always fresh, original and on-brand.
Through his efforts our employer brand has been recognized as an industry leader.
That is the coffee, that is the brand to him, including the great logo and the industrial run down chic look.
He knows his industry inside out and always puts the client brand at the centre of his work.
The work he did for him on brand strategy and brand identity was excellent.