Business Advisor LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Secondly, as a self starter in his own business as a coach and advisor to small businesses.
He goes beyond understanding our business needs by acting as a proactive advisor.
Over the years, he has become a trusted business advisor and even better friend.
John is exactly the type of straight shooting advisor that business appreciates.
John is an experienced, knowledgeable, trusted business advisor and a go-to expert if you are selling your business.
He is an advisor who gets into the details of your business and helps your business move forward on many fronts.
John's depth of knowledge and experience in the business world makes for an excellent business advisor.
John is an amazing business advisor who is passionate about helping business owners solve problems and become more successful.
I have the honor to have him as a dear friend and business advisor, which is definitely a great asset to our business.
John knows the business as well as anyone and becomes a trusted advisor from day one.
I have been fortunate enough to have him as a business advisor who provides great business insight and guidance on a multitude of situations.
He's a compassionate and dedicated business advisor with an incredible knack for driving positive business outcomes.
He is a trusted advisor to the business where he opines, is sought after and valued.
His business acumen, and insights made him a very trusted advisor on this initiative.
John has been a great advisor to me particularly when starting up my news business.
John is a dedicated, articulate and clear thinking lawyer and business advisor.
I see him not just as a supplier to my company, but a trusted business advisor.
Unlike so many other business advisors, he has been there and survived during difficult times and really knows what he is talking about.
He was also tremendously engaged and thoughtful about the business, leaning in as few of my other advisors did.
He is entrepreneurial to his core and an excellent salesman, motivator and business advisor.
As an advisor, no question has been ever too trivial, and he was never too busy to take time to address all issues.
He has been an invaluable advisor to shared clients, not to mention my own business.
Most importantly, he became one of my trusted business and technology advisors.
Johns comes off so much so as an advisor that you get more than what you paid for.
John is positive, forward looking business advisor who understands businesses quickly without losing sight of strategic objectives.
He functions very effectively as a business advisor and offers many seminars and webinars to help you conduct your business more effectively.
John has become a trusted advisor and business partner over the last several years and we look forward to many more.
But what people don't necessarily know about him is that he's a great business advisor too.
John is an extremely helpful business advisor who can really make a difference with his experience and enthusiasm towards helping your business grow.
John's ability to connect appropriate technology with solid business principles make him a valued business advisor.
His growing reputation as a business advisor is further testament to his all round abilities in everything that he does.
John has served not only as a business advisor to me, but also as a mentor and an inspiration.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a business advisor and mentor.
John is an amazing business advisor with the ability to quickly analyze issues and provide solutions in any aspect of business.
As a friend, he's an outstanding resource who knows how business gets done and has served as a trusted advisor for my business.
John is a trusted business advisor to his business group and has built fantastic relationships with his stakeholders.
John has also in his function as advisor been my sparring in dealing with both organizational and business issues.
From the beginning of he has not only served as an advisor to my business but also as trusted referral partner.
John is a trusted advisor and business partner who has provided great value in every engagement.
John was an excellent advisor as we looked to grow our business in multiple directions.
I would consider him a good trusted advisor for anyone in the technology business.
John is one of those rare advisors who seems to, somehow, always have that good reason.
John made such an enormous impact on us that we felt we had to make him an advisor.
I consider him to be one of my most valuable advisors, and recommend him frequently.
He is also very willing to switch from advisor to inquire without any hesitation.
John has an incredible insight into the needs of investors and their advisors.
He always earned the respect and trusted advisor status with his customers and grew his business with them by understanding their business.
John does business with honesty and integrity, and is most often considered the "trusted advisor" in all situations.
He has also served as my secret weapon advisor with my past and ongoing business relationships.
He is very intelligent and friendly and he is easily added value as a business advisor.
His global approach to business makes him both an excellent advisor and resource.
As a business advisor, he's creative and insightful, yet down to earth and approachable.
Since then, he has become a trusted confidant and business advisor whose strategic insight has helped me improve my own business.
He was always punctual, always did what he said, and understood my needs and my busy schedule in a way that few advisors ever have.
I have also found him to be a valuable, trusted advisor to me on the business and people issues that always come up.
Him candor along w/knowledge of organizational dynamics indicates he can be a trusted business advisor.
He is a trusted business advisor, has an easy style and an ability to get the best out of people.
He is a trusted advisor and advocate for his colleagues and business partners.
I look forward to our continued relationship as he is one of my most trusted business advisors and partners.
John is very professional business man and at the same time your best advisor and friend.
His experience in the business is excellent and, paired with absolute transparency, this results in an excellent advisor.
Given his sharp acumen in business matters, he has very ably established himself as a trusted advisor on many an occasion.
His business savvy, experience and genuine interest in our success makes him a very valuable advisor.
A trusted advisor to him and our business who displays genuine interest and a passion for his craft.
He earns the title of trusted advisor with his diligent and thoughtful business approach.
He is a trusted advisor to the business and a subject matter expert on all things our company.
Let him put it another way: at first he was simply a business advisor; now he is a close friend both of his business and to him, personally.
Johnis is one of those cherished trusted advisors that can help businesses and organizations thrive, both on a personal and business level.
He has been a trusted business advisor in addition to auditor during all of that time.
Working with him will always produce the results you are looking for in your own business.
John gets down to business and is all about producing results.
John is one of his trusted advisors on many fronts and would be an asset to any organization.
They refer to him as a trusted advisor and not just another vendor.
He is truly an asset within our company as a trusted advisor.
And he more importantly, has helped him to grow his business as a trusted advisor to his customers.
John is an outstanding business advisor that puts his clients interests in front of his own.
His business acumen is as strong as his creativity, making him a truly valuable advising
John made himself available to him as an informal advisor and mentor.
John on the other hand is an "advisor" - he strives to learn about your business and understand your potential for exposure.
He will then act as your advisor to ensure that you stick to and meet all your strategic business goals.
His professionalism is outstanding and would be sound advocate and advisor to any business.
He remains his good friend, advisor and business partner to go to in the region.
He's personable and has exciting ideas - he's a wonderful business advisor.
John spends time with his customers to understand their business and works as their business advisor on how best to reach their goals.