Business Assistant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He takes time out of his busy schedule to provide assistance.
As busy as he is creatively getting the message out, he always has time to assist a colleague.
Not only does his expertise assist in growing business, but, he's able to leverage his experience to expand both current and new businesses as well.
Because of the way he handles himself, you trust his business judgment and want to do business with him.
John would be an asset to any business both for his business acumen and his enthusiasm for what he does.
John knows the business inside out and has the ability to understand business problems very quickly.
John has a wealth of business experience which he shares with you to help forward your own business.
He understood their needs and their business, often providing insight in how to improve the business.
Day in and day out he would be consistently looking for new business and closing business in parallel.
In business as in life he has made choices that reflect directly upon himself and his business acumen.
John is tireless in his efforts to bring new business in any business he has associated himself with.
He takes pride in his business and makes sure you know, he will treat your business in the same way.
John is not only a very successful businessman but he's also interested in the business of business.
John's business acumen and contributions to the profitability of his businesses have been invaluable.
He always looks at a business in terms of how he can contribute to that business making an impact.
John stays very focused on the business of doing business and does not get caught up in politics.
He is an enthusiastic businessman who wants your business to succeed just as much as he wants his.
With all of this, he has great business acumen and understanding of the business and his numbers.
First of all, he's been in the world of business for years and he knows how to grow a business.
Shroff's attitude towards business; he understands his business and is very passionate about it.
If you are in the small business world he will be able to take your business to the next level.
John understood that in our business, the number one priority is being opened for business.
Really enjoyed doing business with him and hope that there is plenty of business in the future.
He's run his own businesses and really understands the issues and opportunities in his business.
You would want him on your side in any business - especially the multi-faceted agency business.
He understands the business needs and makes excellent recommendations to improve his business.
John understands the concepts of business growth and the need not to stand still in business.
John understands business, and can help businesses and individuals maximize their potential.
He not only helps your business stay ahead of the curve, but he makes your business succeed.
He digs deep into your business and figures out what the best approach is for your business.
He knows his business, is passionate about his business, has starred in the eyes all the time.
John wins profitable business because he is smart, knows the business and knows what sells.
He gets the space and what it takes to win business and, more importantly, keep business.
John knows the business and makes thoughtful decisions while moving the business forward.
His sense of business is unparalleled and his experiences will help propel any business.
Johns business acumen, experience, and passion for the business were inspirational.
His incisive questioning and business acumen always delivers value to him and his business.
His advice and business experience has been invaluable to the success in his business.
He is very smart in business classes, even though he doesn't have a business background.
He always focuses on their business which typically results to success in his business.
John refers to him by a business colleague when he was just starting his business.
His insight to business and business opportunity is extraordinary and right on target.
John is a savvy business woman who knows what he wants for his business and excels.
With his sharp brains and innovations, any business can turn to much better business.
He will take your business to a new level, which means more business for your company.
If you're starting out in business or your business needs a boost, he's your woman.
Yet, he will take a moment - in his busy day, to help him move ahead in his business.
His business profile is an attestation to his capabilities of running his business.
Through his business acumen he is able to add value to any business with his input.
Great business experience and very committed to the businesses he is involved with.
John's dedication and breadth of business acumen is unparalleled in most businesses.
In starting a new business or restructuring existing business, he's one of the best.
He not only knows his business as a speaker, but is an incredible business woman
He is business focused and expects business outcomes for anything he recommends.
John's passion for his business was evident in all his business dealings with him.
His understanding of the business and apt use of business logic is very striking.
John's expertise in business law has been extremely helpful to his business.
John is known for his expertise in business analysis, and business architecture.
His business understanding and ability to respond to business needs was amazing.
John would be an amazing asset to any established business or start-up business.
John's enthusiasm and business savvy have increased our viewership and business.
From the new business effort in winning the actual business - he was fabulous.
It gave him a life outside of his business because his business was more confined.
John understanding of our business and business requirements was highly valued.
John knew the business and he understood how the business was supposed to run.
John grew a new business segment into one of our most profitable businesses.
John understands the unique business of selling businesses better than most.
John enjoys business and enjoyed the discourse of various business topics.
This experience includes running his own business and businesses for others.
He thrives on being busy and loves being the front runner of his business.
He knows about real business because he's successfully run real businesses.
He also provided him with a new logo, business cards and business identity.
A business, in his opinion, cannot survive on just being a business entity.
He grew this business from nothing to a multimillion business in one year.
He loves the business of creating, growing and strengthening businesses.
He enjoys the challenges of business and is focused on business success.
His business savvy has served him from the start up to a profitable business
He also was aggressive to expand the business and/or gain new business.
John always approached his business from a "business men" perspective.
John moves with his business, and moves business @ speed of thought.
John views business with an entrepreneurial, yet prudent business mind.
His business brain is honed after years of being in business himself.
When others stop short, he is busy accelerating our business forward.
It's a pleasure knowing him in business and during non business hours.
His experience and business acumen complement any group or business.
He is equally as strong in business acumen and business discussion.
Yet in business he is tenacious and a pleasure to do business with.
John's business savvy and business intelligence are second to none.
He brings along significant business insights and business acumen.
If you want your small business to become big business, call him.
John is very enthusiastic about business and this really comes across on how he approaches business issues.
Everyone in the business have our company profiles but none of us knew how to use them to attract business.
We have also done business when he decided to move to our company and run his one business.
Our company matter how busy John was, he was never too busy for anyone that needed him to help
Our company has done John you opened this up to busy moms that want to grow their business.
We will be using our company much more now as a business as the results so far have been really valuable to the business.
John's insight into business and overall business expertise, makes him more than just a our company.
John has built an amazing business within a business for our company.
He does all he can to assist his clients as well as his business partners.
He assisted us throughout the process of getting our business up and running.
A great business partner and mentor to be with if you have any new business idea/companies requiring his assistance and help.
He sees the value in connecting business partners of varying backgrounds and assisting each of his business partners.
Since then his follow up and assistance has been great and that is very important to him and anyone else in the business
John jumped into learning everything he could to assist and grow the business.
John assisted him to clarify his business goals and objectives.
He assisted the business in brainstorming issues and solutions.
If you look for top business case assistance - he is the man.
He is always willing to help to make the business better and he knows how to get things done the right way and efficiently.
John goes above and beyond, we cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for our business and well being.
We use him know about everything and it is one less thing that we have to think about as we run our business.
He knows this business better than anybody and seems to know everybody, he is very well connected.
John is always good at getting back to him to see if he could do more to help him with his business.
But, then if you have questions about anything he is available to help you out even when he is busy.
Not only does he really know him numbers, but he was all about him getting ahead in his business.
He makes everyone want to do the best for his business and makes sure they know it when they do.
Not only does he know everyone and anyone, he has made it his business to help others succeed.
John embodies everything you could ask for in someone you want to help you in your business.
And he not only did he roll with these changes, he was - once again - best in the business.
Sometimes better than they know themselves, because he was always bringing in the business.
He is always willing to help and nothing was ever too much trouble, even when he was busy.
John really knows his discipline inside and out - he is one of the best in the business.
John will not only be the best to do business with but he will also make you his friend.
If you ever need someone who really want to do things right for your business, ask him.
John really understands and knows what he is doing and what is right for the business.
If you ask him for help, regardless of how busy he is, he will always try to help you.
Hiring him would be the best thing you have ever done for the growth of your business.
Thank you very much for being always available and helpful to him and his business.
Great value for money for those who, like him, are out there on their own in the business
Always there when you need him, but gives you the space you need to do your business.
What he has done to help him in his business as well as many others is immeasurable.
John will make anyone doing business with him look better and be more successful.
He knows his business very well, and goes out of his way to help you however he can.
He seems to know someone somewhere somehow to help with every aspect of business.
John went above and beyond for us looking out for our businesses best interest.
Add all of that together and you'll soon know why you're doing business with him.
He is someone who sees what needs to be done, and gets right down to business.
He's the best and in this business, believe him, only the best is going to do.
He always made himself available and would do anything to help close business.
John, just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for his business.
John could do and often did whatever it took to keep up and grow the business.
Doing business with him will get you exactly what you need and want and more.
If you are looking to do business with him, you are looking for the right guy.
John will always go out of his way to help, even if he is very busy himself.
He knows exactly where he wants his business to be, and how to get it there.
John did what he said he would do and made things happen in our business.
Thank you for all you are doing to help him be successful with his business, .
When he comes into your business, you know that you're going to get results.
He makes everyone around him better because of his passion for the business.
He doesn't have to do this, especially if it could mean no business to him.
More than anything else it has given him the courage to be him in his business.