Business Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His consultative style fits very well with our own business ethos.
John provided him with excellent consultation related to starting his consulting and training business.
His grasp of business in general and his business in particular is exceptional.
Thank you very much for your in depth consultation with his business projects.
His sound judgment and business savvy make him a reliable consultant.
John's expertise in the area of branding and business consultation is superlative.
If you are looking to compete in international business or take your business global, he is the person to get in touch with and consult.
John is a great consultant to do business with, and the utmost professional.
John also genuinely cares about the people that he consults for and their businesses.
Commitment is what he is, to himself and business in general.
His consulting approach and his ability to interact across our business lines was far stellar than past technology consultants.
He knows that in our business listening to our clients and consultants is the number one key to success.
John's business applications consulting results speak for themselves.
Not only he has a lot of experience working as a business consultant, he cares about business owners and their business.
He served as a trusted advisor and very savvy business consultant.
John offers a variety of business consulting services to meet the needs of business owners.
Aside from being a great business consultant he's someone you'd be privileged to know outside the workforce.
He is well respected by his peers, as well as by the stakeholders in the wider business to whom he consults.
John will get more of our business, and has our unsolicited backing as an amazing virtual consultant.
He uses his consultative and engaging approach to determine the optimum needs for the business.
He's consulted and outcome-oriented, which makes him an outstanding partner to the business.
John is the most energetic, positive and motivational speaker and consultant in the business.
Now that he has his own business, we have started working with him again as a consultant.
His consultation and motivation has been central to his success in business and in life.
John is also versatile knowing every aspect of business and can consult on any area.
He acts as both consultant and fund-raiser, and is well regarded in the business.
His expertise in consulting businesses was also helpful in his meeting with him.
We then partnered on a few initiatives on the consulting side of his business.
He proved his knowledge of consulting with any business or entrepreneur.
His knowledge of business is exceptional, as is his ability to consult.
He is highly motivated, energetic and business focused consultant.
John's approach is quite different from the norm of business consultancy and achieves good permanent solutions to business problems.
He came on board as a business consultant to lay out business structure and strategy for our new agency.
John's business consulting practices focus efforts tailored to your specific business challenges.
John has many talents and would make an excellent business consultant and mentor.
His background from consulting was an asset, where he knew how to lever his consulting toolbox into business driven solutions.
John's holistic approach to business consulting has worked particularly well for him as it has helped him see his entire business in an entirely different light.
This woman is really that phenomenal, and receives some of his highest regards when it comes to business consultants.
John provides useful consultation and has always delivered on time and suggested solutions best for our business.
John's consultations and systems will not only push you, but they will make you and your business better.
He keeps his word and is always looking for ways to improve business for the franchise consultants.
He knows his job and his business very well, that's the reason why he's also a good consultant.
He exemplifies the value companies can achieve using an external business consultant.
By using his tool and techniques, it has helped him grow a better consulting business.
He consulted us on business strategy and structure when we were just starting.
John's approach to business strategy consulting is refreshing to say the least.
From a business strategy and consultative perspective, he is excellent.
This makes him a fantastic business consultant with human orientation.
John is the perfect blend of solution seller and business consultant.
In short, he is the right guy for business system consulting.
His background with global mining companies and big five consulting business prepared him well for his current business venture.
His business acumen, consultative approach and willingness to go the extra mile always resulted in excellent business outcomes.
Experience: his solid business background and consulting experience give us a deep perspective about the business world.
Listening is very critical to consulting business and he is born with that quality.
John is consistent and consultatively regarded by both peers and business partners.
The consults are free and he can show you the most affordable way to create your plan, or even how you can start your own our company consulting business.
He understands the consulting business from top to bottom and knows what it takes to get things done and how to be successful.
John consulted him on what was best for the business and each time we realized fantastic results from his recommendations.
He spent time with all of the consultants helping them to understand the business and to make the most of their abilities.
Furthermore, his warm, approachable style and his business savvy draw the best out of him after every consultation.
John gave him an incredibly thorough and well-thought out consultation on how to best move his business forward.
He's an absolute inspiration to him and those he encounters everyday through his successful consulting business.
He takes his consulting responsibilities seriously and is an excellent speaker/presenter on business topics.
He also happens to be very efficient and provides a great bang for the buck with his consulting business.
He immersed himself in the business to the extent that it was easy to forget he was consulting with us.
John's consultancy helped us determine objective next steps for taking our business to the next level.
John knows the give to get and gave room for his own initiative and expertise as a business consultant
He can successfully consult with the business and have the difficult conversations required at times.
His success in both business and consulting is well deserved and will continue for many years to come.
His understanding of businesses and their dynamics is great, which makes him such a great consultant.
John's skills as facilitator and business consultant helped us to see our weaknesses and strengths.
John is an exceptional organizational consultant, and possesses business and organizational savvy.
Friendly, consultative, prompt, and effective are just a few words that describe him in business.
His advice and consultation made a tremendous difference in almost all aspects of our business.
His approach was consulted and it was clear he understood our company's business objectives.
John gave him a consultation regarding his business idea and was very prompt with his response.
John's ability to find and solve problems made him one of our premiere business consultants.
It took him another year to realize his strengths and launch his successful consulting business.
His thoughtful consideration to his business needs makes him a super consultant in this realm.
He would be a welcome addition to any organization looking for a business driven consultant.
He also brings an unrivaled level of business consultancy experience to any new enterprise.
John's consultation is an asset to any business seeking to expand growth and profitability.
John gave our consulting company the hope it now has of being a truly successful business.
His all-round business acumen and consultative approach make dealing with him a pleasure.
John is very helpful when it comes to consulting, problem solving and business planning.
His consultative approach always puts the end business objective first ensuring success.
John understands and sees the big picture, especially to growing the consulting business.
He'll consult with your business with a sharp eye to your best interests, and economies.
John drove business opportunities to closure through consultative selling methods.
It's authentic and comes from a deep understanding of each business he consults with.
As a consultant, he is consistent in his methodologies, outcomes and business impact.
Book some consulting time with him: your business will be measurably stronger for it.
John's wealth of experience as a business woman shines through in his consultations.
He brought clear and immediate value to our business in a true consultative approach.
His business consulting experience and ability to diagnose problems are impressive.
It is a pleasure to seek him out for guidance and consulting with business matters.
He provided much needed advice and consultation at a crucial time in our business.
John is truly the great business professor, consultant, and inspiring speaker.
John instantly grasped his business need and his main objective for consulting him.
John offers excellent advice on all issues that pertain to business consulting.
He is a dynamic and exceptional business consultant with an amazing background.
John brings his considerable business planning expertise to his consultancy.
He seamlessly navigated from the business owner, to the employee, to consult
John is a business driven consultant with high level expertise.
His total brilliance helped us win additional consulting business.
Our company the consulting side, John will be able to make recommendations for your business that you most likely have never considered.
Our company in his current business, John's consulting, is once again behind some of the most successful aspects of it.
He grew our our company practice from a few consultants to nearly half our our business.
Thanks for the great tips and continued success with your our company consulting business.
He deserved to earn the respect of his clients, colleagues and business consultants, with his great business ethics.
His general business and consultancy background means he has a very rounded view of business.
People seek him out for technology advice, as well as business consulting.
We started with the business and now he does our personal as well as other businesses that we now own.
Definitely a person to know if you're in business or looking to do business with the our company.
His training has enabled him to be on the forefront of business consulting.
John business would benefit from him consultation whether they are a new startup or have been around for years.
With his clients, he consults passionately to help them achieve the next business breakthrough.
John consulted for one of his clients in understanding / advising on their business issues.
Every business client appreciates the workmanship he brings in his consultations.
John does business on a consultative level, bringing value to the relationship.
He built strong relationships and is seen as a consultant to the business.
John is a very knowledgeable business consultant and he guided us in the right direction through the early stages of our business.
As such, he differentiates himself from other consultants by looking first for risk solutions within the business itself.
If you want to start a business or just in need of consultation - he is the right person.
His personal opinion is there are few, if any, as well as he in the consulting business.
He truly knows his business and works consultatively to help you achieve your goals.
His background and technical expertise make him the ideal consultant for new start-up businesses as well as those businesses looking to grow.
John experience in various business ventures has given him the insight to provide excellent consulting in the key areas of small businesses.
He really saved our company money when we worked with him on some business planning and consultation for our small business.
He can also act like a business consultant, not only as an advertising guru.
Our company experienced business consultant and Executive Coach
John offered him an invaluable business consultancy with both his marketing and media business.
He knows how to help consultants recognize the potential in their own business and build a successful consulting practice.
He would stop and take the time to consult with his business partners whenever they needed help with requirements.
This combined with his thorough knowledge and passion for the business makes him an inspirational consultant.
He really gets involved in all aspects of the business and is very much hands on to and not just a consultant.
John goes beyond just being a hired consultant and truly becomes a "business partner" in your organization.
He is excellent at organizing facts and people to take the businesses he consults for to the next level.
He is a hands-on consultant who is trustworthy and determined to make your business more successful.
John demonstrated from early in his tenure that he understood what business consulting is all about.
The wealth of knowledge he brings to the consulting business is extraordinary.
He consulted widely and always sought to increase his business knowledge.
Over the years, he has been a business consultant and life mentor to him.
He is a true business partner rather than a third party consultant.
John's consultative approach and having his clients' business top-of-mind truly lends to positive business outcomes.
Thanks to his drive and commitment he was able to establish the our company consulting business as the most profitable business unit.
His keen business sense and ability to communicate with business leaders makes him a bargain as a business consultant.
Through personal consultations, he pointed out areas, both in his home and business that were holding him back from taking his business to the next level.
John knocks it out of the park when it comes to small business online consulting.
He consulted with him over the phone and discussed his business and branding.