Business Continuity Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Continuity Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

This combination of business savvy and creativity has catapulted his business.
Yes, they always need something but it is always directed at his business.
He went above and beyond to make everyone around him better, and was never too busy to help someone, even if they were not on his team.
He clearly knows his business and you can see that he is well liked by his team.
Regardless of how busy he was, he always made himself available to his team.
John looks to do what is right for the business and his team.
He understood their needs and their business, often providing insight in how to improve the business.
John has what almost seems to be sonar senses and knows what is going on around him and how it affects his business - how appropriate that he's in the business of helping clients carefully monitor their business by the numbers.
He structures perfectly the on-going business, but is also always seeking out opportunities to expand the business.
John knows and understands the telecommunication needs of businesses.
He followed through on what he promised and taught us many new things that we can continue to use and implement in our business.
He continually strives towards excellence with his business and with he directs.
He continuously evaluates his business, and is precise in its direction.
He knows his business well and continues to help us hire top talent.
He continually gives and does everything he can to help his clients/connections/friends.
John always wants to know more and be more, so he can continue to do the best by others.
He always is willing to help and continually goes above and beyond what is expected.
As you can see he has continued to do very well with all of his endeavors.
We appreciate what he has done and will continue to use him in the future.
He just gets things done - and keeps us up-and-running continuously.
And he continued after that from quite the other end of the world.
John continually went above and beyond on everything he touched.
Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for him.
And has continued to do the same in each of his new ventures.
John continues to help him grow his business and is always professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of business.
John's ability to think strategically about his business and create value through insight has really helped his business grow.
His unique perspective truly allowed us to look at our business in new ways and to think strategically about our business.
John knows his business and works hard to ensure your business needs are looked after.
His intimate knowledge on business and business strategy is second to none.
He continually looks for ways to improve an already very successful business.
His approach of continuously upgrading his knowledge keeps him in business.
His continuous enthusiasm for improving the business is contagious.
His commitment to continuous business improvement is inspiring.
John business would be lucky to have him and would see their business reap the benefits of his talent.
He probes to get to the source of what's best for your business.
He made him see the benefit of the best venues for his business.
John continues to amaze him with his creativity and business smarts.
He intuitively knows how to build a sound business and as importantly continue to grow that business.
This, along with his fearless exploration of all things business, will continue to provide him with success.
It allowed him to continue to focus on his core business and still get the best results.
Always goal oriented, he is continually focused on the success of the business.
At the same time, his understanding of what businesses need, how employees play their part in the success of businesses, and the necessary realities of business, are also second to none.
John's approach is to understand his client's business and as much as possible be part of the business.
If he doesn't know it, he will make it his business to go learn it.
He jumped right in to learn all he could about the business.
That is because he did the homework well on the business case.
Though busy, he has always tried to be on the learning curve.
John and his team have provided excellent counsel to him in his business now and a previous business.
John and his team created his new business website as well as logo and business cards.
He made it easy for his business to receive the merchanting needed to run the business.
He's helping him get clarity in every area of his business from structure through to even his business name.
He looks after his business as if it were his own and is always available for advice and direction.
John, thank you for all you did for his business and wish you every success in your career.
He got us to think both differently and clearly about our business direction.
So many things to take back and implement, for both his business and himself.
Smart, practical, he can convince you to do almost everything in business.
His business would have gone nowhere without his advice and structure.
Great take away value which was easy to implement into his business.
Would recommend him to any business that needs new direction.
During his time under his wing, he's influenced him to continue to stay in this business.