Business Data Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Data Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

The data have been invaluable and made a big difference to his business.
This helped him to explain the data in a way that was successful in winning the business.
His outstanding knowledge of business as well as data helped the department to achieve overall business objectives.
He is a reports/data guru and he knew exactly how, where and what data to get to make right business decisions.
He interacts well with the business units, asking all the right questions about requirements and data.
He takes every opportunity to ensure that each business decision can be backed up by data.
He not only delivered key data to the business, but also provided important insights.
John can easily gather data, find gaps in that data, and then effectively analyze the issues at play that are affecting our business.
Analyses data and uses this information well in understanding all aspects of his business.
John also understood business imperatives and was able to derive insights from the data that always able to greatly benefit the business.
He thrives on data and its use to uncover insight, business solutions and advantage.
His data were used to maintain and build our most profitable business base.
His business acumen, his data research and understanding of the business category objectives was invaluable.
John added his analysis of the raw data to show important business factors that might not otherwise have been clear from the data itself.
Moreover he provided insights on additional data available that might have helped in answering intricate business questions.
His deep understanding of the business, and how data can be leveraged to increase results has been nothing but profitable.
His views and opinions are always grounded on solid data and experienced business insights.
He likes the data driven approach to solving business problems which are much appreciated.
John brought together two business groups to pursue data insight commercialisation.
All of his work and writings have focused on extracting business value from data.
His use of analytical data and problem solving is helpful in any business situation.
He ensures that business is driven by data and action oriented analytics.
He's also one of those rare analysts that can turn the web data into an engaging and insightful business story.
John business performance can be enhanced when you harness the right data and derive the right insights.
He is easy to trust both interpersonally and because he backs up his business cases with data.
First, he has tremendous knowledge of business intelligence, data discovery and data integration.
He's the most comfortable with the data in his hands and utilising it to strategise business plans to improve the business.
He can take in new data and turn it around now for what the team needs to do now to improve the business.
John also gets the economics of data - there's no point in collecting it if you can't use it for any business purpose that has value.
John's business acumen combined with his data analysis expertise provides insights that are few can offer.
John's tactical approach to data; coupled with the business awareness, make him an invaluable teammate.
He then reviews and analyzes historical and current data to measure the business value.
John excels at bridging the gaps between data science and business challenges.
He's attentive, understand how his business can help your business and is great at followup and ensuring the customer knows the data behind the scenes.
John understood his consumers and incorporated this data into the day to day business.
John not only thinks very strategically about the business, but is also very data- and results-driven.
His business acumen is solid: he knows the context, application, value, and potential of data.
It humbled him to learn from him on how to analyze business and performance of the data.
His creativity, business acumen, and robust use of data are as impressive as his results.
He's the one who would discuss his creative business, ideas backed with data insights.
Much more than that, he is a data driven and well rounded business person.
His knowledge of data warehousing and big, data is exceptional, from the perspective of both business and technology.
He also recognizes the importance of qualitative data in understanding the ins and outs of the business.
John backs up his insight with qualitative data and is an incredible steward of the businesses he runs.
His ability to efficiently analyze and parse data was key to understanding the business.
John no doubt has a gift for analysing and interpreting business data and understanding the implications this has on the other parts of any business.
He is a self starter, begins asking the tough business questions that we might need answers to on his own as he interpreted the data.
John's ability to use data points allows business to identify both growth opportunities as well as weak spots.
His passion and tenacity for getting the right data to answer business-critical questions is inspiring.
In explaining his data, he gave insightful examples geared to our business and our specific needs.
He knows how to dig deep data and convert into tables, charts & graphs that make business sense.
In short, he is a mastermind at transforming complex data into actionable business initiatives.
John revolutionized our company by introducing a data driven approach to our entire business.
Together we were able to brainstorm data acquisition strategies to help his business grow.
John teaches you to measure and track the key data that drives your business.
He not only delivered results, but also expanded his knowledge about the business, the data, and statistics.
John possesses a brilliant understanding of the data center business.
He has a very clear understanding on how data can help a business increase revenue and he has very good ideas on what data to use.
He always comes up with the right question and he is keen to further investigate on data and analysis when the business requires.
John knows the data business inside and out and knows how to position solutions that best suit his clients needs.