Business Developer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Developer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He seemed to be the only one who understood how the business worked and how business actually happened.
John is someone you want to work on your business, no matter what your business may be.
John is business smart and with an integrity that you seldom come across in the business.
John makes it his business to really get to grips with the business he works in.
He has helped me to be able to work on my business instead of in my business.
In particular, he taught me how to put together business development deals and look at business decisions from an analytical standpoint.
John is one of the best in the speaking business because he doesn't sugarcoat what really matters in each and every business.
He knows his business and the company's business inside out and he is well respected by all his colleagues and peers.
As busy as he ever gets, he's never too busy to bail out someone, or maybe the entire boat and crew.
He gels very well with business and provides excellent and efficient business solutions.
Very business driven, he has always a solution or opportunity to do more business.
He has and it still coaching me with regards to my business growth and development.
He is very engaged with other areas of the business always looking to add value and grow the business.
He actually does all the writing himself, unlike many others in the business.
Most of all, he just gets things done when it comes to driving our business.
He understood the needs of my business, we went on to do business together and he delivered against the brief, on time and budget.
He really listens to business needs and makes sure he understands-instead of throwing strategy of the business.
He has been active in all phases of the business and has made significant contributions to the overall business.
He does this by putting a lot of effort into understanding our business as well as our business environment.
John will be an asset to any corporation, but is especially well suited to business to business situations.
He has a very sharp business acumen and sometimes see business opportunities that no one else can see.
I admire his business savvy and his ability to see business opportunities from a different prospective.
John is an absolute asset to our business and indeed any business that is lucky enough to have him.
John has an excellent business sense and he is very good at spotting new business opportunities.
His efforts were instrumental in bringing in new business and reactivating old business.
He is business savvy and has an innate sense of how to navigate any business situation.
John's business acumen would be an asset for any profit or not-for-profit business.
John would be an amazing asset to any established business or start-up business.
As business expert and coach, he is knowledgeable in leadership and business development.
He has always been opened to try new things to grow the business and is never too busy to listen and learn.
John has the experience that can help you grow your business in today's business climate.
John's business acumen, experience, and passion for the business were inspirational.
Great business experience and very committed to the businesses he is involved with.
If you have a new business or existing business that needs new energy, get him.
John is a trusted business partner that develops long term business relationships.
He has always been very professional in his dealings with me, offering well placed business advice and introductions to enable business development.
John is a self-driven business development professional, maintaining great business ethics.
John has proven himself to be an honest and respectable businessman and has one out of his way to help me grow and develop my business.
Working in new business together, he was extremely passionate and driven about developing new opportunities for the company.
John, loyalty and transparency need not be things of the past in today's rapidly developing world of business.
He is very knowledgeable, knows his stuff and is clear in giving advice on how to develop your business.
I was incredibly impressed by his dynamic approach to business development, as well as his dedication.
I have found his advice and expertise to be invaluable in helping me to develop and grow my business.
It was great to see him grow and develop as he took on significant business growth across the globe.
His passion for small business development was always evident in his approach to his position.
He has developed and grown the business overseas with persistence and passion very quickly.
Also, his exceptional understanding on how a business partnership must develop and evolve.
John's expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to small business development is exceptional.
John's editorial background was extremely helpful in that business development effort.
He truly grasps the big picture of "business development" in all senses of the phrase.
He has certainly helped me grow my business and gave me the confidence to develop it.
He would be a great addition to any business development opportunity within a company.
He has opened our minds to a new and dynamic perspective of business development.
He is diligent, business smart and always seeking ways to further develop himself.
He is open to suggestions to develop the business & always welcomes a challenge.
He understands the nuances to develop and close business opportunities quickly.
John has been in the business for many years and has clients that would trust him with their children and not just their business.
So, if that's your vision for your business, do the sensible thing and engage his phenomenal mind and ideas in your business.
Not only does he know his core business inside and out, but often he understands his clients businesses better than they do.
He has a great spirit, drive and friendliness that most businesses would appreciate to be associated with their businesses.
John can create very complex solutions and can think in both business and development.
John provided him with excellent insight and strategies for developing his business.
He also gets the business, which allows him to provide smart development solutions.
John did this by following him a business model that he developed.
His experience makes him a must have for online business development.
Our company with John if you are serious about achieving your business development goals.
Our company, it is excellent to have John in business development and strategy.
He's strong on business development and strategy and can definitely help you if you're looking to grow your business and find new customers.
He runs his business the same way, doing an excellent job for his clients by helping them develop their business.
He is very adept at developing creative business strategies to help position and close business.
We collaborated on the development and integration of his regional business development strategy into the division's overall business plan.
He is excellent at business development, particularly around establishing relationships conducive to developing new business - often this business was on a global basis so he is sensitive to multi-cultural nuances.
John has the greatest asset of all when it comes to business development -he listens and he can quickly discern the compelling reasons for doing business.
We have had instances when he took on the tasks for business development in countries where conducting business by women is considered taboo.
Distilling many years of business experience, different cultures in many countries, he is able to develop a very good business environment
His contributions have been differentiated by his strong business development experience and his desire to move the business forward.
He has helped him grow his business through recommendations that he has provided to him in developing business and a plan of action.
John will deliver value and enthusiasm and bring a very even keel approach to business development in any business environment.
He understands business development and approaches business partnerships in a way that is mutually beneficial to both companies.
He excels in international business connections and is willing to seek new opportunities for increased business development.
He contributed on a number of tasks which were critical to our ability to do business and our ongoing business development.
He contributed immensely to develop traditional business channels as well as new potential emerging business opportunities.
His ability to think out of the box, grow, and expand existing business, and develop rich new business is very admirable.
He can quickly assess a business or business opportunity and, importantly, understands how to develop that opportunity.
John understands business objectives and is able to effectively align development with overarching business objects.
As his business has evolved, he's remained true to form- maintaining the solid ethic in developing his business.
His strategic view of business has been helping the whole company gain more business development opportunities.
This has proved invaluable to his business success and ongoing development as a business owner.
John, what you see is what you get, an honest open business owner & developer, with only the utmost respect for those of us in business.
John developed key strategies for our business and tied those strategies to our partner in the business.
He's strong in ideation, creativity, business development and content development.
Although business development was new for him, he quickly developed his skills and became very successful.
Since then, he has significantly developed his business development and managerial skills.
At the same time he developed very effective business development skills.
Critically though he has been one of his greatest supporters in developing his own business.
John knows almost all there is to know about sales and business development.
John's commitment to the business and the people in our business is evidenced in the leaders he has helped develop.
John's ability to bring together software development and business needs sets him apart from the average developer.
John is a great business developer, he has the creativity to develop new business opportunities and the persistency and stamina to make this opportunity a success.
Although he was on the business development side, he would have easily fit on any development team.
He knows more about the countries he was doing business development for than anyone else and you would be unprofessional not to listen to his advice.
He strategises, challenges and consequently helps you to develop your business, to be what it could be rather than just what it is.
What was most admirable about him is his willingness to help others to develop, no matter how busy he was, which was often.
John is always willing to help with solutions/introductions to help businesses develop and he's very highly thought of.
John institute of business would consider him to be an invaluable asset to both the development and ongoing success.
John shines him best when he knows that his expertise in developing and growing his businesses, can help others.
This has allowed him to think about the future of his business and opportunities for innovation and development.
The way in which his business has developed thanks to his expertise and passionate enthusiasm for his subject.
Meetings with him have always been an inspiration and an opportunity to develop the business on multiple levels.
He's clearly an expert in helping to develop businesses and getting them to reach their very best potential.
John developed a thorough understanding of the requirements, as well as the business during our company.
He earns your trust and develops friendships that cannot help but make you want to do business with him.
John should be in the dictionary as the opposite of lazy, he never stops hustling to develop business.
John's success in business development can be understood from the very first moments of introduction.
He's also introduced him on many occasions with new contacts, that have developed into a regular business
He continues to develop ideas and has always been best placed to respond to his business requirements.
John goes above and beyond and exemplifies how today developer must comprehend the business needs.
He also provided business development recommendations, which he has helped many other companies with.
He is very effective at following up on tasks, never giving up on his business development efforts.
He challenges his employees to grow and develop themselves while also adding value to the business.
His business has developed considerably over our company and his requirements have become more complex.
That was especially true when he started getting involved with business development opportunities.
His approach to business development is excellent and if he promises to do something he does it.
We would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to expand their business or develop opportunities.
Over the years, his advices and opinions have been very helpful to the development of his business.
In his opinion it is these simple mix of things that make him great at new business development.
He not only took the time to understand our business, he helped us develop new opportunities.
What really set him apart was his ability to develop and grow new business beyond expectations.
He urged us to think outside the box to develop the business and always appreciated new ideas.
John always made time for one to ones and development discussions no matter how busy it was.
John provides unique insight to business owners looking to develop and grow their businesses.
He developed into a "phenomenal" drummer and percussionist - one of the best in the business.
It shows in the way he develops his own business and in how he helps others to grow theirs.
It has been nice to see how the channel business has developed significant with his guidance.
John takes an energetic and passionate approach to everything he does in business development.
His enthusiasm and commitment to the development of this business were clearly obvious to us all.
His ability to see the business development opportunities is unparalleled, in any situation.
He really listens and has great ideas to help you with developing and growing your business.
John stands out among developers with his ability to get to the heart of business problems.
John goes the extra distance by truly developing a thorough understanding of your business.
His methods and attitude regarding business development is both challenging and inspiring.
John is also highly energised and across the latest business and leadership developments.
John's catalyst session got right in the hub of what is required to develop his business.
His business acumen and vision was inspirational to those of us in the development group.
John didn't just bring value to the business he helped develop and bring on new ventures.
John recognizes that strong business development is about more than finding the right deal.
John understands how to develop new business and has always shown success in what he does.
John delivers new business development results and he does it efficiently and effectively.
It was obvious to him that he has a passion for entrepreneurship and business development.
John's strongest characteristic is his charismatic flair for developing his business.