Business Development Associate LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Associate Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He works more like a friend rather than a business associate.
He looks after his business associates and is tremendously generous in many ways.
He's developed a strong business development team and is respected, widely within our organization.
John brings an entrepreneurial and business development approach to product development that is refreshing.
His business knowledge has benefited enormously by the association.
Whether he is your friend, business coach or business partner, you should consider yourself lucky to have such a fine association.
He strives to provide his business associates with opportunities for growth and success.
It was always apparent that he was highly respected and just well liked in every business association we partnered at.
His attitude towards business is one of trying to help others to achieve.
John truly understands the e-business and deliver solid business strategies for companies wishing to develop in this space.
He is the business trifecta in that he has business acumen, is forward thinking, and knows how to solve problems.
His ability to create and develop successful business opportunities with a diverse assortment of associates will impress you.
The strategic partnership that was developed over time further enhanced his business acumen and he helped him grow as an associate.
He and his associates have developed an excellent model that really does work.
He understands the business needs & then develops the perfect system.
Moreover, he gets along well with his colleagues, co-workers, bosses, and business associates.
And when things get busy with the developers, he even rolls up his sleeve and wades through the code himself.
He is passionate about his role within an organization, as well as, the impact he has on his associates and business partners.
As a business development, he highly conscientious in the planning.
Beyond that he knows his business and develops plans for his business as a whole, thinking beyond the day to day.
John's approach to business development is honesty and candor about what he and his company want in a deal.
John's exceptional business acumen balanced with his can do attitude makes him pleasure to do business with.
He's assertive in the best way possible, while also being thorough and straightforward in his business dealings.
Often came up with new initiatives for the business and always willing to help his colleagues too.
He also collaborates well with colleagues from all business functions.
He delivers upon his commitments to the business and his colleagues.
John is confident and passionate with all his business dealings.
Clients would be lucky to him, commit to their business problems.
He's someone that will always go above and beyond to ensure that his clients and business associates' needs are not only met, but that their expectations will be exceeded.
John goes above and beyond for his clients and business associates and believes strongly in "paying it forward".
Additionally, his passion and dedication to his clients, colleagues, and business associates is profound.
His ability to associate technology capabilities to business value is strong.
John took the time to get to know our business and our goals.
John develops admirable rapport with his colleagues as demonstrated by our continued association.
This is especially directed to new business development where his team excelled.
It was the most valuable his talent for a global business that was developed with his various career in global business experiences.
His sense of loyalty to his friends, partners, and business associates is obvious in everything he does.
He can be trusted implicitly, as a friend, confidant, business associate or partner.
John and his team developed a unique concept that delivered great business contacts and opportunities for the business.
John's advice was crucial for the development of our business project.
He is one of his main inspirations to develop his own business and he continues to guide his business in the right direction by offering solid advice.
John embraces change and developments in technology in his own business and encourages others to do the same.
He began pursuing this technology before anyone realized its value in business development.
John can be an asset to many different companies with his talents for business development.
He has been very competent in all the business deals we did together, and he is very trusting.
He has a can-do attitude and always willing to help any way he can grow our business.
His attitude is always positive and focused on what is best for the business.
John has, to do attitude in any form of business, wish him all the best.
John's lighthearted but down to business attitude are very refreshing.
He helped him through some very difficult business decisions.
John collaborated with other teammates to develop procedures and guidelines which continue to be used by new and existing associates.
His ability to understand any business model and adapt quickly makes him an extremely valuable contributor to any business development effort.
John takes a keen and genuine interest in our business and provides more to our business than that tasked such as new ways of thinking and creating business.
John would consistently attack the phones each morning uncovering new business and following up on existing business.
John demonstrated his business acumen in business hunting and his consistency in pushing the big deals.
He is not only highly respected by colleagues and business associates alike, but he is also genuinely liked by everyone who comes into contact with him.
His strength is deepening relationships that deliver business development results.
He can develop strong business relationships and close deals quickly.
John works well with others and makes all his clients and business associates feel comfortable.
His vision and motivation for his business, his associates and the community are exceptional.