Business Development Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John helped us significantly as a business consultant, but more so in helping individuals and the team develop.
John not only focused on the business, but also on his personal development.
John still will develop more business with people like him in the future.
He develops and grows business through a consultative sales approach.
He develops rapport quickly and easily with business partners.
This, coupled with his more recent activity in business development and consulting would make him a valuable asset to any organisation.
John consulted with us to develop presentations for potential partners.
Furthermore, his warm, approachable style and his business savvy draw the best out of him after every consultation.
John gave him an incredibly thorough and well-thought out consultation on how to best move his business forward.
It took him another year to realize his strengths and launch his successful consulting business.
His all-round business acumen and consultative approach make dealing with him a pleasure.
As a consultant, he is consistent in his methodologies, outcomes and business impact.
By using his tool and techniques, it has helped him grow a better consulting business.
John demonstrates a superior ability to develop and foster business to business relationships.
He contributed to the core framework development that was used by many developers in our organization.
His training has enabled him to be on the forefront of business consulting.
As a result, he has excelled in business development roles with several companies.
He gives you the tools to develop a business beyond just the initial concerns.
Working to develop business, even if the topic is not directly related to him.
Also, his business and relation development abilities are outstanding.
He also possesses a keen business development sense that served our growing consultancy very well.
He truly knows his business and works consultatively to help you achieve your goals.
His approach to business development and issues is very methodical and analytical.
We were consultants reporting to him and he had no vested interest in our development.
John provides leadership not only in the practice, he leads, but in mentoring peers, business development, & consultants in all aspects of our business.
We both have the interest in developing people (first) and with it develops organisations.
He took the time to develop an expert understanding of our business, and our people.
He consulted for his company for many months and absolutely revolutionized our business development formula and it has continued to amplify our success.
Having watched him develop his consulting business and recommended him to clients and friends alike he simply always comes through.
John provided us with expert consultancy on the development of organisational values and their embedding.
He brings new options to the table and consults to ensure the right deliverables are developed.
John's consultative, needs-based approach was invaluable in strategy development.
John brings energy and practical business approaches to his organizational development consulting.
John is very thorough not only in implementing a new business development plan, but also at getting to know your business and making recommendations for a stronger business presence before he starts.
This combined with his thorough knowledge and passion for the business makes him an inspirational consultant.
The wealth of knowledge he brings to the consulting business is extraordinary.
He consulted widely and always sought to increase his business knowledge.
He has a great personal/professional development ethic too and is always looking to develop himself so that he can help others.
Additionally, his development background helped him having a unique insight as to the needs to of developers.
He often contributes with valuable ideas to development, although he is not a developer himself.
As a developer he is always up-to-date with the latest trends and patterns in development.
He embraced story-driven development, developing requirements incrementally.
And he has been a great mentor to many developers, developers - him included.
What's most remarkable about him is his business development mindset and "make it happen" attitude.
John continuously strives to develop new strategies for business growth.
John is studying and trying to get the best from the environment where he is using to develop.
He made sure that we were in the loop of all the developments and changes in the company.
He challenges those around him to further develop and to become their best selves.
You can definitely rely on him, not only in development, but also in troubleshooting.
He uses to develop something just for himself, not because he was forced to do so.
John not only understands this, he incorporates it in everything he develops.
These traits, along with several others, distinguish him from other developers.
He adds value, and always keep looking for new initiatives and developments.
John looks to challenge himself and others around him to grow and develop.
Always willing to help the developers and stretch himself to help others.
Yet he is empowering and allows you to develop your own responsibilities.
John approached him with an initiative which he himself had developed.
He tries to help the students as far as possible in their development.
When it comes to connecting with, and developing others, he is all in.
After that result, he's still looking for more developers for us now.