Business Development Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

This has allowed him to think about the future of his business and opportunities for innovation and development.
They have been life changing for him in developing new business contacts.
The approach to his business has also served as an example for developing good leadership characteristics.
Combined with this, he has strong business acumen and a passion for leadership development.
His passion for results in terms of business development was impressive and noticeable.
Having watched the development of his business it is clear he will be a great success.
His business mindedness makes it a pleasure to develop new initiatives with him.
He championed leadership development for us in a rapidly growing business.
His experience and demeanor clearly position him as an expert in business development.
In his experience, there are many "flavors" of business development folks out there.
Was a great experience developing business together with him.
His passion for the business shows in his exceptional interpersonal skills and business development.
For a while there, he carried the flag as other business development reps came and went.
He brings remarkable insight and innovation into his role in developing new businesses.
His efforts in business development were clearly seen in a short period of time.
He strikes right balance in risk mitigation and development of business.
He made it his business to develop vast relationships that he could always tap into whenever necessary.
John collaborates well with others and his creativity gives him the ability to develop better ways of doing business.
His deep understanding of business and people has always been invaluable in the development of his company.
His agile approach helps business to get the most value out of development budget.
John helped he developed the blog for his business and did a great job.
John came in as our growth director and immediately understood existing priorities to help the business succeed.
He's simply the best non executive director you business can ever have.
His "go get em" attitude continually keeps him out on the edge developing new business.
John's go getter attitude, friendly nature and no nonsense approach to business development are just a few of his traits that saw business boom.
John knows lawyers - what makes them tick as well as the emotional obstacles that stand between them and greatness in business development.
His ability to develop new business, while pushing and inspiring others is refreshing and much appreciated amongst his colleagues.
He knows how to develop business to be on the edge of modern technology/business and achieve desired results.
Exceptional business developer, he is capable of creating actionable results from simple ideas.
It is clear he likes business development and solving the many issues it throws up.
John undertook a short term business development assignment for us.
His business development skills helped us to get many leads and business.
John revolutionised the way in which we make development decisions and measure and demonstrate their effects on our business.
With his guidance we were able to develop and deploy key initiatives to better our business.
He helps people get the right mindset to be entrepreneurs and develop powerful businesses.
John treated his partners like family and empowered all of us to develop our business.
He built a successful business and became one of the highest ranking directors in the organization.
He took the opportunity to develop the role by taking initiative, asking questions, and learning the business.
He would constantly engage the developers to ensure they were unblocked throughout each development cycle.
John knows all there is to know about leadership development, and organising large scale development activities.
He does what he can to make sure you exceed and continuously helps you in almost every aspect, making sure your business is constantly developing.
John would be an asset to any organization looking to ramp up or excel at their business development requirements.
His background in developing innovative businesses pre-disposed him very well for this unique challenge.
He requires very little direction and interfaces with the business in such a way as to develop trust.
He understands what his clients need and provides excellent strategies to develop their businesses.
But strategy development is only one half of where he excels.
John's instinct for business in terms of developing new relationships and opportunities is second to none.
John introduced himself and from that point-on we have developed a wonderful business relationship.
Professionally a saleswoman, he is in fact an expert in the development of business relationships.
John is a champion in developing relationships and business for the longer term.
He develops relationships by bringing value added business options to his contacts.
He has often demonstrated creativity in the solutions he has developed that turned into a profitable business in areas of new development.
John is always looking for new ways to resolve problems and develop the business, he is also very insightful and creative.
John will surely supersede expectations when it comes to business networking and development.
We sometimes do business development together and he is always precise, determined and sticks to the target goal without hesitation.
John knows business development and strategy very well and he would be a very valuable plus for anyone to partner with.
His focus on growth and development balanced with what is best for the business is expert level.
He is always available for mentoring and strives to develop business acumen of those on our team.
His understanding and approach towards the take a call for business development is awesome.
John is a very talented linguist and business directory and constantly strives to improve and grow his business.