Business Development Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

The concept in his books is practical and if executed, will help any business.
He never fails to foresee the business problems while executing any tasks.
And as a business executive, he's politically savvy and pragmatic.
John's capabilities far outreach simply "selling" he can analyse your business, develop a business plan and hire to execute.
John understands our business so he knows what opportunities will work for us and always follows through on the execution.
John knows the business and he knows how to get results both from executives and those working under him.
He worked with our executives to better define the business itself, which was very helpful.
John works with both tenacity and respect of business executives.
From concept to execution, he's the best in the business at building and executing successful programs.
John is a great business developer, he has the creativity to develop new business opportunities and the persistency and stamina to make this opportunity a success.
He understands business and can relay the value proposition as well as the executives with whom he's partnering.
John has demonstrated to have executive maturity in the manner in which he approaches the business.
Combined with his ability to execute, he is someone you can count on as a business partner.
He puts his business partners first and is willing to go the extra steps to execute.
First as a business partner in executive search, later as one of his candidates.
He then applies his business sense and comes up with a well-executed solution.
He focused on the business goals and executed in spite of the obstacles.
John embraces challenge and aligns him execution to business goals.
Not common among people with him ability as a business executive.
John possesses the blend of expertise in ideas and execution that results in both business and team development.
He put in place action plans to develop new businesses and supervised the execution directly.
John analyzed the business, recommended changes and executed his plan.
He executes exactly as per his business plan and moves on the track.
He has clear business plans and that he has executed superbly.
His years of experience as a top executive come through very clearly in his business instincts and assessment of business situations.
Even better, he executes the business development and sales motion with precision, and results.
He develops and executes work plans that drive the business forward.
His attitude toward business is always practical and execution-focused.
He is remarkable in his execution of sound business practices.
His programs have been always well developed and executed without error.
Outside of his own business scope, he has also contributed to business development within his surrounding industries.
John understands that the executive recruitment business is relationship/trust based in the company and the executive involved.
John's sound business judgment and thoughtful execution make him a valuable leader in any business.
His business acumen and deal-making execution is impressive, especially for someone relatively new in the profession.
The way he conducted himself and executed him role set the tone and example for the culture of the business.
He analyzes the business from all angles to ensure all opportunities are thoroughly explored and executed.
John is a very sharp business executive who seemingly had the ability to always see well into the future.
He is a gifted business executive that is not at all intimidated to identify and take on new challenges.
John is truly an entrepreneur that is always looking for ways to enhance and execute the business model.
His understanding of his business and execution in the face of difficult circumstances is tremendous.
John always created an amazing vision for the business and then executed that vision to perfection.
John is an expert on execution and consistently looking for new opportunities to grow a business.
He understands business and has the vision and foresight to execute on the things that matter most.
As a successful entrepreneur, he understands the needs and perspective of business executives.
John is an impressive broad-gauged executive with business acumen going beyond sales/marketing.
John is a no-nonsense executive with the understanding of what business success is all about.
Not only does he understand the business issues, he is driven to execute flawlessly on them.
John is a first class executive, whose mature approach to business allows others to flourish.
John is business savvy, quick on the uptake and is great on execution and getting things done.
John's actions and results are an example of a new breed of enlightened business executive.
John is one of those rare guys who can execute effectively in just about any business level.
He also has the ability to analyze the current business climate, conceptualize and execute.
John's initiative and execution have led directly to a wave of new business opportunities.
He has a very unique perspective on leadership that was ideal for our business executives.
John is one of those rare entrepreneurs that mix business acumen and execution capacity.
His strong business sense and keep execution ability will make him an ideal entrepreneur.
His deep understanding of all aspects of business makes him a very well rounded executive.
He is completely tuned in to the challenges and needs of executives and business owners.
He also has a knack for analyzing and then executing what is needed to scale businesses.
We have executed him advices and they have a profound effect on our business today.