Business Development Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is an excellent business development manager and he take care of both sides of business while closing a deal.
In addition, what makes him so successful in developing new business is him relentlessness to pursue new opportunities, combined with his strong acumen and insights for business management.
He is tremendous in handling negotiations, business development and managing people.
He works very well in collaborating with development and acting as a bridge between development and the business.
John also works one on one with entrepreneurs as they develop their businesses.
He managed business development and a variety of important production / business roles.
A brilliant and dedicated business development person, he is also a sensible and practical business manager.
He understands tech, management, business development, startups, and people, among many other things.
His management style made it easy to overcome business challenges and develop solutions.
John developed our business progressively in his role as corporate partnerships manager.
John did a great showing our business development group how to more effectively use linked in to develop, manage and nurture contacts.
John's commitment to business development would be an asset to any organization.
He understood the business and knew how to manage internal business partners.
With such, he got the continuous promotion and finally he won the position of business development manager.
He has a keen sense of business, and empowers those he manages to develop beyond their current abilities.
John is a strong manager with very clear understanding of the development of business strategy.
John identifies the typical business development manager with an entrepreneurial point of view.
John has embraced changes within the business and has developed several consultants who he has managed.
John's biggest strength is in the area of business development and relationship management.
He helped me improve my business acumen as well develop long term business partnerships.
He is result oriented business development manager who has consistently delivered results that brought in strategic and profitable business.
If you are looking for a persisting business development manager to build your new business, give him a call.
John is a very strong consultant/account manager and business developer in the wireless space.
John's commitment to the business and the people in our business is evidenced in the leaders he has helped develop.
Additionally, he can also manage developer relationships efficiently and discuss business and channels.
John is an experienced account manager with the ability to find and develop new business as well as grow current business.
I recommend him because of his capability in sales and business development; requirements of any business.
I am happy to recommend him for any business endeavors, sales or business development.
John has also proven ability in leadership and management development programs for business.
John is very capable development manager who can not only manage development team (on-site and offshore), but also maintains strong relationships with business stakeholders.
He's a business developer with all sales closing elements needed in any very successful business management.
His continuous effort to not only manage business issues, but also ensure the development of his sub-ordinates was something that was really appreciated.
He handedly, single managed the connectivity and broadband business development in newer areas.
John is a diligent manager dedicated to developing his employees and moving business forward.
John manages to bring fresh and amazing ways to develop businesses to their full potential.
It's his ability to combine his focus on both the business and developing his people that make him an exceptional manager.
I found him to be an exceptionally capable manager, who had an ability to think strategically and develop the company's business.
This, of course, leads to his ability to be a very successful business development manager.
During that time, he has taught me much about entrepreneurship, business development and the importance of time-management.
I often leveraged his expertise in leadership, strategy, business development and people management.
Finally, he takes an objective and fair approach to business development and contract management.
He then performed well in everything from program management to business development in this role.
His rich experience in business development is instantly apparent when you ask him about anything business related.
John was always willing to share his co-brand and business development knowledge to help grow the partnership's business.
John takes the time to know the business he is supporting, the key managers in the businesses and their management styles.
He is extremely passionate about the businesses he develops and manages with a commitment to delivering great results.
He will be an asset to any company looking for a successful and driven business development manager who gets results.
John is a passionate and driven business manager who develops excellent strategies and always follows up.
John has an impressive background in management and economic development and as a business leader.
In both arenas, he empowered us with developed business models and effective management tools.
John was hired to help develop new businesses, more specifically in management consulting.
I had the pleasure of working with him during engagements and business development.
As a former owner of several businesses, you can really tell that he has a very good eye for what works and not when it comes to business development.
John was extremely persistent and very adept in the business development and strategic partnership aspect of the loyalty business.
John's work ethic allows him to seek and develop business opportunities and in turn make a successful business.
He will no doubt continue to be a very good channel, business development, Integrator, or partner business manager.
It is with his help and support that we have managed to develop our business to the level it is today.
Among his many talents he is an excellent business developer, manager, and Networker.
He helped our small business focus and implement practical business development.
I can truly give him the best recommendations when it comes to managing and develop people.