Business Development Officer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Officer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

This has proved invaluable to his business success and ongoing development as a business owner.
And no one else can help him develop his business and stay on track as well as you guys.
He's an awesome developer and understands business; he's incredibly well rounded.
John a very remarkable, not just as a business developer, but as an individual.
He will play an essential role in the expansion and development of any business.
He as well brings these attributes to business development and raising capital.
His business development advices have been highly appreciated and profitable.
Thanks to him our companies are developing a stronger business partnership.
He ensures the development priorities are aligned with the business needs.
John's insights helped he developed an express path for his business.
His solid business acumen and development instincts are second to none.
This has helped him in developing a great understanding about the business.
John delivers excellent workshops to develop and grow your business.
John offers true depth and compassion for business developers.
John wants to grow his business and develop on a global scale.
John can energize people to go for it and develop themselves by developing their companies.
His experience in business development could be really crucial for your company.
John to any solid organization that needs to develop business ideas and business projects.
Through his extensive contacts he is able to help from many different areas concerning business development.
His guidance in developing business ideas was extremely valuable.
He brings both business acumen and humor to the office every day.
Always enjoyed his logical and factual arguments while solving business problems and developing new ways to improve business.
By owning his own business he will develop his offering and his creativity.
Moving into a new office this year was a huge step for his business.
He always looks forward to develop his own abilities and enrich his experience through self development.
And would be definitely using the suggestions in his business development, developing client relations and competing.
The business he developed was solid business which resulted in bottom line billings.
John's workshop is incredibly insightful, even for someone who has been involved in business development for more than two decades.
He is fast in business development and once his necessary contacts are established, he is using them to maximize the potential.
He always has his finger on the pulse of the world and how it impacts our business from all aspects, not just development.
We have been in numerous business development brainstorming sessions together, and his input has always been invaluable.
He has an incredible passion for what he does and is quick to define new opportunities for developing business.
During the development, he was meticulous asking all the right questions, identifying gaps in the business rules.
John's understanding of business development is clear with the difference in his approach being quite distinct.
His ability to develop new business and maintain it, always above expectation is a reflection of his abilities.
John's insight into this subject, as well as many others in the business development arena, is spot on.
We took a bit of gamble with him, given that he didn't have exactly a business development background.
On top of all of that, he has a mind for the business side of things that many developers often lack.
He quickly took ownership and developed the sector into one of our most highly profitable businesses.
John always had a complete grasp of both the development and business aspects of every discussion.
He puts himself in the business to understand and develop the firm through values and behaviours.
John excels as a developer of new business and is able to make the right connections quickly.
He taught him unique ways how to develop new business and was forever finding new approaches.
He's not only a very sharp business developer, but has the entrepreneurial gene in his cells.
John provided excellent, cutting-edge insight which has really helped him develop his business.
Strategically strong and great at assessing his opportunity pipeline to develop his business.
This gives him a completely fresh approach with which to develop his new business venture.
John hit the ground running immediately after he has taken on the business development role.
This class was especially helpful for someone in a business development role like himself.
He developed a remarkable website for him that has very positive effects on his business.
He would be ideal for a role involving business development with these constituencies.
Johns approach to business development is through the creation of win-win situations.
His ability to bridge the gap between the business and developers proved invaluable.
He's a genuine "rainmaker " that has developed & grown business in every position.
John would be a tremendous asset to any sales/business development business.
He is also a savvy business developer who easily makes friends from strangers.
He is a significant asset to any business looking to develop internationally.
John helped him develop from the ground up a comprehensive business site.
He's a go getter focused on developing new business and he's good at it.
He is a brilliant developer and a pleasure to do business with.