Business Development Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Development Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

This allowed his business to present its enthusiasm and empathy for the business with what we represent and the direction we follow.
It has been a very worthwhile subscription for his business representing excellent value for money.
We look forward to working with him on the development of a truly sustainable business.
John worked with us when we were developing our complex business simulations.
His business development acumen is one of the best to work with.
It's been a pleasure working with him in business development.
He knew his business and the business of each territory, and was therefore a great resource for him representatives.
John represents the next wave of dynamic and professional business development people.
He represents "best in class" in the freight forwarding business.
He has provided value and expertise on behalf of the vendor he represents to our business and our partners.
His vision, leadership, and development of others make him an amazing business partner.
He would be a welcome addition to any business that wishes to develop its people.
He represented our company very well and learned a new business quickly.
John is the actual bridge between developers and business teams.
He is a very professional and mature business representative.
He displays passion for what he does and is a great ambassador for whatever business he represents.
Since then has continuously represented him and his holding companies in his business as an angel investor.
He represents some of the top leadership, business, keynote, and motivational speakers.
John is a business developer who can be trusted to deliver on the commitments he makes.
However, what most impressed him was the depth of his knowledge of the positions for the businesses he represented.
Teaming with him makes it easy for us as an Integrator to prefer to do business with the company he represents.
John is very knowledgeable of the company he represents and is very thorough in helping us grow our business.
John represents the kind of intelligence and business savvy that just can't be explained.
John represents the best and the brightest in business acumen, leadership, and integrity.
He developed great leads- developing our business and bringing our new clients.
John's business savvy is matched only by his ability to develop relationships, solve problems and sign new business.
He then would then summarize the business benefits and the value it represents to the client.
John demonstrated both a high caliber of integrity and business development, energy while representing his business needs.
John is extremely proactive, responsive, thorough and takes the time to really understand the businesses he's representing while getting to know people and how best to represent their strengths.
He represented us well, and we would regularly turn to him for input when bringing people into our business.
He represented the brand well, both understanding the business needs and the requirements of the role.
He grasped the business immediately and quickly became the best representative of his team.
John understands the requirements of mobile business as well as developer needs.
This ability allows him to represent and implement the company's business objectives.
John is fresh, interesting, engaging - he represents business in full colour.
He developed important relationships with key stakeholders within the business and with partners outside the business.
He's been a great help to him for developing partnerships with others starting up businesses in the area.
In addition, he was also in charge of our business development activities for several years.
His efforts to develop business brought a lot of value to the company.
He can can help develop business strategy as well as implement it.
He understands our business, provides us with excellent candidates and represents our organisation well in the marketplace which is exactly what we require.
John represents the traditional values that have made this country a fantastic one to do business in.
His dedication to the business he represents adds a vibrant flare to any company.
John greatest assets is his passion to develop a business growth through his focus on developing people.
John approaches business development with a flair for the entrepreneurial opportunities that exist within a business model.
During the many years that we have worked together, he has been extremely valuable to our business development.
It was very enjoyable to work with him as we brainstormed to further develop his business focus/identity.
It is very easy to work with him because of his humanitarian vision of the business he develops.
He knows how business development works and the advantages and opportunities that it delivers.
He works tirelessly to make the right introductions that can accelerate business development.
He developed an understanding of his business quickly and improved upon it.
His ability to define and improve business development is second to none.
Professional he tirelessly worked to find, develop and win new business.
He represents him organization extremely well to both him and all of his internal business partners.
Also, he knows how to effectively work in both the business development side and recruiting side of our business.
His understanding of game development and the business as a whole is outstanding.
Excellent business sense, goal-oriented; he represented the company in the best light.
Always approachable, always interested in other people and constantly interested in developing himself and his business.
He understands both the business side and the people development side of entrepreneurship.
John represented the specific needs and requirements of our lighting business on the team.