Business Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He came in on top of his game and got right down to business.
In his many business dealings with him, he has always impressed him with his awareness and understanding of the business process.
John also looks to improve business process to ensure better outcomes for customers and for the business.
This has been invaluable to his business and has helped him rationalise processes to help the business grow.
John is a director who offers so much to those in the business he is a leader in
If you want to brand yourself or your business, you definitely need him.
His ability to focus on every detail of the business ensures that he gets the most out of his employees and the business.
John's never give up approach has provided our business with solutions that are critical for our business decision making.
He understands the demands of business very well and aligns himself with overall business goals in a timely manner
His understanding of different cultural styles, trends and business goals made our business together endure.
His rapport with the business and the ability to identify solutions to business problems was first rate.
John's exceptional understanding of our business goals makes him a real asset to the business.
John takes a keen and genuine interest in our business and provides more to our business than that tasked such as new ways of thinking and creating business.
John's wealth of experience, business acumen, vision, and dedication were invaluable assets during his role as a business growth director.
John really gets his head into your business - who you are, and what you need.
John knows his business and knows where it needs to be heading in the future.
He is also very well respected by the various business heads.
Him responsiveness, completeness and understanding of any business situation, allows him to help drive business in the right direction.
He will do well in any business or enterprise that he engages in because he aspires for excellence in his private and business life.
He too would engage others in our group frequently for business discussions and 'brainstorming' to help drive business.
His passion for driving business outcomes to meet the business purpose is commendable.
He drives business, engages well at all levels and has a sharp business mind.
He embodies all the qualities of an experienced director from both business and the organizational view.
John always had a focus on the business and would go above and beyond to make sure it was done right the first time.
He went out of his way to explain the company's needs and the way that the business functions.
John's ethos is that if you look after the staff well, they will look after the business.
With his focus on results he's an example for everyone in today's business.
His focus on all business parameters were an example to others to follow.
Everything always goes very smoothly when doing business with his stuff
John's focus on the growth of the business has been exceptional.
He doesn't allow his emotions to cloud his business judgments.
From his staff to his perfection of the way he does business.
John really knows the manufacturing business and its nuances.
John as a regional software business director has successfully led this business through his dedication to the business, his team and his customers.
John listens to to his client's business needs and clearly articulates the business value our solutions can provide.
He values business relationships and will do anything to ensure you are happy about promoting your business.
He understands business, business strategy, and the broader context that any business operates within.
John is both strategic and tactical: he understands the vision of the business well and he doesn't let it stop him from on-going business optimization.
Please contact him if you are struggling with business growth or just want to find out if you are on the right track with your business plan.
He asked the right questions about our business and made recommendations best-suited to our business plan, as well as our immediate needs.
He helped us think through several strategic questions about our business, which has helped us uncover new business opportunities.
John provides great insight into businesses looking to grow by helping them 'think' differently about their business.
His outside-the-box thinking and business intuition allow him to recognize business opportunities where others don't.
John's business insights and fresh thinking have really made a significant difference to him and his business.
John understands all aspects of any business he is involved in and quickly strategizes to improve business.
His unique mix of strategic, tactical and business know-how is vital in the dynamics of new business.
He has strong business instincts, he's wickedly smart, and thinks holistically about the business.
His activity with by business resulted in his closing significant business during the fiscal year.
He signed up hundreds of strategic business partnerships by selling the vision for our business.
John would also be a strong asset as a director to any forward looking, transitional or business seeking reform.
His strategic planning and business acumen, results his success as a director
John joined our company as a grad and grew into a brilliant business director.
Our company this business model is the driving force within John new business model.
He goes above and beyond to be sure you're meeting the right people to help grow your business.
You can tell he truly enjoys and knows how to motivate people in this business.
In business, he gets things done and has an engaging manner with people.
Also, he presents himself self confident when he's driving any business.
John knows so much about this area, its people, business and economy.
He's also one of the most cheerful people in the publishing business.
They are very few people with his drive to see your business succeed.
He understood the need to drive people as well as the business.
He clearly knows his business and is an expert in this field.
He builds relationships with fellow directors and business partners.
However, what we did not know was that he immediately challenged our way of thinking and our way of doing business.
He not only knows the business very well, but also strives to get the most out of it by thinking out of the box.
He's hugely passionate about what he does, really gets behind the brief and thinks of the whole business.
John knows this business inside and out and is both tactical and strategic when it comes with the visit.
He knows his business and will never try to sell you something if it isn't the right plan for you.
John doesn't just say things for no reason, he challenges your thinking within your business.
He not only knows his business he knows best practices and makes recommendations accordingly.
He challenged our thinking and was passionate about the way we go about our business.
John has been very helpful in always responding to his mails even when he's very busy.
Working with him has opened him up to new ways of thinking in regards to his business.
He can connect practically anyone with someone who will be great for their business.
Continuously thinking out of the box, he's always seeing new business opportunities.
John really excels at thinking through the implications of the course of business.
His thinking towards how business needs to be done in the future is second to non.
He's always looking for ways to improve performance for himself and the business.
He then provides ideas on how best practices could be applied within our business.
He thinks about how making your business better, how to make it succeed and grow.
Although, his studies came first, he never seemed too busy to be active on campus.
Reflecting today on changes in his business and practice over the last few years.
John got his best recommendations for both business settings as well as social.
You never have to wonder what he's thinking, which is a good thing in business.
He thinks through situations and ultimately does what's best for the business.
Lis has been incredibly successful both with his business and in his practice.
All of this allows him to make smart and strategic decisions for the business.
John thinks about the business as a whole, and does not just do what is asked.
He cares as much about his well-being as he does about our business activities.
John thinks outside the box, got him to look at his business with new eyes.
These are the fundamentals of business that he has always embraced and practiced.
He's very strategic, business oriented and always looking for better results.
If he thinks it is going to add value to the business, he just goes for it.
He is always busy and thinking about what he can do to increase efficiency.
Anyone else in this business would gain much from his thinking and ability.
John is enthusiastic about his business and is always thinking of others.
He is always thinking about helping others regardless of how busy he is.
He will look at your business and tell you what he thinks, warts and all.
He would be an asset to any business looking to optimize its performance.
He's also very connected, so it's practical to do business with him, too.
He is consistent and relentless when it comes to his business practices.
He understands the dynamics of business and is always forward thinking.
You will never be disappointed in his leadership and business practice.
Needless to say he has led this business with multiple best practices.
John's understanding of our business is both insightful and practical.
However, his ability to help businesses is both practical and enduring.
As he has excelled in all facets of the telecommunications business.
He provides real, practical value to businesses that really need it.
He thinks broadly and looks at where the business is going vs. today.
They have, quite simply, revolutionised his thinking and his business.
While practicing business fundamentals, he makes you think the box.
We really appreciate his contribution to our business growth plans.
John can be both tactical and strategic in all aspects of business.
He is friendly with everyone in the concerned business practices.
Bringing his charisma to the business and thinking out of the box.
John got him thinking, and also believing in his business even more.
If your business is global and needs new thinking he is your man.
He will over perform and under promise for selling your business.
The business homework, he gives you is practical and on target.
He shared some of his business practices which were impressive.
His performance was decisive in several business opportunities.
John is very business minded, energetic and forward thinking.
He's savvy about business, both tactically and strategically.
He is honest and thorough with what he expects from colleagues and always strives to do his business and his business relationships the best they can be.
John could be counted on for looking at his business, then suggesting changes that would make it a win win for our customers and the business.
Throughout our business tenure, he always maintained & exceeded any expectations we had in all aspects of our business relationship.
Eclectic in his approach to business opportunities he continuously delivered value to both the business and customer outcomes.
This makes for a great business relationship with him in that you always know where you stand to make good business happen.
He understands business needs very well and perfectly matches this with finding the right talent to accelerate business.
Additionally, his natural business acumen shows how on point he is with any business situation or with any customer.
John delivers brilliant insights along with his joy in celebrating your business, and your business relationship.
When he joined the business we were struggling to identify and attract new talent across all roles in the business.
His intuition, business logic and sense of humor combined make for someone with whom customers want to do business.
It's rare to find talent who is willing to immersive himself in your business and jointly own business objectives.
John is the excellent business coordinator and he had already introduced many good business relationship for him.
He aggressively pursues new business and knows how to nurture that business into long term relationships.
John loves his business knowing he can help make business easier and more efficient for his customers.
John established all aspects of the business plan for these clients, and their businesses now thrive.
John helped ensure it is aligned with business needs, ensuring business benefits were achieved.
Our company more valuable has been his insights into business in general and business in Maharashtra in particular.
Our directors can also divert certain employee communications to him to allow us to concentrate on running the business.
His enthusiasm for the hotel business is contagious and he loves to teach others to have the same love of the business.
John has a great business vision of what he's doing and he delivers not just code but business solutions.
John works well with the directors of businesses to get their buy in to any workable solutions suggested.