Business Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He understands the business like very few people in the industry and is always ahead of the curve.
He knows the industry inside out and few people are as highly thought of in our business.
John came highly recommended by several well known people and businesses in his industry.
John knew the business and industry well and that made him a solid strategic business partner.
You can tell he knows the industry well and also that he truly cares about the business.
He knows how to turn a business around and gain actual tangible clients for any business in any industry.
Firstly, he makes sure he thoroughly understands his audience and the business challenges both they and their industry face.
When he first approached us with his idea, he had been turned down by two larger businesses in our industry.
He knows how to parlay his many industry connections into business while reciprocating where he can.
John's dedication to the business, industry, and success of those around him were easily identifiable.
His hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for the business set him apart from others in our industry.
His adeptness in all of aspects of business, as well as the industry, is admirable and unmatched.
He spent the first few weeks really understanding the intricacies of the business and industry.
His business acumen is second to none in the industry and, his greatest strength is relevancy.
John's enthusiasm and business approach to the industry should be an "inspiration to us all".
John's passion for our business and commitment to moving our industry forward is impressive.
His understanding of our business and industry really helped us find what we were looking for.
His business and company is a model for how things should be done in his industry.
His commitment to the business and love for the industry stands out among the rest.
His contribution to help small businesses and individuals is unparalleled in the industry.
John's business is thriving while many are leaving the industry due to the economy.
John knows dating industry well and he is helping our business to grow each month.
His results have been stellar at every level and with every business and industry.
He responds quickly to business needs and is kept up to date on industry issues.
Be it any industry segment, he casts himself perfectly as per the business needs.
John closes all kinds of business in an industry with fierce competition.
And his business model was highly regarded within our industry.
His shrewd business sense makes him an obvious industry draw.
He actively seeks and maintains business relationships throughout the industry and is always looking for new business opportunities.
His knowledge of the business broker industry is phenomenal, as is his reputation in this industry.
Wannetta is a fantastic bookkeeper who knows his business and industry.
The entertainment industry is his passion and he will continue to grow with this industry while making advancement in the way the business moves.
He is an astute business person, having worked in a variety of industries over the years, and he truly "gets" the business of business.
He is not only expert at what he does, but takes time to get to know you, your business and your industry sector.
He understands the industry needs and knows how to help his clients attain the best value for their business.
He always has a pulse on the business needs within an organization as well as industry trends.
His approach to the escrow business was way ahead of industry standards and still is today.
His credentials only touch to the surface of his ultimate value to any business or industry.
The business is living proof of his vision and dedication to the industry.
His business acumen for any client, in any industry is remarkable.
Even after our business arrangements have taken different paths, he did not stop keeping in touch with us looking for new business opportunities, which was unusual to expect in the industry.
It is no wonder that he is well respected within the industry, both amongst his peers and business partners.
What's most striking is how he's so knowledgeable about so many different industries, which makes him ideal for any business.
He knows exactly what he wants and is extremely knowledgeable about his business and where the industry is going in the future.
He is extremely knowledgeable within the industry and always willing to help regardless of how busy he may be.
John's industry knowledge is second to none and he is well versed in all facets of business.
His business acumen and industry knowledge would be welcome in any environment.
John's knowledge of this business and industry is one of his greatest strengths.
Very business oriented, punctual, well knowledgeable in his industry.
He never ceases to amaze him with his industry and business knowledge.
John's industry knowledge and business conduct are second to none.
His work with hundreds of businesses in many industries gives him a unique perspective that enables him to help any business rapidly turn around or take their business to the next level.
An industry thought leader who thinks about growing his business by growing the industry.
John provides the kind of vision that changes the way people think about their own business and about the industry itself.
He also knows all the key players in this industry and will be able to connect you with the best partners for your business.
He really has a passion for the speaking industry and is not just in business for the money.
Well regarded, he is an expert in the industry and would be an outstanding business partner.
John would be a perfect business partner/ colleague for just anyone in any industry.
John would be an inspiration and motivation for any business organization within all industries.
His background in journalism and business makes him vastly more interesting and well suited to his role than most any other keynote or host in the business industry.
John's experience in the business center industry and his accomplishments are outstanding.
His knowledge of our industry is impressive and his palate one the best in our business.
They were very helpful for him to know actual business scenes of football industries.
John is also an outstanding ambassador to business partners and industry colleagues.
His guidance and knowledge of the business industry has been invaluable
At the time his business and industry were undergoing significant changes.
He immediately provided very insightful industry and business information.
Outside of his own business scope, he has also contributed to business development within his surrounding industries.
He knows he clients' industries and really works to get to know their business.
He sits down with you and really gets inside your head to help you find the right industry and business.
His industry knowledge, business relationships and overall reputation had made him the success he is in this industry segment.
John's business knowledge and drive to do the right thing for the business and industry has made him an expert in his field.
As an implementor, he has a good knack of the business processes of the industry and across industries.
This was at a time when the mortgage business was booming and many in his industry were taking shortcuts in their business.
John is one of the first to get into the industry here locally and helped us to get our business online before anyone else was.
To him this is an invaluable business tool and something that no one else in the industry offers for free.
His understanding of the fire protection industry as well as the overall business is outstanding.
He knows the grocery business inside and out and is highly respected across the entire industry.
John jumped right into a new industry and did all he could to learn the business quickly.
John is certainly an asset to the industry of franchising and the world of small business.
He's very well known in the industry for his business smarts, and expertise in investing.
He has a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its business model.
His strategies were forward thinking, but always suitable for the industry and business.
His broad business acumen positions him well regardless of the industry or solution.
He can accurately read the pulse of the business, employees and the industry.
John has an incisive grasp of both industry trends and business strategy.
Despite not being from the our company, industry, he did an amazing job running the business.
John is an expert in his the industry, his business and his products.
As a former business journo, he really 'gets business' and understands the brief very fast, no matter how complex the task or industry.
Really glad that he has such a successful business in the fashion industry and currently exploring other business line.
His speech was not only motivating, it made you take action and consider every aspect of the business industry.
He knows the industry well and maintains excellent relations with his business partners.
He learned from the top business strategists in the industry and can help you and your business grow and be highly profitable.
John knows the business inside and out, is exceptionally well-respected in the industry, and in his mind, could take on any role that he wanted.
He makes connections between what is evolving in the industry and how we might actually put those things into practice in our business.
John's years of experience in the digital/technology industry go evident from the get and makes him an asset to any business.
There are few that have the grasp that he has, specifically on their evolution and resulting impact on industries and businesses.
His contact base in the industry is incredible and all those who know him will agree that he knows the business inside and out.
His prowess has obviously the reason for his escalation, firstly with the business and even more so within the industry itself.
In particular, he constantly kept his eye on what was happening outside the business and industry for innovative ideas.
He frequently was able to draw from both his own experiences and lessons from the industry to do right by the business.
John has proven to be one of the few who are able to truly understand every aspect of the business industry he is in.
He threw himself into the position wanting to absorb everything he could about our company, business, and industry.
He keeps up to date with the latest industry trends and will use this insight to challenge the way we do business.
However, it is his combination of industry expertise and business acumen that really sets him apart from the pack.
He understands not only the industry's need but has an ability to understand what the individual business needs.
His breadth of experience across different industries allows him to tackle business issues from different angles.
Coming from another industry, he knew the right questions to ask and quickly came up to speed on a new business.
John's has an enthusiasm and passion for the industry and it is an absolute pleasure doing business together.
He quickly understood the business and industry that we are in and helped us understand just how far we can go.
His versatility and ability to adapt to the various needs of business and industry cannot be emphasized enough.
He has an outstanding reputation within the salvage industry and is innovative in his approach to the business.
He understood our industry and was successful in moving our business forward during the time he was with us.
His accomplishments and approach to life and business are examples of only the best our industry has to offer.
Him commitment to continually improving his business and being at the forefront in him the industry is admirable.
When it comes to attention to detail and an industry vision, no one in this business is any better than him.
John came from a different industry, but quickly grasped our business and was soon rising up our scorecard.
John adapted to the new environment and industry and delivered some very significant wins for the business.
John has great contacts in the industry and is a plus for any company who wants to expand their business.
He understood his business almost immediately and had deep insights into the organisation and his industry.
His vast understanding of the industry has really helped us get business ramped up between our companies.
John knows his industry and is well connected in every aspect of the entertainment and music business.
He always delivered on his promises to us and conveyed trust across our business and the wider industry.
His experience of our industry made it very easy to describe our business which often proves difficult.
The contacts he has within the industry is impressive and varied across numerous business discipline's.
His passion for the industry is contagious and his deep understanding of the business is unparalleled.
He helped grow the business into what it is today and did this whilst making friends in the industry.
In addition, he thoroughly understood all aspects of the business, the industry and its key players.
He showed an aptitude for appreciation of our business and the dynamics of the industry at the onset.
His understanding of business concepts and principles has propelled him to the top of his industry.
John continues full-time in an industry that is seeing more and more realtors leave the business.
Johns personalised approach ensured all discussions were relevant to our industry and our business.
John handles the business of the newspaper industry with an authoritative yet respectful approach.
Many years experience has helped him with his business acumen and understanding of the industry.
Him 'insider industry secrets' shared with us will set our businesses apart from our competitors.
One thing is certain, he knows the industry; his business acumen puts him in a league of his own.
He is studying the six sigma way of business to ensure he's on the cutting edge of the industry.
He knows our industry and is an expert at finding the right ways to make our business stand out.
His business understanding was very profound and he helped him to transition into a new industry.
John joined us as at what was a difficult time for both the industry and the business itself.
As such, he has cultivated a huge entourage of business connections throughout many industries.
John quickly became an industry expert by studying the business and being extremely coachable.
His sense of humor and honest take on the business makes him a welcome voice in the industry.
John is a business professional, and there are far too few of them in the industry today.
He's trustworthy - adhering to the highest standards of business conduct in our industry.
His contacts, industry insight and business ethics are the foundation of his reputation.
This, coupled with his varied industry experience has really helped us grow our business.
He continuously strives to improve his business and push the boundaries of his industry.
He would make a great addition to any business and could easily adapt to new industries.
His recent books are full of actionable ideas for businesses of any size or industry.